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There is a lot of misleading advertising about these days. Promises of deals which sound to good to be true. Time to rant.

Oh really...!

I was in a supermarket the other day and, along with all the other tempting promotions they have, the were running a standard two for a reduced price promo - one packet of crisp for sixty-five pence, two for a pound - sort of thing. I found myself looking at one promotion in confusion. It said one chocolate was seventy-five pence, but two were two pounds. I had to keep reading it, over and over again; one for seventy-five pence and two for two pounds? That's not right is it? I am sure a promotion is meant to save you money.
Okay, so that was obviously a misprint. What is not a misprint, though it is possibly misrepresentation, are the many adverts, I have seen, for one way flights to various European destination.
The adverts offer bargain flights, enticing would be flyers to peruse their website for promoted bargains. Now, the problem I have with this is, who, with exception of those emigrating or from said destinations, can take advantage of a one-way flight? When you take the time to check out these 'bargains', the return flight is twice as much as the outbound flight and with the added taxes and luggage allowance - because you have to pay for everything now - the 'bargain' flight becomes a small fortune!
This you'll find is a very common practice when it comes to flights, offering an apparent bargain, only to find out that after all the add ons, it cost just as much as any other flight. Why can they not just give you the price fro the outset? It is very frustrating to trawl through these advertised websites, only to find that the offered bargain does not really exist.
The saying 'if it looks to good to be true, it probably is' is....true. We all like a bargain, to fell like we are getting a deal. The trouble is, with the internet - confounded thing! - everybody finds out about deals, bargains, special purchases almost before they become available!
There is also the feeling of missing out, especially when it comes to contracted deals. A new fangled mobile phone comes out - as they do every couple of months - and you cannot get it because you are only three months into a new two year contract! One of the internet/phone/cable companies offer a deal of twenty pence for the first three months, but, once again, you have just signed up to a twelve month deal and it was with the same company!
I suppose companies want to attract high volumes of customers, of course they do, but it would be nice - and insult our collective intelligence less - if they would just tell us how much it cost from the outset.


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author avatar Denise O
3rd Dec 2011 (#)

I ran into this some years back. I was going to have my brother fly out to Las vegas, to see our sister and then to Utah to visit our mama in Utah. The deal looked great, they advertised 'Take a trip to Las Vegas, for only 99 dollars'. I checked into it and it was not what they were advertising, it was a trip to Las Vegas for 99 but, the return trip was 448.00. We went around them and had him fly into Las vegas, my sister drove the 5 hours to drop him off at my mothers and we purchased a 107 dollar bus trip back to Alabama. These kinds of things really infuriates me I tell ya. Nice read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Sheila Newton
3rd Dec 2011 (#)

Ah, lovely. I LOVE a good rant!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
8th Feb 2015 (#)

To trawl through the internet and not get the go around to get the best deal is tough for most. Yes, most are just that - too good to be true with hidden costs that add up - siva

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