Just Being a Teenager

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Chloe feels unwanted and unloved, and she needs her family right now.

Just Being a Teenager

Chloe didn’t want to get out of bed and face her life. Everything was just too much to bear. She pulled the sheets over her head, and tried to shut out her mother’s voice, pleading with her to get up. At a time when she should be reaching out to embrace her mothers’s love, she was shutting her out of her life. And all because of the mess she had got herself in.

At 14 she thought she knew it all, she was quick and bright, and always did well at school. She was good at sports, swimming was her favourite, and she trained every day so she could improve. Her hard work had paid off, she was now swimming for her county, winning many medals and trophies, and her parents had always supported her in this, ferrying her all over the country to compete.

Then Justin came along

She only considered the lads in her club as friends, they shared one common interest, to be the best, well that is until she was 14 years old. Wearing a swimming costume every day made her very aware of her body, and when Justin joined the club, at 17, he seemed to be so grown up and mature. Not only that, he was very interested in her, and made it very clear.

So they had started bunking off swimming, it had been fun after being so regimented for years, but now the fun was over. Tony had dropped her from the team because she was never there, a letter of explanation was on its way to her parents as Tony had said he couldn’t trust her, and what is more, Justin had left her for someone else

Her Dad came into her room

” You can talk to me you know Chloe, I am not a monster.”

It wasn’t her mum, it was Dad, and she had always been his little Princess, but her guilt had set in, she knew she had wasted her opportunities, and let them down. How could she tell him? She so wanted to.

She had worried so much about this, it had swollen to gigantic proportions in her mind, but what did she have to lose anyway? Tony’s letter was on its way. She pulled down the sheet, and burst into tears. This startled her dad, who immediately put his arms around her to comfort her.

He didn't want to ask, but he had to

” Come on Chloe, this won’t do.”
He tried to joke her out of it, teenage girls were so hard to handle, up one minute, down the next. His heart leaped with fear, surely she wasn’t pregnant?

Then it came tumbling out, her crush on Justin, their meetings, playing truant from swimming, and finally Justin had dumped her and moved on. His first instinct was to get hold of the little shit and throttle him, as any father would! But what would that achieve? and how could she carry on swimming with him in the same club? He asked the question he didn’t want to ask.

” You’re not pregnant are you?” and then held his breath.

” Don’t be stupid, we didn’t even sleep together. He’s with Amy now.”
Thank you God, he said silently, as he hugged her once again.

He tried to cheer her up

” Come on get up, your mum and I are going to take you out for the day, anywhere you want, we love you, and you will get over this.”
Chloe dried her eyes. The relief that they knew the truth felt like a huge weight off her shoulders, and even Justin was fading from her mind, after all he was extremely vain. So owning up had been the right thing to do, being a teenager was hard at times, but her mum and dad did care. Losing swimming would be a blow, but it was her own fault.

Chloe’s mum Janet was there too. They should be angry with her for what she had done, but she was getting to an age when she could choose if she wanted to swim or not, and boys would always be around whatever she did. Janet could remember how angry her parents had been when she had left the running club to spend more time with Peter, and it had been the right thing to do, as they had got married.

They wouldn't let that happen again

But her parents had refused to come to their wedding, and it had taken so long to heal the rift. Well if she had learned anything from that, it was that life was too short to hold onto anger. Chloe knew what she had done, but together as a family, it could be sorted.

” Great idea Peter, let’s have lunch in a country pub, Chloe, you liked the one with the tudor beams remember?”

” of course she remembers, I knocked my head on the beam, and the hops fell down.” said Peter ruefully. Chloe was laughing now, none of it seemed so bad to Peter, she could have been pregnant, on drugs, becoming an alcoholic, it was only giving up swimming, not the end of the world. Chloe was just being a teenager
Growing pains really hurt

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I am a proud mother and grandmother, and an author. I have had 7 books published. My hobbies are walking, swimming, and playing badminton. I try to raise more awareness of autism with my writing.

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author avatar juny
3rd Sep 2011 (#)

Oh , I can relate to this one, I am a single mom with 3 young teen kids and one daughter.
It's not easy to be a parent esp with young teens...you have to be their friend and not just a mom and a parent.

Good story...thanks for sharing :)

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author avatar Saras
3rd Sep 2011 (#)

Beautiful post analysing the mind of a Teenager so vividly. One can relate to this easily.

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author avatar Sheila Newton
3rd Sep 2011 (#)

What a great story. I was rather lucky my teenage years didn't stop me from achieving my goals - but, sure, it really was just plain LUCK.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
3rd Sep 2011 (#)

wise and wonderful, great story and lesson Carol...

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author avatar Buzz
4th Sep 2011 (#)

Very nice story, Carol. Enjoyed reading it. Thanks for the share.

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author avatar Carol
4th Sep 2011 (#)

Thanks everyone for your nice comments

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author avatar Sam Bralley
4th Sep 2011 (#)

very good article Carol, I enjoy your style...

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author avatar Carol
4th Sep 2011 (#)

Thank you Sam

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author avatar Maria Malone
7th Sep 2011 (#)

What a great story Carol, Well done!

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author avatar Songbird B
3rd Oct 2011 (#)

Great story, Carol, and a good lesson in keeping communication open.. Nothing is so bad that it can't be shared..Congrats on Star, my friend..

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author avatar Carol
6th Oct 2011 (#)

Thanks Maria and Songbird

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