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This is extremely personal to me, in the sense that it was advice written specifically for myself, and thus I doubt many will be able to empathise or even understand :). However, it will provide anyone who's interested with insight about me. I hope someone recognises the D&D references in the section titles.

Character creation. {being}

- Be resourceful; 'maximise my resources.'
- Laugh at self.
- Confidence, when it's appropriate and I'm experienced
in the matter. ("Be assertive." ;D)
- THROW self out there.
- Be cynical enough to see the truth of things,
but not to the point of 'cynicism just for the sake of
cynicism'/driving people away/losing motivation.
- Be optimistic enough to stay happy/drive self
to do the things I should, but not to the point of
lying to self/blinding self to truth.
- Be a little more practical/opportunity-grabbing/housewifesque
(enough to achieve the other goals, at least).

Quests. {doing}

- 'Live to full potential.'
- Learn... and do things with knowledge.
- Have a fantastic career; be productive for society.
- Procure a husband and a child or two.
- Selflessness: family, friends, husband/children.
Be there for them; don't depend on them.
- Learn French and get good.
- Play piano and get good.
- Continue with (real) karate and stay good.
- Make a difference: education system, environment,
Nanny State. (Make a public announcement. Write a novel/
critique and get it published. Stand in front of a bulldozer.
Refuse to do things which conflict with principles/moral compass.)
- Become more politically, historically, geographically
and economically educated – read up on such matters and watch the news.
- Write and publish a book or two.
- Pursue philosophy, and poetry.
- Ensure that your level in Runescape has three digits. I mean what.


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Writing is my constant, and ensures my sanity (or perhaps lack thereof).
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author avatar Nicolaspondylus
6th Aug 2010 (#)

hahahaha runescape. Silly business. [:

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author avatar Synthaea
6th Aug 2010 (#)

Yeah. Let's not go there. My username is Synthaea. I mean what. I don't play that silly, silly game.

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author avatar Liam Mcdonald-Lurch
7th Aug 2010 (#)

:p hahaha I so agree this is perfect for you syntastic everything but runescape *coolness points go d...o...w...n*

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author avatar Synthaea
7th Aug 2010 (#)

Ta Liam ;). And yeah, I know, I have a serious problem. :P

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author avatar LOVERME
20th Aug 2010 (#)

read u ttoday u haven't since many a day

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author avatar Synthaea
23rd Aug 2010 (#)

I know, I have been devoid of internet *sigh*. I feel like a part of me has died :P
I've got internet where I am now, but won't again for a while.

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author avatar LOVERME
23rd Aug 2010 (#)

u r plight is like mine
they take away
the internet from me anytime missed ur comments though teenager u know

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author avatar LOVERME
11th Nov 2010 (#)

glad to note ur back again

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