Justice versus Revenge

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Explores and describes the difference between justice and revenge. Also looks at why vengeance is so appealing to those who have been hurt

Vengeance - more addictive and dangerous than alcohol

There are many of us who have been hurt or wronged in some way or the other. The hurt acts like a mobile knife - ripping through our hearts like a tractor takes apart long grass. It is not surprising then, that we look for the quickest way to relieve the pain no matter how temporary the solution might be. The deeper the hurt, pain or humiliation that has come our way, the bigger or more drastic steps we will take to remove it.

That is where vengeful thoughts often enter the perished mind. When anything is done to us there is still a layer of reasoning in our minds that prevent us from losing our cool and going after those who have wronged us. But that layer becomes thinner as the tragedy that befalls us becomes bigger or if we have to deal with many tragedies consecutively.
The question we should ask ourselves is if it is all worth it. Realistically the answer is no. Causing more pain does not lessen our pain, it just turns the focus away from ouur pain for a while. Justice is the only thing that will ease our pain a little.

There are key differences between justice and revenge. The first is the amount of pain caused. Ever heard of collateral damage? This is the amount of pain or damage that is unnecessary for us to achieve our objective. In revenge there is usually lots of collateral damage whereas in justice there is little if any of this kind of damage - only the wrong doer is punished appropriately. Also when revenge enters our minds it takes over our every action and so it becomes an obsession which means we will go to any lengths to destroy those who have wronged us. It is for this reason that we become sick and violent. Justice is much "humanised" as it ensures that those who are wronged get punished but it does so while obeying human rights.

Revenge may taste good at first, it may seem like the only solution. It is just like alcohol but only much more addictive and dangerous. It may numb the pain or problem for a while but it doesn't help us solve the problem or situation. When vengeance is complete the hurt and pain is still there and perhaps even worse. In the end we still have to come to terms with what or who we've lost. We do that with self-love and the love of family and friends and not by hurting others.

Just a word of advice - spread the love, it is the only thing that will ease the pain. By hurting others you will only add to the pain in what is already a world full of pain.

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author avatar Glenn Addington
15th Apr 2012 (#)

Thanks!! See my article, "An Eye for an Eye...did God advocate revenge?" Your thoughts on it, please?

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
15th Apr 2012 (#)

I totally agree with spreading the love for as we do unto others, it will be done to us...so revenge is not sweet it is an attack upon our own selves...

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