KѲshmaЯ Chapter III

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Second thoughts time was over the minute they lit up the car... Now, everything will resume to kill or be killed!

First day of the rest of their lives

After I woke up, I took a shower as quietly as possible, I applied the makeup I packed, in case of emergency, in the backpack and I curled my hair, and all this took almost an hour and a half. Usually, the curls last up to two days due to my natural curls that aren't that obvious, and usually look like I didn't take care of my hair, at all. I came out of the bathroom to dress up and I saw that Alexei was still sleeping. I took the backpack in the bathroom and took out absolutely everything: the little purse for me, where I could fit my wallet, the tickets, the money, the fake IDs, and I also took out of the backpack the perfumes and the clothes and shoes. I stuffed the IDs, the tickets and I put some money in my wallet and put the rest of it along with the other things, in the backpack. I dressed up into a black t-shirt, a short jean skirt and a pair of black tights that reach only the knees, I put on a pair of short socks and then, I put on a pair of light blue all stars. Alexei's clothes were just a red t-shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of socks. He said that he would only wear one pair of shoes until we reach in Moscow. I begged to differ, and so I packed a pair of long leather pants just in case, a jean dress and a pair of knee high all stars. He objected but he learned his lesson: never question a girl's choice of luggage!
I shoved the rest of the things, other than his clothes, in the backpack. It was black and on one side there was the Black Squad symbol. It could be a dead give away... Or it could have been, until before the squad won gold by having most wins and no losses in the SMMAC, two years ago, and since then, one of the sponsors asked if we would let him print our name on their products, like backpacks, crayons, pencil boxes and other school supplies, and with the author rights royalties that coach received, he upgraded the gym and bought new equipment and stuff like that. So now, theoretically, the backpack shouldn't pose a problem or be a dead giveaway.
I heard someone closing in to our door, so before they could knock, I ran and opened it. It was the room service, bringing breakfast: french toast with butter and raspberry jam for me, a huge ration of french fries with eggs, bacon, cheese and ketchup on the side, and a huge hamburger, almost as big as both my hands and two rations of blueberry pancakes for dessert, accompanied by two glasses of fresh orange juice. It looked delicious and it smelled even better. I didn't realize I was hungry until I saw the food. The guy said that he would bring the recite for the room and everything when I was ready. All I had to do was call reception.
After he left, I brought out of the bathroom Alexei's clothes and woke him up. After he remembered what was going on, we ate following his idea: We start with toast, we continued with the fries and I took some bites from his huge hamburger, and we finished with the blueberry pancakes, and the glasses of juice. We were full.

"It was absolutely delicious! I tell the receptionist after a few minutes, over the phone.You have about fifteen minutes to shower and dress up, and then we're out! I tell Alexei."
"Alright! Lucky that the hotel has shampoo, conditioner and shower gels, or else..."
"Or else, I cut him off I would have gone to buy some. We do have ten thousand francs, after all. Ten francs less won't make a difference!"
"I guess you're right... He said, entering the bathroom."
***half an hour later***
While Alexei was taking a shower, the guy that served us breakfast showed to pick up the dishes and to hand me the recite. Everything cost about two hundred francs... It was, after all, a cozy hotel with a huge breakfast...
But Alexei thought I as totally losing it when I said I thought it was cheap...
"Then, maybe, we should have spent the night at your mom's house... Or, maybe with Soph... I say, irritated.
I know it's a lot... But compared to what I expected for such great conditions, it's really quite cheap!"
But, in a way, he was right... Even after all this time, the Aebi family house was still standing and empty... My mom roams heck knows where and besides, I still had the keys to the place... But any way you look at it, a hotel was a lot safer...
After that, we were all settled: I was carrying the papers and he was carrying the luggage. We were all set.
At the reception, after we paid the bill, they offered to get us a cab, and after that we were on our way to the airport.
The cab took us to the bus station. From there we went strait to Zurich. It was a swift ride, so Alexei and I decided, without saying a word, that it would be better to just stick to small talk until we would meet Karev. And so we did, for a while, then we sunk into the commodity the silence would bring us. We both bought a few magazines from the bus station so we could keep ourselves busy, and so we did. I bought three fashion magazines and a crossword magazine, and Alexei bought two sports magazines and a car remodeling details magazine. We were almost an hour early: the bus was scheduled to leave at three, but the road was peaceful and we got to Zurich in no time at all and since most of the passengers were going to the airport, the driver made another stop, and all we had to do was to pay each five francs.
The trip lasted almost three hours, and we got at the airport just a minute before our flight started checking boarding tickets. We were first in line, then first in line to the metal detectors and then passing the security check seemed piece of cake.
And just when I thought we were almost home free, I read on the screen in front, that our flight, the one that supposedly had to leave at eight, From Zurich to Budapest, was actually from Zurich to London, and then Budapest, and then Moscow.
Outraged, I got up and went straight to the first book shop I saw, from where I bought six books: something about a werewolf falling in love with a human, two books about murders and mysteries and all three books of the hunger games. I saw the movie with Julian, in the ninth grade summer holiday, in the famous and amazing cinema of Cairo. It was awesome, but in lights of the recent events, I think he just had a mission there, and he just brought me along.
We had to wait almost two hours to get on board, but, because our tickets seemed to be business class, in the entire compartment, it was just the two of us on the right side, in the back, and on the left side, in front, there was a business man, and by his English accent, I could swear he was a Japanese diplomat.
Then, after a while, on the plane to London, I fell asleep and had the strangest dream:

My eighteen birthday party

It was about my eighteen birthday party.
I was super excited and I barely could sleep the night before. I woke up at a little past eight, I took a shower, and I called Magnolia. She was still sleepy, but she agreed to give me a haircut and to do my nails, being an expert in the origami art, she was very meticulous. After that, I called Jess, Stephan's older brother and my brother's ex high school sweetheart. She was already waiting for me. She applied my makeup and waxed my entire body... Yeah... The most painful day of my life, up 'till then... After that, I was almost done. All I had to do was pick up my dress from the tailor that Julian's mom called to make me the dress. It was beautiful! A turquoise, cocktail dress, gorgeous!

***during the party***
"Can I steal you for a moment, little miss adult? Julian asked me, pulling me out."
"What is it? I ask, smiling."
"A new present!"
"Really? I ask, looking around. But I see nothing else but us!"
"Exactly! He was blushing. He grabbed me by the waist with one hand and with the other, he rushed his hand through my hair and he kissed me."
After we broke the kiss, I was amazed. I always felt something towards him... Something that I thought was a strong friendship bond... But after the kiss, I understood everything... What I felt for him was pure love!
"I love you, kid! He said as thousands of thoughts were rushing through my brain."
In response, I hugged him and I kissed him. Even now, wearing high heels, I was still shorter than him by at least two inches...
After that, we shortly went inside due to the chilly wind, and we danced the night off. It was a good birthday... Apparently, I got everything we wanted: I received almost four hundred francs, along with the presents: the confirmation paper for two seats, heading to Moscow, my favorite city in the world, A friend of Julian's, Markov, if I remembered correctly, was working with the police, and he got me my driver's licence early, because after pulling some strings, he managed to be the one to examine me, so he thought that after receiving high recommendations from my instructors, he would just give me the licence; three of my favorite perfumes; from some of Julian's close friends I received a ninja looking like kimono, if I would ever consider the Idea of rejoining the Black Squad, and from my old team, I received a photo from the UFC (Ultimate Fight Championship), where they won first place. I was really proud of them and of how good they became. I missed them...
But since they all got as good as I was, after seeing the gap between Julian and my sets of skills, and after deciding to work harder and to really give in 110%, they didn't need me any more. I was just their inspiration for a while... Then they became inspired by how strong they can be... And now, they won gold in the UFC, Japan! It was amazing!
Among the other gifts was Julian's kiss, and Soph's silver necklace with the letters S J K hanging from it, and the gift from my brothers, Terr and Ty: a silver infinity bracelet, as a snake eating his tail.
The next day, I hoped he wouldn't remember what happened... But I was wrong. He sent me a text as soon as he woke up: «come see me as soon as you can!». It was wrong, but it felt so right.
Half an hour later, after a quick shower, I went to see him, wearing a Plain White T`s light blue t-shirt and a pair of short jeans. He was still lying in bed, wearing nothing but his boxers. I was thinking about leaving, but then he spoke:

"Don't get me wrong! I love your outfit, but it hides too much! He said, with a smirk on his face."
"Don't get the wrong idea! I may have kissed you last night but I'm nothing like the bimbos you go out clubbing with!"
"Hey, I know! Sorry! I was just trying my luck!"
"Yeah? Well, don't! I hate you when you use your lame cheesy pickup lines!"
The dream was interrupted by the flight attendant asking us to fasten our seatbelts, because we will shortly land...

The strangest trip ever!

We had to get out of the plane, and it was a beautiful sunset... Except for the fact that it was raining cats and dogs!
Aside from that, we only had to wait half an hour to board the plane again, and the flight attendant was really quick with the life preservation procedures and we departed quickly. This flight lasted almost two and a half hours, but this time, it was different! I felt like he was watching me the whole time, and instead of a comforting silence, a wall of thick tension was built between us.
"Did you know you talk when you sleep? He asks, indifferent."
"I had no idea, I say, sarcastic. I'm always asleep!"
And he said nothing else the entire flight, except random mumbles that meant he was replaying music in his head... A good sign, I guess...
I never really got to know him that well... To the fifteen year old me, he seemed the older more confident, cooler type of guy, who wouldn't even look at a little kid like me, and I would've bet anything that he would be into me now that I'm older... But after my eighteen birthday party, everything changed! I finally realized that I was in love with my best friend: Julian, and Stephan seemed to just vanish. All that mattered now was Julian and me... And after I lost him, I gave up everything but hope for revenge! Now, these trivial things don't matter! I'm dead! The only thing alive and standing is Anna, an empty soul with thirst for revenge.
We got to Budapest at something past midnight. It was cold, and I had goose bumps, but I was too proud to ask for a jacket. We roamed around the waiting room, which was huge, and filled with boutiques and shops, and I got a bit warmer. After about two hours of roaming around the boutiques, I got tired and went to buy something to drink, like a coffee and something to eat: a slice of pizza. And after I took off the bacon, the pepper and the onion, as I was eating my baloney cheesy mushroom & corn slice of heaven (it was actually surprisingly great!) , an almost understandable voice screamed from the speakers: Flight .... to Moscow boarding.... Thank you. That was the extent of my understanding regarding that loud noise.
He was still giving me the could shoulder and the silence treatment, but I wasn't going to give up... Now I was determined to find out what was bothering him.
He followed me like a little robot and he didn't eat a single thing since we took off.
We were walking towards the privileged boarding passengers and I stopped in front of him, turned around and gave him one of my utmost powerful and reproachful death glares as he just stood there, cold as ice.

"You do know we are in this together, and if we don't get along, we might as well just give up! I say, rebuking him."
"Until you start acting like a partner, I'll act like a jerk! And, by the way, did you know that you talked in your sleep? He asked, indifferent."
"What are you mumbling about? I ask, playing confused, but, actually, I figured out what was going on: Julian and I told him, after my birthday party, that just because I'm eighteen, that doesn't mean we'll start dating! It would be weird... He knew about the high voltage tension between Julian and I, but I guess he turned a blind eye, lying to himself... Julian did say once that Stephan likes me, ever since he saw me kick ass in the SMMAC, when I was younger... (He was in a parallel class that coach was teaching...) And after that, he started laughing... I took it as a joke, but if I try hard enough, I think I remember Stephan blushing... And ever since then, I kept the subject away, because even if I can't remember that well other person's reaction, I distinctly remember me blushing! I can't even remember what I dreamt about! I lie."
"Well, he said, confused, call me when you do!"
I left him be... It was no use... We were both such introverts sometimes, as the zodiac rules... We spent most of the flight looking with the tails of our eyes at each other until I made the first move:
"I do remember what I dreamt... It was about my eighteenth birthday party... I say, shy"
"And again, more lies!"
"What's your damage? Even if so, what's it to you? Julian and I never did really have to answer to you..."
"No, but I diserved not to be lied to by my best friend and the girl I like, in my face!"
"Wait, you like me? I was in shock! He actualy liked me... I had my suspicions, or, at least the hopes, but I never thought he would like me, for real... This could get ugly really fast... I had to end it! I thought as much... The truth is, Julian and I made out a few times, fooled aroung, nothing serious... Weweren't in love or something like that... It was a lie... A big fat lie! But I had to lie... I had to protect him..."
""You know, he said as we were closing in to the security , you are one lousy liar... You think you know how to lie, and you do, I almost bought it for second... But you're too naive... You learned how to lie from Julian, But I could always tell when Julian was lying! I'm that good!"
He was onto me!
"But you did love him, and he loved you right back! And you knew! He continued."
So he wasn't that dumb... Truth be told, I wished he would figure out why I lied..."
***half an hour later***
We got through the security check, without having any problem.
As we were exiting the passengers area, (Almost out of the airport!) I was wondering how Karev looked like and who was he exactly... And how in the world would he recognize us?

***next chapter***

We got out of the airport, took a left, just like we were asked, and there was a black SUV waiting. I got suspicious but he didn't seem to notice...
This awful place was... well, awful!
"And you expect us to just stay here? I ask, angry."
"Yes! I live here, so can you! Until I have a better plan or a need for you guys, elsewhere, you are to stay here at all times!"


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