Just past her teens

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Just past her teens...The World Teens Exposing Underwears she was just 17 a few years down the stream now she is 20 just...oly

The World Teens Exposing Underwears

The World Teens Exposing Underwears
A couple of years ago ...I saw her in no inners... just a small sweet bunny kid ..turned into a grown up in moments unseen ....Yesterday when I saw her ...after she was just seventeen ... my eyes poked in between ----is she the she I knew at 17
Now Exposing Underwears ...they seem to say why inners wear ..
Meet my friend she said another young kid ...She did not say Boy Friend ..but just said friend ...I knew matters were not that serious ...he was a younger ...exposing his red inner ....I was wonder struck... she had hardly any on ..and he was blooming in his red all could see
These are today's teens... where were we all at that age ...none can say ...The hours of time are running at Internet speed .. the electricity moves i@of 186000 miles per second ...human thought is much faster ...why have an inner ..when all know what lies in the difference ----guys and gals all know....where babies come from and then again grow ...to produce more ...all now know----

Why then...The World Teens are Exposing Under-wears.....heavens know
perhaps businesses need an onward go ...remove those inners also ...bring another dress anew ...like with automated automatic condoms will you... I hate to transform this piece into a poem...it is meaningless ...without an under wear
exposure is all one needs and sexuality breeds ...love may go to the weed ..from whence emerged humanity --tadpoles were then we ...now only poles ...one would want to see ..Where are those inners wee-- covering just the wee wee


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Thanks friends for reading me,
its natural VIRGINOUS poetry
that comes my way

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
30th May 2018 (#)

That is a plaintive cry from one who has seen it all !

Yes, the young ones just do not care anymore and we may well go back to where we came from - wear nothing!

But then cloth business will close shop. Hopefully, we close our eyes before that happens! siva

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author avatar LOVERME
31st May 2018 (#)

use Banana leaves
\and Cyprus may be quite bushy

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author avatar Retired
11th Jun 2018 (#)

Nice post.

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author avatar LOVERME
12th Jun 2018 (#)


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author avatar LOVERME
8th Nov 2019 (#)

All eyes on me...We all say every day eyes are the windows we all know This version is slightly different read it and you will know.
All eyes on me
ur eyes are intys eyes luv em
ur eyes are intys eyes luv em

All eyes on me

Just so beautiful...

eyes are windows
through which you see...
they also show...

smile across the window...
all passersby will know...
that empty eyes love do show

let all know
the eyes when they glow
or the final word they blow

whistle me not, no more
my eyes now don’t see nor show
and I have gone
like the whistling wind
all must know

eyes now speak no more
what to show
minds eyes remain back
in memories to glow
till you your own eyes
also let go...
we all now know
eyes no more glow!

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author avatar LOVERME
18th Feb 2020 (#)

930 odd reads
read it with a newer title

Practical guide to sex
sex sex and is it only sex???

sex sells and you have proved it
but it’s not the colour
nor the size
the ancient were very wise

they, warm country guys
made no haste
they had to show they were chaste
as twas so ever hot
after every stroke they had to cool
and withdraw …
they were no fools

this acted as an aphrodisiac for the woman
you call it fore play
ere the orgasm
now we all forget the need
as modern women want orgasm
before you cum
no more like our grand-moms
are they now dumb…

your need
if this was the sexy poem
you were aiming at
then here tis

let women be satisfied first
is the only verse,
then a stroke or two or twenty for men
Who knew ejaculation was their ultimatum
the woman clung …

today’s women need to read
sexual literature
not see porn
till dawn…

nor with another compare the deed
which only has variants indeed
between the same two….
in situation
and loving adaptation
now it’s your turn
as you are star pagers
for certain….

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