Just Your Average Sinner

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I was talking down a friend one day, you see he was in a bad space in his head. The man couldn't forgive himself for what he'd done to someone he loved. I told him, 'your sins are not shinier than my sins.' and what follows bellow, was born.

Just Your Average SInner

I am just your average sinner,
sly glances that say, I am second chance, time around.
I spin mediocre wildest-dreams
in rundown hope hotels.
I am just a pretty sinner with a
dusty trail of lust
like green pollen in my wake.
a vehicle of possibility,
of all the places we can drive our devils
with cocktails and vague musicians who lean back on wooden chairs, against walls of fading paint.
with tables for sins
to be laid out like Thanksgiving.
My sins are neon signs in smoky rooms,
My sins are rusted cans kicked in old beach towns.
My sins are hot pavement under old rubber tires rumbling above.
My back arched in a prayer to the sky.
The rise of my hipbones like majestic mountains.
My sins leak from my eyes. First one, then another.
Down, Down they fall.
I fall to my knees.
They fall and I curse them for leaving me too.
I fall to my knees like the traveler who has journeyed too long,
On my knees and I kiss the dirt of home.
I am humbled and groveling...within my sinning.
And I pray a much louder prayer. I am a much humbler servant, with much to forgive.
I wear my sins like a raincoat to keep my dry from all the
good intention and well-deserved! that might be coming my way.
I twist my sin into a paper flower and wear it in my sinful hair next to my sinful eyes by my sinful mind.
I am just your average sinner
Dreaming of living a better life someday.
Praying to be a better me, someday.
Someday is a funny place to live
With towering hopes
and skyscraping desires scratching at its sterile walls.
No, not for me.
I am just your average sinner...
with extraordinary sins.



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I am that woman who sits on the train looking, for all the world, like a tired, single working mother commuting. I AM that mother, but that far away dreamy look in her eyes? Meet the writer in me.

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