Jungle Supremacy

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That the fastest animal in the jungle is a prey doesn't mean it can measure up with the predators. This was the case of the kangaroos that almost got annihilated from the jungle.


A kangaroo had made it a habit to be trespassing the territory of the hyenas to get to a particular swamp to drink water from it. The kangaroo, being a potential prey to the hyena didn’t consider the hyenas to be predators because it continually outran them anytime they lunched an attack on it. And so the kangaroo became a wonder to the hyenas and fame of this particular kangaroo spread all through the jungle.

Meanwhile, a hunter who had been comprehended by lion had run and climbed on a tree in flight from the lion. But because the lion in question was a hungry one, it sojourned at the root of the tree, waiting for the day the hunter will try to escape so that it can eat him up. The lion refused to let go the hunter for another prey because the hunter in question was very healthy. He had fat chicks, fat buttocks, and a pot belly, the very features that caught the lion’s attention. The hunter remained on that tree for three days and the lion also remained at the root of the tree for three day as well. The hunter fed on the fruit of the tree, while the lion fed on rats and other rodents the crossed that path.

Fame of the kangaroo came to the lion. Right before the hunters eyes, the lions were planning on how to get to the kangaroo and tear it apart, not because of its ability to outrun it’s predators but because the kangaroo was almost becoming as famous as the king of the jungle, thereby being a source of inspiration and motivation to the inferior and fearful animals in the jungle. Truth be spoken, even zebras had acquired the guts to dare and confront lions, though none of them was unfortunate enough to encounter and enter into a combat with the lion. Truth be told again, the zebras and other animals in the jungle had come up with battle strategy of teaming up themselves in numbers against just one lion at a time, until the lions were completely gotten rid of in the jungle, and then they would have to choose a king over themselves who would not prey on their lives. SEE WHAT THE KANGAROOS HAS CAUSED? So the lions had every reason to go after the kangaroo and destroy it before it made them loose their relevance in the jungle. The lions are not known to be fearful, but at this point I choose to believe that a minor animal like a kangaroo had instilled a bit of fear into some lions if not all.

So the lions abandoned every other thing they had doing in chase of the kangaroo. Even the hunter on the tree was abandoned by the determined lion that was keeping watch over it. As at this time, not just the brave kangaroo but all the kangaroos were so celebrated that they forgot that THE REASON WHY A THING LOVED AND CELEBRATED IS THE SAME REASON WHY THAT SAME THING IS HATED and eventually destroy if not COURTEOUS enough. “THE THING THAT BRINGS LOVERS IS THE THING THAT BRINGS ENEMIES”

The lions, like haman and his accomplices’, set out a day for the destruction of all the kangaroos in the jungle. And the appointed day was the birthday of the brave kangaroo, the very kangaroo that brought about what seemed like liberation in the great jungle.

The hunter on the tree was fully aware of the plans of the lions. Remember, other lions had brought word of the kangaroo’s exploit to the lion that was keeping watch over the hunter and initial plans were made there and then, which was how the hunter got to know about it. Only the hunter could explain the anger in the heart of the lions. Only the hunter could explain the hate in the heart of the lions. Only the hunter understood how determined the lions were, at taking out the kangaroos. The plans of the lions was not just to kill the kangaroo, but to capture them, put them to chains, subject them to misery, pain, and take a number of the reputable ones all round the jungle, like the Philippians did to blind Samson, so that all animal would see what they had done to the kangaroos and take back their mind of slavery and learn never to pose themselves as threats in anyway in the jungle, much less to the lions.

So the lions summoned themselves and met at their capital territory in the jungle. Finally the hunter had a chance to escape, and he did. But when he had gotten to the exit of the jungle, he found a tortoise refreshing himself in a nearby swamp. But not the same swamp that the kangaroo had been trespassing the territory of the hyenas to drink from because of its PURITY. This swamp where the tortoise was refreshing himself was not desirable for its purity but for its wisdom impaction ability. Which ever animal drank from it was bound to get wise or wiser. Amazingly, only the tortoise drank from that swamp because dangerous serpents were there that would attack any animal found there at sight. But the tortoise could trade that path because of his shell, which was as a protective measure to it.

Just before the hunter exited the jungle, he stopped by to drink from the swamp, for he had not had water to drink for the seven days he spent on the tree eating the fruits of that tree. And he drank a whole lot of water from the swamp, ignorant of the after-effect, thought not unpleasant. And when he had finish drinking, he was revived. It felt to him like he was re-born. There and then he looked up in the sky and recited a poem, this poem;

I’m doing better than I’ve ever done

Famous in place I’ve never gone

Newer ever than the newest born

Voicing out like the Baptist, john

I can’t be devoured by any lion

My symbol of authority remains my horn

Christ in me my hope of a new dawn

His word is the bullet, my mouth is the gun

Hate it or love it I’m nothing but God’s son

So I’ll keep shining like the sun

This heavenly race is all I’ll run

I’ve not received a new birth for fun

It’s simply the product of an encounter of a soul that has been won.

The tortoise was amazed by his instant acquisition of wisdom just at a first drink from the swamp of wisdom. He almost got envious of him. Then the hunter told the tortoise everything that had befallen him, the exploit and fame of the kangaroo, the anger and hate of the lions towards the kangaroo, and their plan to annihilate them from the jungle. After that he asked the tortoise, will you please do me a favor? Go on, the tortoise replied. The hunter continued, I want to send a message across to the kangaroo through you. The tortoise laughed and said, why would I take such risk for the kangaroo? The hunter said; the lions are at the verge of eliminating the kangaroo from the face of the earth. How will you be able to live with your conscience knowing you had a chance to save the present generation of the kangaroo and the generations to come? With many persuasive and wise sayings, the hunter caused the tortoise to yield. Though it wasn’t easy for him to do that because the hunter and the tortoise battled almost endlessly with wise sayings until the tortoise succumbed, not because he was short of words of wisdom to backup his refusal but because during the course of this word battle, the hunter unknowingly reminded the tortoise of the very the reason why he had to retire from the heart of the jungle to a deserted end of it where he had to live with creatures hungry for the life of another. (Exchange of words of wisdom between the hunter and the tortoise, are the not documented in the book titled THE ADVENTURE)?

It was then, the tortoise agreed to act against the lions, for they had banished him from the jungle because he was seen to be a slack and cunning creature, after he played on the intelligences of the hippopotamus and the elephant by telling the elephant he could drag him into the water, and telling the hippopotamus he could drag him out of the water. And he brought a long rope and tied one end of it to the elephant on land and the other end to the hippopotamus in the water and caused them to engage themselves in a thug of war, each of them thinking it was the tortoise on the other end. The animals made ridicule of the elephant and the hippopotamus when it was discovered what the tortoise had done to them. The proud lions did no want that to happen to them as it definitely would, if they had not banished the tortoise from the jungle, so they banished him.

So the tortoise agreed to do what the hunter had pleaded him to do just to get at the lion, for the tortoise thought, if the kangaroos consider me a savior to them, they will take me back into the jungle when the eventually become the jungle kings. The tortoise also thought that when the news of the lions plot gets to the kangaroos, they would brace themselves up and outsmart them the same way they had outsmarted the hyenas to get famous. The tortoise thought; if outsmarting the hyena could make kangaroos become celebrities, outsmarting the loins will certainly make them become the king of the jungle. FOR WISDOM IS BETTER THAN STRENGTH” and also “BY WISDOM KINGS REIGN, NOT BY STRENGTH” the tortoise exclaimed, FOOLISHNESS! OH FOOLISHNESS!!

Oh’ how the lions pride themselves in garments of foolishness,
ignoring the very essence of wisdom, banishing me for sluggishness.

Now I have in my hands the destiny of the brave. If only the brave saw himself only to be brave, then I would have favored them. But the brave now see themselves as gods, so I will squeeze their destiny with the bitterness in my heart until sweetness is completely drained out. And I will take the sweetness of the destiny of the brave and give it to the weak for free, because on this day the weak receives the reward of the strong for the sake of his humility and years of threatened living.

After much saying, the tortoise said to the hunter, send me on my way and let me go and change the course of history. Then the hunter handed a note over to the tortoise and told him it was for the eyes of the kangaroos only. The tortoise was so over-joyed by thought of the downfall of the lion that he had no time to debate on, or try to find out what was written in the note. He took it and went straight on his way. The hunter also went his way. So they went in opposite directions from each other. Farewell and good luck, they said to each other.


On his arrival at the camp of the kangaroos, the kangaroos said of him when they saw him, even the banished has found his courage and made his way back into the jungle. One of the kangaroos said, I wonder where he has been all those years and what mischief he might be up to this time. However, they welcomed him, for they were over-confident of their celebrated abilities. But the tortoise said to them, rejoice and be glad, for what was ordained has been re-ordained to your favor. It is my pleasure to deliver to you the heart of the mighty so you can pierce through it with your arrow and the testicles of kings so you can crush them and rob them of their heirs. The kangaroos asked, what are you talking about? We hope this is not one of your silly pranks? Right away the tortoise handed the note from the hunter to the kangaroos. They opened it, and behold a message of warning and caution to the kangaroos saying:



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