Just something I wrote with some music

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just something I was write to a beat of music. just something to get the creative juices flowing.

just something I wrote to some music

stopping out side my door can't get no sleep
bamming at my door like hot air in heat
pressures on me like a pressure cooker
slowly cooking a meal
ain't nothing I could tell you expect just come from the real
spend a million dollars like im posting up bill,
this is how I do
just relax and just chill
talk about our plans
like it's a deal
and your hearing me
like im casper the ghost
i can put on a party
and make a mean host
can't get no bigger than the life that we coast
show them that i dont give a f*** probably the most
we kick it like it's ice on the floor
flossing it's shine
Tell me something real
so I won't steal on your face
and go out like a chump
losing the race
I'm a let you know
how I move in a grove
how I like to play my play
like its the chess and it smooth
let you know how I can make it rain on the spot
I make an imprint while im making a stain
I can hang low like my chain and I let you know I can bring the pain
show out so they can know about my name
aint no disappearing
cause I like to chase
drink it up until I make a face
cant trip a sister up
cause I watch how I step
if I do fall I got someone to help if I fall
it's a lot of stuff if you think you know me at all
but I bet you think you know something
so you can mess with my rep
man if you know better
you better watch on your step
cause I know how to flip
I can make it rain while holding my chain
let them know I can be insane
with my flow and my game
dont step on my shoe
and act like you brain new
cause you know how I do
I can make these litte chick learn how to Twerk
and when they learn how to Twerk
they can show you how to erk
cause they love how flirt
cause they love how I work
cause they love how I flirt
cause they love how I work
make a smile like Colgate and not like jerk
make them come alive and up from the dirt
when they see me
I'm a make them feel like a star
cause they know how to make a wish
just from where they are
call me the lumber cause I chop on the bar
like im the star
that makes you choke on a bar
like it's tar in your mar
and aint no smoking the char
leave you grieving on what you receiving
cause there's just no achieving
when I'm on and I'm speaking
it's like my house and you're meeting
give respect in your season
you know there won't be no Mistreating
when you know that I'm freaking
when I'm up on the weekend
ain't no sleeping
or peeking
won't be Mistreating
or peeking,
won't be no mistreating or sneaking
man, you know that I'm speaking
hope it's truth that you're seeking
when it's at your feet, it's stinging


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Hi, I am from the US, and I love to write. my favorite to write are poems. subscribe to my R S S feeds, and also follow me on my page Thank you, Merry Christmas. page.This is very encouraging for me.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
8th Jan 2015 (#)

If that is a song I'll be damned. That is more a poem unless you are a rap artist.

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author avatar colouringstars♥
8th Jan 2015 (#)

@ Lady Aiyanna
yes, it is in the poem section. I wrote it as a rap, to a rap beat and it could also be a poem. The beat I wrote it to is like a mid fast beat.
the first part is slower and then it is towards the end it's faster when said

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
8th Jan 2015 (#)

Awesome post and one of a kind writing!

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author avatar colouringstars♥
8th Jan 2015 (#)

@ Fern Mc Costigan Thanks happy you liked it

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author avatar Shamarie
8th Jan 2015 (#)

Nice poem, Colouringstars! I like the rhyme scheme and tone! Thanks for sharing!

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author avatar viewgreen
27th Jan 2015 (#)

Great job my friend and what so wonderful this poem. Awesome! Thank you. :)

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author avatar colouringstars♥
28th Jan 2015 (#)

Thank you Viewgreen happy that you liked it

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author avatar Kingwell
15th Feb 2015 (#)

Good writing my friend. Blessings.

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author avatar colouringstars♥
19th Feb 2015 (#)

thank you Kingwell

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