July 1986

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The following is a true story based on a newsletter from 1988.

July 1986

Dear Friends,
I am happy to report that all the dogs, Bruce, Lida, Susie, Sophie, Misty, Buster, Poppet, Duchess, Minnie, Bruno and Sweetie Pie, are all well.

Jenna has gone to a new home where she has settled in very well indeed and will be lapping up all the attention she is receiving.

I have discovered that Sophie, the Old English Sheepdog, is incontinent. Apparently as many as one in twenty neutered bitches have a hormone change which results in their being incontinent. Fortunately, this is all that has happened to Sophie and the hormone inbalance is simply countered by pills.

Poppet has been neutered thanks to a generous donation from Mr and Mrs Greig who help in many ways.

Bruno and Sweetie Pie are now old enough to be neutered so that will be attended to soon. I am sorry they have not been re-homed as they are now seven months old. They are small dogs, both brown in colour with very distinctive faces.

Rascal has been placed in a new home and is very happy. His owners already had a young dog, so he has a playful companion.

Sierra and Tango, ttwo tiny puppies have settled in to a new home together. They were part of an "unwanted" litter. I became involved because I thought I could home one puppy, if, as I had been told they were indeed cross Jack Russell and Yorkshire Terrier. However, when I inspected the pups, they were in a disgraceful state with sores on their necks and under their bodies, so I just took both of them away there and then. The lady who had wanted one very small dog, could not bear to part the puppies, so they are all still together.

Collie is a 12 week old mongrel bitch looking for someone to love her. She is short haired, white with a couple of brown patches and a beautiful coloured face. She is going to be a small dog. The result of yet another "unwanted" litter this is her third home and I would really like to see her settled in permanently somewhere. I feel she will be good with children as she is very affectionate and loves being handled.

The cats are all fine although it is a great pity Tiger has not been offered a home yet. She does not like other cats and this makes life a bit awkward for her here.

I have three kittens which are four weeks old, so they too will be needing new homes soon. Their mother will be neutered once the kittens are weaned but she already has a home to go to.

The donkeys, Charlotte, Pickle and Colt have been looking very moth eaten while they were loosing their winter coats which are very dense. Colt had his first birthday on 30th April. He still has not cast his baby coat, but it looks as though he is going to be a black donkey.

All the goats are looking fine now particuarly since they have been casting their coats. They have thoroughly enjoyed these few sunny days recently and it was good to see them rolling about and sunbathing in the paddock.

Porky continues to grow and I wonder when she'll stop. Obviously the vanilla slices and cream cakes Mr Storrie sends agree very well with Porky. She really has a fantastic diet.

A garage sale at Lyndoch Place raised £236 thanks to Mrs Adamson who offered the use of her garage and who collected so many interesting items to sell. A sale at Liberton Kirk was well attended and raised £200. Many thanks to all who helped out there. It was a very enjoyable evening indeed.

The Charity Shop in Edinburgh has been rented by the Charity for one week from 7th July and I desperately need volunteers to help set things up and display goods to advantage. I should receive the keys on the Saturday evening so if you can help to organise things in the shop on Sunday 6th and Monday 7th, this would ba great help. As this Monday is a public holiday, the shop will be open on Tuesday 8th through to Saturday 12th from 10am to 4pm each day.

Mrs Adamson has again kindly offered the use of her garage for another sale and I hope to arrange this for the last Saturday in July from 2pm to 3.30pm.

Donations of goods for sale are always needed.

My thanks to Joy Gray for all the help she has given and for the raffle which she is holding on behalf of the charity.

Two stalls have been booked for the Join Charities Hypermarket, Assembly Rooms, George Street in November. The Hypermarket runs for three days. The stalls open to the public from 10am to 6pm. If you can hjelp on any of these days please let me know.

If you have any Christmas paper I could certainly put it to good use, not necessarily new of full sheets, and would be grateful to receive it sonest. Also if you have any buttons, either in sets or singles, I could use thses also for fundraising.

A Volvo Estate car was donated to the charity but it does need work done to it. I do not know the exact details, but there is some welding required underneath. Although this estate car is a far better size for the dogs (plus it has the added bonus of an unchewed gearstick, handbrake and indicator switch, plus other luxuries the van does not have) I can not afford to put it on the road. I shall therefore be advertising it for spare parts unless any members know a mechanic who would be willing to help.

I have been, and still am, looking around for a new home but it is difficult to find somewhere to accomodate so many animals. However, I am sure something will turn up although I may have to move out of the Lothians area, although I am reluctant to do that.

Thank you for your support without which I could not continue.

*Please note all events, dates and times are all in the past


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