KѲshmaЯ Chapter II

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After deciding to leave everything behind, Kea embarks on a quest for revenge. But you know what they say: the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step! Well, for her, this step will scar her forever!

Departure - Good byes are always hard

I felt at ease. We had clues to who killed him, and we had an opportunity to do something about it. And I knew that Stephan wanted to avenge his best friend as much as I wanted the guys who killed my loved one, dead... But we weren't the only ones who missed Julian... I had forgotten to tell anything to mom and Soph... I was so wrapped up in my own sorrow, that I forgot about the other people who might suffer for the same reason as me...
"Stephan, I want to go home!" I say out of nowhere.
"Are you nuts? We have to stick together!" He replies, furious.
"What are you talking about? I have to talk to my family! I can't leave them out of the loop!"
"You can and you will! We have to disappear! They'll be better off without saying goodbye!"
"No! That's it! I say, angry, Look, continue with a soft voice, I know you must feel some sort of duty towards me, to protect Julian's little sister, but that's not the case! Julian trusted me to take care of myself, and, apparently, I meant the world to him, so don't you think you should have a little more faith in me, since we aren't even that close to begin with! You may have been best friends but you and I barely know each other! And yes, we will go to Russia together, and we will start figuring things out together, but until then, I'm still Kea Briel! And you are still Stephan Amreil, so don't pretend that any of this is different, yet! We have a week to start figuring out how to say good bye, or pack and disappear without a trace! And we need to order two pairs of contact lenses and get different haircuts!"
"Well, we could try the looks that Julian left on the passports... You and I should both try the blonde hair dye... Not even embarrassing, he says, sarcastic, rolling his eyes. I sigh... You do know that from the point where we board on that plane, our lives will end! Our sole purpose for existing will be to avenge Julian! But right now, I have to do something!"
"Just take care, OK?"
"Always!" I say as I get out of his room.
On my way home, I kept thinking about what we were doing... We can't even be sure that the guy who killed Julian didn't rat out him and our new identities. And besides that, this was too easy: Julian dies and conveniently leaves two new identities for me and Stephan, along with two plane tickets and some clues? This was just too easy... And then it hit me: We can't just run... we have to make it look like we died trying... Otherwise, those guys would be on to us too... I had to tell Stephan, so I called him.

"Stephan, meet me at my house! I figured it out!" I couldn't just tell him everything... I suddenly realized that we could be heard, we could be followed...
I was five minutes away from home, but I started running... I was suddenly so scared that I might die a stupid death and no one would bat an eye... It would be tagged as random kill and those guys would get away... And Stephan might scare out of the whole revenge thing...
In one of Julian's "desperate needs to take care of his little sister" swings, he taught me how to run, by making me run the whole neighborhood's perimeter. He used to say that by running three miles, I could deceive my brain, so no matter who it would be or how far it would be, I could outrun anyone.
And it worked! I got home in a minute and a few seconds, according to my phone. As soon as I got inside and locked the door, I felt safe, again. Now I just had to wait for Stephan.
He arrived ten minutes later, thrilled that I finally had an idea.

"So tell me: what is it that you figured out?"
"I know how to make a disappearance! I think it could work!"
"Do tell! Don't leave me hanging here, he says, smiling"
"We could fake our deaths!"
His smile faded away."
"Think about it! It's the perfect alibi! I continue
"I should have known you had some crazy impossible ideas!"
"Listen, it could work! We could crash your car, set it on fire, place there two dead bodies, and leave them to burn beyond recognition! It's perfect! Everybody will assume we're dead, and Alexei and Anna will be home free!"
"OK, I admit it could work, but where do we get two dead bodies from? Let's face it! This is Lausanne! It's not New York! We can't just walk into a dark alley and find two dead bodies!"
"It'd better be! We have exactly one week to do so, so I suggest we start looking! In the mean time, we'd better get some wrest... I have a feeling we're going to need it..."
Time flew by as we still haven't found any bodies to replace us in the car crash. We were running out of time... Mom still hasn't found out about Julian... I couldn't bring myself to tell her, and our neighborhood had the bad habit of not being checked by the police because of all the accidents that happened here, and nobody even dares to dream about calling the cops nor to go on dark alleys longer than few feet, so nobody found their bodies.
"This is hopeless!" Stephan says as we sit down on the same bench by the lake shore. "We've been at this for days, and we haven't even found a single dead body yet!"
"I know!" I say, grumpy because he was right. "We just have to keep looking!"
"How much longer? Because in case you have forgotten, the flight takes off Friday evening, which leaves us about 36 hours to find two dead bodies, get haircuts and buy contact lenses."
"Don't worry about that, I say, smiling, I think I might have a solution: three weeks ago, Julian and I ordered a pair of contact lenses for each , and looking at your eyes, I could swear you stole them from him. They should be arriving today ,I say still smiling.
"OK, we have this problem all sorted, I'll go make reservations for us to get haircuts.They should look like the photos from the I.D.'s, but come to think of it, he chose different pictures for everything, from passports and identity cards to my driver's licence, so I guess we have a say in this thing, after all , he says as I roll my eyes. What? He asks, smiling."
"Come on! It was our call to start the war. We could have ignored this and wished upon falling stars that the guys who did this are brought to justice, but that would have been the exact the same thing as doing nothing. And doing nothing is beyond a grave insult to his memory..."
"I hate it when you are right, you know that?"
"I do now!"
We kept talking for about a half an hour, when I got a text from the guy that was supposed to bring the contacts, and he said that I should go by the shop to pick them up.
"And now we are almost home free, I say, almost crying."
"Hey, what's wrong?Is the guilt taking over again?"
"No, it's not that... I think I just found two dead bodies to replace us in the car... It's... Julian and the other guy... I say looking away"
"What? ... No!... Kid, we can't do that to him! He was the closest thing to a brother, for both of us! And besides, it's been almost a week! Somebody must've found them and ditched them somewhere by now!"
"I sighed...Maybe you're right... and it's killing me to even accept to think about it, but we have to at least try... And if they're gone, we'll go on from there..."
A little drive of about five minutes was about to become the highlight of the week... We found them, still collapsed on the ground, just as I remembered. The alley was still dark, even though it was mid day. Stephan pulled his car into the alley, allowing us to put their bodies into his trunk.
Afterwards, we went to buy more gas, to help us set the car on fire, easier; and he left me home. We didn't see each other pretty much for the past week... And now, out of the blue, I'll get out of their lives... At least it's for the best... I got inside as quietly as I could, I got in the kitchen and poured myself a glass of water as I was looking through the glass, the kitchen isle and everything else. Instinctively, I stopped pouring water when the glass was full, releasing myself from that incredibly intense meditation-like state, almost forcing thoughts back into my mind. I felt like time went by at a fast pace, but it has been only a few seconds. It was as if I blacked out, but I was conscious, still holding the glass and still in a painful position.
I sipped a bit of water and as it was racing down my throat, I felt a bit better... Drinking cold water in stressful situations always seemed to calm me down.
I emptied the glass as I kept thinking that we should just get it over with.

"Hey! I heard Soph's voice. I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn't even hear her come from behind."
"Hey! I say, trying to be casual.
"Where have you been? I mean I know you were out with Stephan, but, I mean when you were home, you seemed to be far away.. So, where have you been?"
"I just have a lot on my mind right now... I say, looking away."
"Like what? You have a perfect life now: you're 18, your birthday party last month was EPIC, it's almost August and apparently, you are going out with the perfect guy: Stephan! You have everything you ever wanted... What could possibly be as important as to rain on your apparently waterproof parade?"
"I don't know how to say this, but... I had to think of a lie that would explain most of it... Well, there is no better way than just to tell you: I've been planning a two weeks vacation... With Stephan... And Julian found out, so he did what he does best: get on the first train out of Lausanne and wait to come at peace with this shock... And I've been searching for him ever since... But it's been almost a week and I'm starting to worry, so Stephan and I are going to search for him in his favorite places around the country... You know him... And besides, before he left, I heard he got into some serious things with some dangerous people, so maybe that's why he ran..."
"And do you think you can find him?"
"He's Julian and I'm me... I think I have a pretty good idea on how to track him down... Tell you what: If you can pack something and meet us by the lake shore, in twelve hours, I'll consider letting you come along on this one... So we all win!"
She was really thrilled and I bet that if she could, she would grow wings, she'd fly to the moon and back... And now, we had to move faster... We had to make our disappearance act happen tonight... I had to talk to Steph...He wasn't going to like it, but that was our only option...
I left the house and headed towards Steph's house, and thankfully, I made it there safe and sound.

"We need to talk!" We said at the same time when he opened the front door and saw me.
He told me that he told his mom that we are going camping for a few days, and we leave tonight, which fit perfectly with my timeline.
By seven, everything was packed: junkie clothes that he most definitely won't use in Russia, and have to leave in the car, to burn, went in the backpack, but the clothes he would use later on were in boxes that we were going to ship out by seven thirty. With his help, and my fast packing skills, we had both of our clothes packed and sealed in boxes, on their way to Russia, by eight.
Afterwards, we set off to the shore, on the abandoned side and by the time we got there, the sun was almost setting.
"I am going to miss this... I say, looking at the sun.
"There will be sunsets in Moscow, too..."
"Yeah... I say, sighing. Let's do this!"
We got the bodies out of his trunk and placed them on the front seats, throwing gas on them, so they would burn easier, throwing gas on the rest of the seats too and on the rest of the car as well. Stephan lit the match as I sent Soph the text on where to meet us in two hours... By then, the fire should have burned most of the car and the bodies beyond recognition.
Stephan threw the match. With that, we were home free.

"Hello Mr. Alexei, I don't believe we met. I'm Anna, your new partner! I say, looking at him, and half smiling."
"Ah, my pleasure, Mrs. Anna! I look forward to our partnership! He said, with the same half smile.
I threw my cellphone in the lap of the guy sitting next to Julian, so I would leave absolutely everything behind. Stephan did the same. The car was almost ash by the time we left, about an hour later.
All we had now was eight boxes to arrive in Moscow in a week and my handbag full with a spare pair of clothes for both of us, our new I.D.s plus the plane tickets for tomorrow and the four thousand francs, plus what we both had saved up, which makes that about ten thousand francs. We had the money to stay a night at a hotel near by and to clean up nice tomorrow, changing radically.
We came up from the beach, grabbed a cab to James' where we got our contact lenses that were already paid by Julian, and from there, James sent us to Magnolia, who made origami designs for a living, but also dabbled in hairstyling and she changed our looks, better than we could ever have imagined it: I had my hair in layers, blonde- platinum and Stephan adopted the Nazi look he's been dying to try, which looks perfect on him.

***later that night***
We checked in and were headed to our room on the seventh floor. The view was amazing, and I could see every piece of the beach. And looking at the beautiful sunset, I saw a red truck on the "Lone Side", that part of the beach that is completely abandoned. It was a firefighter truck, putting out a fire. Our fire.
"Alexei, come, look! I say, worried."
"What is it, Anna? He asks, coming out of the bathroom."
He was shocked at the sight of the firefighter's truck and the small crowd.
As the news van approached the 'Crime Scene', Steph turned on the TV:
We are reporting live from the Lone Side, here in Lausanne, where we found an unusual sight: this is what appears to be a mystery to every resident of the city. Apparently, two people were in this vehicle before it was set on fire. Both bodies have been incinerated beyond analysis, but the only eye witness suggests that in that car was her sister, and the three of them, along with the driver, were supposed to go after a boy named Julian, around the country. This is all the information that we have for now, but we'll know more about this, in time for the 9 P.M. news!
I felt like I was really about to black out when I saw Soph on the sand, on her knees, crying her eyes out because of her dead sister.
He saw I wasn't feeling too comfortable with watching that so he turned off the TV.

"Hey, nobody said that this would be easy... He said trying to make me feel better But I thought you knew what you signed up for!"
"Yeah... I thought I did too, but nobody said that this would be this hard, either! I say, sobbing
"Well, look at it this way: at least we have each other!"
"I guess you're right..."
"And, hey! This time, tomorrow, we'll be on board for a flight to Moscow!"
"Yeah... But until then, we have to talk!"
"Sure, but don't you think that we can talk tomorrow? He cuts me off"
"Do you really think you can sleep after all this?"
"I can try..."
"Fine, I say, offended by his casualness, I'll go and take a bath! And you'd better be asleep when I come out!"
"Whatever! He says, taking his t-shirt off."
It was a long half an hour before I managed to fall asleep, but I slept fine. I woke up at about eleven A.M., but Steph was still sleeping...
After I re-winded everything that happened this past week, I decided that once I get to Moscow, I would beg Karev to take to an artist who can tattoo a coiled snake on my right hip, because I love snakes, and because ever since I was little, I seemed to get along with snakes, rather than to scare them, or get scared, and, as time passed, I managed to get snakes to do as I please, like not bite my friends or not eating my friend's hamster... If it was not about me being a good girl to deserve the wonderful family that I got, then some changes were about to be made! I would let my real self reemerge so nobody would ever recognize the old Kea Briel, not in her 2.0 version.


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