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They managed to escape their world without a trace... Or so they thought! What were to happen if their expectations will not be fulfilled and the life they thought they will lead was just a tall tale?
If they really are determined to avenge their lost friend, they will have to change themselves, become someone else, and barque on a one way journey to the deepest parts of hurt, misery and despair!

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Stephan's nickname origin

During my years of glory, I attracted a lot of bad crowd, and most of them were saying that mma wasn't for little girls! (Of course I kicked their buts in the ring!) Most of them gave themselves new nicknames that they thought were better than mine, but most of them didn't hold on to those new nicknames, given that everybody else knew them by their old ones, and given that I was the first in a really long time that received a nickname on such a short period of competing.
Among the few that held on to those new nicknames was Stephan.
The truth is, in every school or extracurricular sport, there are two teams: the good ones and the "junior" ones, where every kid that wanted to participate on the team, but wasn't good enough, or so to say, was sent to the junior squad. And so happened to the Black Squad!
Stephan was part of the other squad that coach was training: The Golden Squad. They were supposed to be the best, but, once I showed up, things started to change: first, I succeeded where they failed - to get the team together. They were shoving all the chores for a kid named Davis, a nerd that got a lucky punch, on adrenaline, knocking Stephan down, and so, he made the Golden Squad; but the guy that tried to coordinate everybody was Steph. And he wasn't the best team captain! But I, having two older brothers growing up, learned a few tricks, and I used them on my squad, getting them motivated and on the track in no time. Shortly, WE became the pride and joy of the coach, to their disadvantage. They always trained late, or so they seemed, disorganized, learning a few moves now and then, when we had a tight strict schedule: Monday we learned new moves that we would practice for two hours, Tuesday we would practice some more, for an hour and a half, and then use them in a short fight for about a half an hour. And starting Wednesday, we would have organized ring fights, (after Julian joined, he and I used to open up the fights, showing a model, for ten minutes, and then, everyone, two at a time, so I could observe their strong and weak suits, analyze their fights and correct them, if needed. (I did most of coach's work, but we needed an adult, and in the mean time, he would mostly spend the time yelling to the other squad for how disorganized and lazy they were.
Soon after, that movie, How to train your dragon, came out and that gave Steph an idea for a new nickname, given that "The snake" wasn't really doing him any good. His idea, very "original", was "The knockout NIGHT-FURY!"
And, because he trained, and fought hard to beat me, not managing to do so, but managing to actually land a hit, it was more than enough to make the name stick.
I stuck around with them until I got into high school. Then, chores and taking care of Soph and everything really messed up my schedule, until I finally decided to, first, quit the position of captain, then, quit the squad all together. I explained everything to them, and left Julian in charge of them, until they were so used with the training algorithm that they started doing it on their own. And that's when Julian quit it all too.
We did keep on training, but it wasn't the same... We kept ourselves in shape, we ran every evening a few kilometers to keep our muscles fit, and then we fought every now and then, not to forget how to move.
We did well, and at some point, Julian and Steph became best friends...

Out of the airport - Home free?

The security check, against all odds, was rather poor: the security check involved only a guy looking at the ID photographs to see if they match with us and nothing else!
He waved us through and we were out of danger... I heard a terrible noise and the luggage belt started moving. Steph and I... (I really have to stick to calling him Alexei, even in my thoughts...) So, Alexei and I skipped that step, going straight to the automatic doors, and we were out! No trouble at all... Ish... Now that we're here, we reached the point of our plan that neither of us thought about: How did Karev look like? And how would we meet?
But... Since he knew we were coming, he must have done something as to know at least how we look like...
We got passed the automatic doors and we started looking around for clues as to whom we might be meeting, while walking very slowly.
Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I thought it was Alexei, but looking at him, he had his hands in his pockets. Suddenly I began to freak out!
But a second later, the hand was gone and the mysterious stranger vanished. We stopped at a row of plastic seats and without a word, I shoved my little purse in the backpack and as we were about to exit the airport, I heard a strange yet familiar noise coming out of my pocket: a cellphone ringing.

"I thought you threw your phone in the flames! Alexei said, looking at my pocket."
"I thought I did too! I say, shoving my hand in my pocket to check out the situation."
What I pulled out was something I somehow did not see coming: a burner phone, and someone was calling it relentlessly. I answered, half out of curiosity, half to stop people that were passing by, to look at me.
"Hello? I ask, insecure."
"Miss Anna, a pleasure to hear you!"
The voice of the person sitting at the other end of the line was a man's voice, deep, calming, a bedroom voice... A voice you would like to hear coming from your beloved, when he tells you to join him in bed.
"Who are you? I ask suddenly realizing this could be them"
"Ah, it is not safe! What you must do is: you must come out of the airport and take a left! You will know when you will see me! And he hung up."
For a second, I almost forgot that Alexei was there. I summed up everything in a few words, got up and almost flew to the last door that separated us from the real world. He was right behind me in a flash.
We got out of the airport, took a left, just like we were asked, and there was a black SUV waiting. I got suspicious but he didn't seem to notice...
I saw movement in the car... My eyes were adjusted to following movements in the dark since three years ago when, for an entire week, Julian and I spent our Spring break in a cottage with no electricity, away from everything ("See what life of a pilgrim was like" he said) and at night, he would surprise me with ghost stories and a lot of made up stuff, and I adjusted my eyesight to stop him from giving me a heart attack! And ever since, it's almost like I'm a snake: I can 'see' movement in the dark...
I was about to tell Alexei to pretend like he didn't see the car, when the driver pressed a notebook sheet of paper on which he wrote: 'Come in!'
It was a 50-50 chance that this was Karev... But what if he wasn't?
i didn't have time to share my thoughts with my so-called-partner because he got ahead of me and opened the door for me. 'Idiot' almost slipped out of my mouth before I saw the inside of the car: Only the driver... That couldn't be that bad, if something were to happen, Alexei and I would kick his but and run... But there was something about him... Something I just couldn't perceive as dangerous.
He wrote something down, tore the paper and handed it to us: Don't talk... They might be listening!
He drove in silence for over an hour when he finally decided to stop, open the door for us and still say nothing. He was almost unbearable.
We got out, closed the door and followed him inside a creepy, small, self destructing shack...
This awful place was... well, awful!

"And you expect us to just stay here? I ask, angry."
"Yes! I live here, so can you! Until I have a better plan or a need for you guys, elsewhere, you are to stay here at all times!"
"It speaks! I say, ironically."
"I am Karev!, Perhaps Julian told you about me!He says, closing to a wall.
"He didn't have time to! I rush him. Those idiots shot him before he could tell us anything..."
He looked disappointed, like a five year old, when you make him choose between two toys.
"They won't find the bodies... I say, I shot the guy that shot him I answer his unspoken question... We used them to make our disappearance act: We stuffed them in Alexei's car and then we set it on fire... It wasn't the easiest thing to do, but we had to give our families some closure..."
"Closure... He repeats, absent... Anyway, I thought you might not want to stay in this dump so I put a little something together. He says, opening a closet."
Only then I began to notice what the room looked like. At a first impression, it looked like a dump, possibly a homeless shelter developed over years, the painting on the walls was totally damaged, the sofa was chewed by mice, the kitchen side of the room had only a table with two beat up chairs and two little cupboards barely hanging by the wall... Nothing special... But looking at it closely, the place was new and the damage had human origins... The sofa was cut, the walls were hit... Everything down to the smallest details, so it would fit the dump profile... But the smell, It was no sign of garbage, food, leftovers, too clean to be populated by homeless people.
"I have to say, you did a great job at almost covering up your den..."
"Everybody has a skeleton in their cupboard, but this is a dinosaur! He continues, not paying attention to what I just said.
He pushes aside the back of the cupboard and I spot a silvery elevator behind it.

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One bathroom, a shared room?
This is a total disaster!

"This is your only friend against those bastards! He told me, pointing a small knife at me.
"Yeah, that and a strong kick! Alexei buts in.


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