Just the Beginning…A Short Story Prompt

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Christmas parties can lead to misunderstandings and poor judgment. Charlotte was a victim of both.

Where Did The Weekend Go?

Waking up and rubbing her eyes, Charlotte realized she was not in her bed, but in a car; and the car was not hers. The clothes she was wearing were not hers either. Just as she was trying to figure out where she was and how she got there, she heard a police blare horn behind her.

“Please step out of the car. Place your hands on your head and slowly walk back to the rear of the car.” The voice on the blare horn was pleasant but stern.

Charlotte slowly opened the car door and did exactly as she was told. All the while, her mind was racing as to how she got into this predicament. The last thing she could recall was leaving the after work Christmas party and heading to her car. She had spent the evening talking to friends and after a few cranberry tonics, she begged off and left.

Looking around as she walked to the rear of the car, she realized she was in a housing construction site and the car she had just exited was parked in the driveway of one of the unfinished homes. She saw construction workers standing in the street, watching her with interest and amusement. As the police officer approached her, she was truly bewildered. Where in the heck was she?

“Good Morning.” said the police officer. “Can you tell me your name?”

“Charlotte…Charlotte Crane”

“Good Morning Miss Crane. Can you tell me why you are parked in this construction site? You are trespassing and the construction crew thought you were in danger.”

‘‘I don’t know’’, she said, shaking her head with tears of confusion in her eyes. “I was at work and now I am here. This isn’t even my car. Where am I? I need to sit down…”

“Here”, he said, “you can sit on these bags of cement. Now, tell me what the last thing you remember was.”

“I was at work and we were having a Christmas party. I only drank Cranberry tonic, no alcohol. I swear. I left about 9pm and got into my car...but this car”, as she pointed to the car behind her, “is not my car. My car is a blue 2009 Toyota Camary. Did you find a blue Camary anywhere?”

“No Miss Crane, we did not. Do you know whose car this is?”

“No...I don’t recognize it.”

“We ran the license plates and it says the car is registered to someone named Mary Carson. Do you know anyone by that name?”

“We have a Mary Carson at our office. She is the office manager. She was at the Christmas party with the rest of us. Is Mary okay?” With tears welling her eyes, Charlotte looked around her – bewildered as to where she was and how she got there.

“Miss Crane”, said the officer, “I need you to take a few moments and gather your thoughts. I have a breathalyzer unit I need you to blow into…just in case. It’s just a precaution but it may tell us how you ended up here in this construction site on a Monday morning. Should you be at work today?”

“Umm…I guess so. I guess the test is okay. I know I wasn’t drinking but I don’t know why I can’t remember anything. You say it is Monday?” Charlotte burst into tears. “The Christmas party was on Friday – where did the weekend go?”


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