Julia's Return

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A fairy tale about a child that had disappeared returns home to her family.

The joy of her family

The dwellers of the castle spied a magnificent white horse being ridden by a glorious young girl. The sentry on duty wiped away the sleepiness from his eyes not knowing whether it was an apparition or real. Wiping his eyes old Nedryk looked back and still the horse and girl were galloping towards the castle. He knew then that they were real and shouted out an alarm “ WAKE HO! STRANGER APPROACHING!” The castle resounded with shouts and the guards ran to man their positions, as all readied for the unknown.
Julia and Starlight rode on, joy on both their faces - HOME! A place, almost forgotten, but also long remembered. When they reached the gates they were challenged by the guards - who asked her name and business.
Julia looked confused but smiled her brightest, happiest smile as she announced, “My name is Julia and this is Starlight and we live here!” The guards looked puzzled, looking to each other. “But Princess Julia disappeared 5 years ago during the earthquake…” “Oh my….Hurry get the King and Queen!!”
As the guards ran for their Majesties Julia was beaming with happiness. She knew that she was home and she saw so many wonderful faces. Her father and mother, the King and Queen rushed down the castle steps to see this most wondrous sight.
There before them was a vision, a young, very beautiful girl with long golden curly hair, eyes the colour of the summer sky and sparkling like diamonds and the most beautiful smile ever seen. The Queen almost swooned; the tears were rolling down her face. The King was speechless for once, in awe of the moment. In unison they shouted “JULIA!” and spread their arms wide.
Julia with a laugh, slid from Starlight’s back and ran towards them, tears of happiness streaming down her face. She was home; in the loving arms of her parents, surrounded by people that truly loved her. A great celebration was held that night. Joy spread throughout the castle. The bakers baked their wonderful golden crusted breads, the cooks filled pots with the most delicious stews and soups. Everywhere there was laughter everyone was chattering in disbelief; our princess is back … our princess is back! She is so beautiful, as beautiful as we remember. It’s a miracle!


Disappearance, Joy, Julia, Mother, Princess, Return, Starlight

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author avatar Songbird B
28th May 2013 (#)

An enjoyable read Georgia that made me smile..\0/x

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author avatar Mystic Maid
28th May 2013 (#)

Thank you. Hard to imagine losing a child.

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