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This is the long version of how I ended up living with the Briels :).

A dreadful life...

It all started 18 years ago, when the Aebi family got their last newborn: a dark haired, green eyed baby girl. Her name was Kea (me). We were happy, or should I say that I was happy... I was the youngest one in my family, and shortly after my birth, my parents decided they wouldn't try to have another baby. Even if we were doing well: my mom was an editor for the local news and my dad was a police officer, soon, our family started growing apart: first, dad was promoted to a detective, which meant more hours on the job, so we got to see him less and less, then, about eleven years later, he became the head detective, having the highest rate of closing cases in the whole precinct. Then, one day, after pursuing a suspect, he got shot, got in the hospital, and shortly after that, he went in a coma and three months later, we got a phone call from the hospital, letting us know that we can come pick up daddy from the morgue. Since then, mom changed: she became an alcoholic, she would go out for a drink and show up next week, she quit her job so our only income was the money the state would give us for the death of my father...
I still remember that cold day of October... After dad's funeral, it started raining, and it lasted about three days... It seemed like the wheather was sad too...

Back on track?

By the time snow stuck to the ground, a few days before Christmas, everything was different: mom was an alcoholic, a drug addict and when she'd go out for a drink, well, there wan so telling when she'd come back... Maybe in the morning, maybe in a few days, a week... Her personal record was ten days...
After the holidays, me and my brothers, Tyson and Terr, decided that it was time to get back on track: no more of our silly diet: no more cereals as breakfast, fast food for lunch and salads or sandwiches on the dinner table... In the beginning we took shifts, but their food tasted and looked like something you scrape off elephants' feet, so we agreed that I would become in charge with the cooking, Ty would set the table and Terr would wash the dishes... then we shared chores around the house like dusting the furniture, watering mom's flowers, feeding and walk the dog...
By March, everything was running almost as smooth as before... Even mom seemed to come around, but nothing can last forever... Too bad...
We were getting good at what we were doing so we began to have free time, and each of us was spending their well earned freedom differently: Ty was studying for the exams and for college, Terr was practicing his football skills with every occasion possible, and I joined the MMA (mixed martial arts) club... And we were all so proud of ourselves!

As good as dead...

Everything went almost smoothly: Ty was accepted at the University of Bern, Department of Economics; Terr and his football team were on their way to winning the season and me and my team were on our way to the national MMA competition. And by then, I was almost twelve... Just a few months until twelveth of July.
The weeks passed and we were really close to seeing Ty move out of our house and into the private college dorm... I wasn't worried for him, or for Terr, because they were best friends, or for me, because of the fact that whenever mom wanted to hit something, her favorite target was me, every time Ty was out. I was worried for my mom... She was depending on her three kids to keep everything rolling... But without him, everything was going to change... And we all saw what change does to her...
But she seemed to have nothing to say about the matter, whatsoever...
Until one night...

"You are going to leave me? You too? She was furious... She yelled so loud that it woke me up... Good luck Terr wasn't home, or this could have gone south very easy... Terr doesn't approve of her yelling and hysterics... Last time, she grabbed her like a sack of potatoes, took her out, put her down and ran inside, locking her out until she calmed herself..."
"Mom, I'm not leaving you, I'm going to college, to make something of myself..."
"Yeah, right... That's exactly what your father told me when he became detective... And look where it got him: 6 feet under!"
"Mom, I can't pass up this one... it's the best University in Switzerland!"
He was fighting back... Being the first born and all, he was always trying to do things her way...
"Don't leave me! If you do, your brother will too! And I'll be left with nothing!"
"That's not true! We'll come back and visit, and besides, you'll have Kea, so you can't possibl..."
"Ha! I'll be left with that nuisance. She interrupts him. She's the reason we're in this mess in the first place!"
"How can you say that? Tell me how is she responsible for any of this?!"
"After she was born, your father died!..."
"Aha... And I guess she's responsible for you becoming a drunken drug addict?! Or that you can't seem to be getting the handle on being a mother again?"
"Watch your tongue!"
"Watch my tongue? How come you got to just log out of your own life and expect us to keep everything rolling as you drink your pain away?"
After that, there was a long silence... By the sounds of it, she must've slapped him...
"Listen to me very carefully, mother! He was angry... only when he's angry he calls her mother. I may be your son, but I'm 19... so you can't just go around hitting me when you've run out of words! But hey, you know what, if you hate Kea so much, I'll take her with me! I'll make sure that the chairman allows me to stay in rent not in the dormer and I'll come for her! So you could be right... And when I do, I'll come with all the right papers to take her off your chest. After Terr leaves, you will be left with nothing! Because you know what? I have Leam and Alina, my best friends, Terr has Jess, his girlfriend from America, and Jonny, his best friend, but Kea only has me and him! She can't rely on you... and by next year, I would be gone for a year and Terr would be on his way out, and basically, she'll be left alone with the enemy in the house, and I can't let that happen!"
"Fine by me! But from the moment you step out that door, on your way to Bern, you are as good as dead to me!"
"Fine! Now get out of my room and let me sleep!"

Meeting - a new asset or a new reason to feel terrible?

Since that night, mom was always leaving early in the morning and getting back late at night... The days until Ty would have to leave were numbered... And even if I called sick, as the team captain, I had to go and meet our new team member: Julian...
Ty was checking and rechecking his bags to see if everything is perfect, but I had to go and miss the mix of emotions: sadness to see him go but also happiness as in: he got into the most prestigious university in the country...
And other than that, he's hilarious when he's packing, he always checks and rechecks and he has that goofy look on his face and those crazy eyes...

"Ty, I interrupt him from checking if he put all of his underwear, I'm sorry but I have to go... Coach just called and he told me that I have a new team member... Some guy that just moved in, and I told him no, but he insisted, quote: As team leader, you have the responsibility to know all of your team's members, and to great new members, because you are, as you are aware, the captain, unquote. I say, making faces."
"It's OK, he says, smiling. And besides, that man does not sound right, he continues, laughing. And don't worry! I'll keep an eye on the house while you are gone!"
***A half an hour later***
I got to the gym as quick as I could, I changed into my "uniform", a pair of black tights and a blue t-shirt in the locker room and headed towards the gym. On my way I heard noises... The guys were usually noisy... I forgot to mention that we were seven in the team: Josh and Matt, brothers from America, and they happen to be Jess' little brothers, Noah, Levin, Gabriel, Theo and me. Yes, I was the only girl, and I was the youngest, at age and at the club's membership, hence the surprise on the guys' face when they heard that coach named me the team's captain... It wasn't long after I earned my status, in the first competition I took part in, where I knocked out my opponent in less than a minute. Since then, in training, I proved my worth knocking out all my other teammates, one by one, and soon they began to respect me and obey me.
When I walked in the gym, all of my team stopped talking, leaving the new guy's laugh the only thing audible, until he figured that he should shut up as well.

"I see we have a new snowflake (in prison, snowflake means newcomer... Yeah, I watched Prison Break)! You must be Julian! I'm Kea, this team's captain! Welcome! I say, robotic."
"You're the captain? He asks looking down on me (he was about six inches taller than me... probably sixteen or something like that.) Coach, I came here to learn how to fight, not to have play dates with a six year old midget."
My team started whispering something about certain death and no match for me...
"Alright, more about you, then, I say, sarcastically, since you have me all figured out! What's your experience?"
"Gang fights, breaking up fights, stuff like that..."
"Alright, did you consider coming here as a challenge?"
"Yes, but I mean, how hard can it be?"
"One more question: did you ever hit a person in the face?"
"Yeah! It's my favorite spot. I punch them and than they fall and I hit without mercy."
The guys whispered something about a dead man and taboos...
That was the last drop! I walked right up to him and threw him towards the closest wall. He took the hit full on, proving his lack of training. He crumbled to the ground and I went to pick him up.

"Listen to me very carefully! This team has three taboos! Three! No illegal hits: below the belt or in the face; no fighting for the sake of fighting and no stupid newbies that treat this like a joke! And you struck out in your very first five minutes here! You have no potential, no talent and no training whatsoever! Are you sure you want to stay here and get your soul beaten out of you? I ask pulling him up by the collar."
"N... YES!! He says, finding the determination and the passion I was looking for. Because I didn't come here as a know it all! I came here to learn it all!"
"Alright then! We start tomorrow at four! Don't be late!I say, helping him to get up."
***He was an idiot... But a determined idiot, none the less... I had no other choice either way, because the coach said that he stays in my team, but after a few lessons, I realized I was wrong! He was catching up to us.***
In training, after learning new moves, we'd get straight to trying them in combat, sparring, and Julian ascended all the way from Noah, our weakest link, to Josh, my second in command, the vice captain of the team, and after he had beaten Josh almost until knock out, multiple times, I decided to fight him myself, again. I never underestimate an opponent, but I always try and look like I do. Even in the competitions, I like to analyze my opponents, to have a pretty good idea about what I'm up against, so I would be able to knock them down as easy as possible.
After my first competition, where I came very close to winning gold, I got my nickname: The knock out nightmare. The coach said that I should be proud! Most fighters come up with their own nickname, or have the honor to be named after at least five competitions... But I got my name after my first... He said I should be proud and work harder to live up to my name.
After Julian's first month of training with the Black Squad, our team, he decided to go to the SMMAC (Swiss Mixed Martial Arts Championship), where he managed to crawl on to third place. I was proud of him. He outdone himself... But I would never admit that to him.

An unexpected surprise

It's been almost a year since Julian joined our squad and almost a year since Ty moved out. He visited for the holidays, but now, his life was there. But I wasn't upset... I was so proud of him. By what he told me the last time we spoke, he's on his way to become this year's top student. And now, all the drama we put up from our mom last year, is coming back. Terr got accepted with a full football scholarship to a prestigious college in Florida, so it looks like I'll be the one to stay and look out for my mom, whenever I'm not training or on tours. Best part about being team captain is being able to go on tours without paying anything. The organizers pay for one member of each team to come, and that is either the star fighter of the team, either the captain, and I am both, and since my mom isn't around to ask her if I can go or if she'll pay for it, I always go and leave a note, in case she cares.
By now, Julian and I became really close friends, and it turns out that Julian became best friends with a guy named Stephan, from another team that coach trains, and it turns out that Stephan is Leam's (Ty's best friend's) younger brother.
One day after practice, while he was walking me home, as usual, he asked me if I wanted to catch a movie with him, and I, as a counteroffer, asked him over, later, to catch a movie at his choice, so we could spend the money we would spend buying the tickets, on something else, like a pizza, or something.
He agreed and three days later, Saturday evening, we scheduled to watch an old classic comedy: Home alone. And from a "catch a movie" thing, the evening transformed into a movie night, and we ended up watching every Home Alone movie.
Two weeks later, he took me to his home to introduce me to his mother.
*I've been over at his place before, and met Sophie, his little sister, but his mom always seemed to skip town for some reason, so he was somehow like me. And as for Soph, when he was out, he would take her to a neighbor that lived close to my house, Mr. Dobners. He was an only father, his wife left him with Andrew, the most precious little boy I ever saw, and he was only two months older than Soph, so they were a great match.*
His mom seemed like a really nice lady, loving and caring, and guilty for having to work all the time, being an only mother and all.
*** Fifteen months later ***
My birthday was only two weeks away and this time, even if Terr won't make it, Ty promised he'd come home for the weekend. It was going to be perfect!
Ever since daddy died, my mom became a shipwreck, we all knew that, but a few months later, she came home, gave us each a hundred francs bill and took off again. "Money for food" she said. And ever since, every first of every month, by the time we woke up a bill of a hundred francs was waiting for us on the kitchen table. It was her way of taking care of us. And every other expense, for our birthdays, in our new bank accounts in the morning, we could find twelve thousand francs, expenses for an entire year. Nobody knew where she was getting the money from, but she was... And this way, if we needed anything, we only had to access our bank accounts. And the money was always on time, so we could calculate how we would spend the money.
This year I was alone, so most of my money would go to buying food from the school's cafeteria, or the gym's cafeteria, or at a diner or something. I slowly stopped cooking, but then Julian began to stop by almost every day after practice, when his mom was out of town, and eat with me, and since I first started cooking, I noticed that mom would always take a ration of it, so soon I began packing her food, and this year, the monthly food supply money jumped to a hundred and fifty francs, which was more than enough.
We were both OK with how the things were going until one night, when I stayed up late and I saw her coming home. She was wearing a pair of military pants and a black top. She looked almost like Kim Possible, if she was real and everything, only more mature and more awesome. She was a totally different person. But her eyes, they were colder than ever.
She caught me packing her food: two sandwiches the way she liked them and a plastic bowl with egg salad, fresh made, just before she arrived.

"I'm surprised you're still awake, she said looking at the bag of food I was about to put in the fridge."
"I had a long day, practice ran late, from four to nine and I didn't have food so I stayed up to cook some, but since it was late, I decided to make an egg salad. Do you want some? I ask genuinely happy to see that we were having a normal conversation."
"No, thanks. I'll just take my lunch and be on my way."
"But you just got here. Can't you at least stay and rest for a little while?"
"No! She answered coldly. Not if I want to make money and sustain this house."
"Well then, good luck with whatever you have to do, I say, sad."
"Thank you."
"Good night, mommy! That phrase brought back so many memories, like every night before daddy got shot, when they both looked genuinely happy to see me, and they came to tuck me in and tell me good night, and the kiss that my dad would lay on my forehead and..."
"Good night, sweetheart!" Her answer as she would turn off the lamp on my nightstand.
Ever since that night, I didn't see her again, so I guessed that she either didn't come home anymore (impossible since her food was always missing in the morning), either she came home close to dawn. Either ways, I haven't seen her since. I was all alone, most of the time, in that big house... Until two days before my birthday. She came home, midday and began to pick a fight:
"Why are you so passionate about that stupid sport and that stupid squad? A girl shouldn't fight, let alone be the head of the team, or get called the 'The Knock-out Nightmare'! She asked barging into my room."
"Because it's a place where I feel right, where I feel like I belong... Not like home... I'm all alone so I guess that sport is what helps me to take better care of myself, since nobody else does."
"So I don't take care of you? My job requires so much of me. I can't be in two places at once! And besides, what about Terr and Ty?"
"You didn't even notice? They are gone! Off to college! And you know what? You could also stick around for longer than a few minutes!"
"You can't be serious... How in the world an I supposed to make at least forty thousand francs a year by just 'sticking around'?"
"I don't need that money! I need a mom that's there for me! I yell."
"Than maybe you should go and live with a mom that can give you a life in misery, but can be there when you brag about how you knock out your opponents."
"Maybe I should!"
"This is what I get for trying to raise you like a good daughter. I might as well put you out for adoption."
I was hurt. Our fights may have always had this subliminal note, but she never said anything out loud, until now.
"Well, maybe you should!"
"Maybe I will! And she turned around, but then turned back: And you do need the money! Or else, your trendy new laptop, she said looking at my new laptop that was resting on my lap, your trendy new phone, she said looking at the phone in my left hand, and all of your clothes just wouldn't exist! And she exit the room."
She was right. Putting me up for adoption was a bad idea! I would be broke! My nature would compel me into not asking money from a stranger, and if they would offer money, I would be too embarrassed to take it. The way she gave me money was perfect! No contact, just survival. But I didn't know what she was capable of, any more, so I decided to look for help.
Next day, after practice, before Julian went to take his sister from Mr. Dobners, I told him what happened. I was thirteen. I couldn't just go like that. What if my new parents would be total nut jobs, or weird people with weird beliefs? What if I couldn't compete or do MMA? Or worse, what if I could compete and end up fighting with one of the Black Squad?
But he had that he had an idea and if it worked, everything would be perfect!
So I waited for the day to pass, with no sign from mom, at all.
Next morning was my birthday. I got a call from Julian saying that coach had to see the me, and when I got there, I was welcomed with warm hugs, something I grew to forget what they felt like; a home baked cake, and a present: a photo album filled with all the pictures the guys could find, ever since I joined the squad. This topped last year's present: A huge framed photo (that still hangs on my bedroom wall) with the team.
After we ate the cake, coach said that if I wanted, I could have the day off and Julian thought that it was a great idea, so I took the day off, and gave my teammates a break from total knock out coming from either me or Julian. I got a call from my brother saying that, even if he is extremely sorry, he was too overwhelmed with work and practice for school and just couldn't leave, so even though I was crying silently, that it was ok, that the guys on the ssquad were grat and that I had places to go if he couldn't come, so it was ok. Julian took the day off too, and invited me over, where his mom greeted me with another cake and Soph gave me one of her drawings, with us two (I guess) and Julian and their mom, along with Mr. Dobners and his son.
And Mrs. Briel, their mom, gave me an envelope and inside it I found some papers. I gave them a quick read and by the looks of it, they were adoption papers, welcoming me into the Briel family. (I do need some help around the house, when I'm not around and Julian said you are a great cook and your place is always clean. And besides, Soph will have a new role model, one that can stick around and help her with whatever she needs. And all you have to do is get your mom to sign them. - she said)
Later at home I kept thinking what I should do... So I made a copy of the documents, just in case mom would reject the idea, I wouldn't find the originals torn to shreds. I left the copy on the kitchen table and went to my room where I fell asleep quicker that you can say 'Fight!'.
In the morning I woke up early, having a bad feeling. And I was right! I woke up seeing my mom sitting next to my bed, with the adoption papers in one hand, a pen in the other and an angry look on her face.

"You want me to give you away? She asked she she saw I was awake."
"You said it first! I reply, getting up."
"Yeah, but are you sure that's what you want me to do? Give you up?"
"You don't... You just won't have a reason to come home anymore... Not to leave the 150 francs every first of every month... Not to see if the house isn't burned down...And besides, you never even liked me! I heard what you said to Ty before he left... And I held on to every word... You hate me and you blame me for every bad thing that happened! But it's fine, as long as you don't stick around to give me the cold shoulder every time we talk, it's fine by me! But you can't expect me to just wait idly by until you're ready to make peace with the past and reconcile... I don't need your money! I need a mom!"
"Fine! If that's how you want it, so be it! But I will keep sending you money, so you won't miss anything, except the mother you so dearly need. And I won't give you the money for food anymore, that will add to your yearly income! Take care! She signed the papers, apparently she found the originals, signed them too, flew out of my room, down the stairs, out of the house and she was gone."

Welcome to your new life!

After she left, I started packing, and by the end of the week, I was all set to move into my new home. At first it was weird, but as time flew by, I got used to having just a brother and a younger sister. And as for Ty and Terr, we kept in touch, but Ty started to work as an intern and they gave him an apartment and money for food and everything, so he was all set up, and Terr, with the money he raised from his yearly 'allowance', he bought an apartment too. We called each other on Skype for a while but soon, our relationship faded. We're still family and all, and they are happy I found someone to finally take care of me, but they got caught up with personal business and, even if I don't blame them, I miss them!
I may have gone through more than some would in two life times, but I was still 13... And I had hopes that the storm was over...
Little did I know then... I had no idea that I was actually in the eye of the hurricane!


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