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After meeting up with Karev, he starts the introduction by making it extremely difficult for Anna to keep Alexei out of her heart. Then, they get acquainted and only then, they start fighting. But what if they signed up for something and that something changes?

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Introduction - A new life begins now!

With a bell-like sound, a few seconds later, the elevator door opened. Karev got in and we followed. It was a good two minutes before the door opened and I just kept wondering where was he taking us.
The door opened with the same bell-like sound and it revealed a movie-like... Well, I wasn't sure what that was: a huge, hexagonal room, white walls, filled with weapons of all kinds: shotguns, A.K.As, handguns, bows and arrows, knives and all sorts of things. It was weird, yet fascinating. If it weren't for the guns, the room could almost be tagged as normal. With every new weapon entering my visual range, a new way to pay back the bastards that killed Julian, comes to mind! It almost made me think that I might have a problem, and then he spoke.
For the first time, I had the opportunity to analyze Karev: he had a deep voice, black hair and eyes, he was tall and his skin was as white as the pure snow.. His clothes, even though they were ratty, they looked good on him. But even so, I felt absolutely nothing, no sudden attraction, no nothing!

"Did you get it? He asked, turning around to meet my eyes."
"Yeah, I got it! I reply, dry and tired."
"Very well, if you have nothing to say, you are free to rest! You will need it. promise! He says, pointing to a door I failed to notice while sweeping with my eyes, the entire armament. My feet started moving towards the door, my hands opened the door, my feet dragged my body inside, I took a step inside and I stopped. I looked around: light brown walls, a closet, a door, probably leading to the bathroom, a round brown rug, in the middle, two beds... TWO BEDS? How is this possible? I must have missread his hand signal, this must be his and Alexei's room. Why else would here be two beds. I was about to go out and ask where my room was, but as I turned around, I bumped into Alexei.
"Sorry, I say, trying to get passed the huge mountain of perfectly sculpted muscl...ugh! I have to stop thinking like that! I won't fall for him! If I allow myself that,... Every time I start caring, disaster follows! He can't know that! I won't let him put himself in jeopardy just because he can't allow me to sink into loneliness and darkness! NEVER!
I lost my words! Coming back to my senses, I realized I was burning red and my knees were almost bending. I took a breath of fresh air and I tried again to get passed... him. But I couldn't. My feet wouldn't budge, my body froze and every fiber of me was yelling to do something else: run, jump, hide, move, fight, just not to stay still. But my brain didn't want to give the order. I looked up and froze again. His eyes, his blue, fake eyes pierced me down, as if they were two stakes impaling my soul right where I stood.

"This is our room, kid! I knew you didn't pay attention when he spoke, you were, most probably imagine yourself using all the weapons in that creepy room. We share a room and a bathroom. I know it's a bit too much to handle right now, but try not to get us killed!"
"You... WHAT? One bathroom, a shared room?
This is a total disaster! How am I supposed to keep him away when we sleep in the same room? Something had to be done! but not now, tomorrow! Right now, all I had to worry about was to get some rest!

Weapon fighting 101

I discovered it wasn't all bad to share the room with Alexei: he gave me first shift for the shower, he didn't snore, go to the bathroom every five minutes, he didn't try anything worthy of a teenager with eager hormones. It was almost as if I was in my own bed, at home, and none of this horror movie ever happened. I just don't knpow why I freaked out. After all, we shared the hotel room too.
But then, I had to wake up. I had no idea why, but I seemed to have woken up at six AM, and just as I was about to go back to sleep, Our bedroom door got jammed right open and a tall figure, wearing a real life Kalashnikov on his back, emerged from the bright light coming from the round room.

"Wake up you lazy dogs! Make your beds, brush your teeth and come to training!"
By the sound of that horrible, loud voice, I would say that was Karev. I wasn't going to argue with him on our first day, so I did as he asked me to. By the time I managed to climb out of bed and go to wake up Alexei, Karev turned around, military stile and left, closing the door behind him.
I managed to wake Alexei up, I went first to the bathroom and then I got out, changed into the most comfortable pair of clothes that I packed, wishing my clothes to be here, already, and I left the room, so Alexei could change.
But now, the room was somewhat different, on the floor, now was a tournament mat, like the ones they used in the MMA championship. Karev, was laying on the mat, carefree, probably waiting for us, in a pair of black shorts, and that's when I noticed how warm it was. Judging on how low underground we were, this heat was unnatural and I wondered how he made all this possible.
I wanted to surprise him, but I quickly erased that thought.
I heard a door closing and I knew Alexei was ready for practice.

"I saw you had no luggage, right from the airport, so I can't help but wonder what have you done with all your clothes. Karev says, getting up.
"We shipped them to Moscow, umm, here. They will arrive in about two days. I answer."
"Very well! Then I think I might know where they will arrive. You see, there is only one company that ships clothes here from Switzerland and I believe I can bring them for you, while you train. In the meantime, because you have no clothes, I will take it easy: We'll have two combats in the morning,when you wake up, two in the evening, before you go to sleep and in the meantime, I will teach you everything I know about fighting and The Blue-Eyes Mercenaries. We start with the warm up. Because it's summer and you are in the European side of Russia, it's still warm outside, so, we'll start with some killer laps in the park! Don't worry, he replies, noticing the look on my face, Moscow is full of young people that do jogging to keep themselves fit. You will fit right in! Then, we come back in and we fight, then you take a break, possibly shower and we come out to eat some lunch. And no, we don't skip breakfast, we'll eat a bit at some fast-food stand, before running.
***at lunch***
We gathered on the mat and ate some Chinese take out. We kept an illusion of small talk, he asked us about our previous identities and we told him everything he wanted to know, but strangely enough, he didn't want to hear our names. He said that if he were ever captured, he couldn't rat us out. Then, he told us about most of his identities, but not the real one, just those that The Mercenaries knew about. He also told us that our training would most probably last about six to ten months and after that, he would share with us everything he knows about them and he'd send us on our way, for the obvious reason that even that time would draw suspicion.
It was almost a quarter to three by the time we started the weapon practice.
I almost jumped at the Kalashnikov, when I heard that we were actually going to practice with weapons.
Of course I let my guard down and Karev threw me flying, away from the weapons, took out something that looked like...No time to analyze! He was coming at me, fast! He had weapons and I didn't, so, I had to take him out! I pulled myself together in a few seconds and waited for him to get close enough. He had a knife in his right hand, but I couldn't assume his other hand didn't have a backup, so I jumped at him, kicked his left shoulder while catching his right wrist with one hand and aiming to break it with the other. His muscles suddenly relaxed and I came to my senses. He was shocked and I remembered the rush at every championship: the sole purpose was to knock out my opponent, hence my nickname, and I seemed to lose my grip of the consciousness while doing so, because, even if I remembered what I had done, I didn't think, I only reached deep within my subconsciousness and I grabbed that information from there. My mental operations were, for the time it took me to finish my opponent, transferred to my subconsciousness.

"What was that? He asked, surprised."
"Well that was what happens when you charge like that towards me! I reply, furious. What was that?"
"What was what?"
"You charged at me with every intention to chop me down! You were armed and I was bare handed! How is that fair?"
"Fair? You want fair? This is the real world! The boogie men are out there and you want fair? I suddenly froze and wished I had stopped my words before they came out.
"This is your only friend against those bastards! He told me, pointing a small knife at me. If you have a shot, make it count!"
"So that's all I have? A bowie knife?"
"Yeah, that and a strong kick! Alexei buts in."
"What about you? Karev asks Do you have killer instincts?"
"Of course I do! She and I have been in the same dojo, under the same sensei! Whatever she does, I can do better!"
He closed his eyes for a few seconds, to accentuate the drama in what he said, to give him more importance, but Karev seized the opportunity and landed a punch in his chin. Nothing lethal, just something to knock him on the floor.
"You were saying? l say, laughing."
"You don't have time for mistakes! One mistake could very well may be your last! Consider that the next time you joke around!"
The week passed by the same: jogging, fast food, training with knives, late nights still fighting... We finally got our clothes back and I decided to keep the dresses and the fancy shoes and clothes in the boxes, given their utility at this point. Our cupboard was full of sweatpants and t-shirts and track suits. I have never seen so many ugly clothes in one place! At least, on Sundays, he gave us time off in the afternoon so he could show us around.
Two weeks later, we exchanged a hundred francs into four thousand four hundred Russian rubles and we went shopping for new tracking suits and for new sneakers, because all my running sneakers were all worn out so we bought what he suggested and I secretly bought the most gorgeous pair of red leather platform boots. It was money well spent!

***next chapter***

"What are you talking about? What cameras?
"Outside! To see whether someone is snooping around! I'm not spying on you!"
"Whatever, perv!"
"What do you mean by 'you won't be fighting'? Fighting is what I do! It's what I'm best at!"
"You're not good enough! So, we're changing your specialty! I will turn you into the world's greatest hacker! Because if they don't see her, she doesn't need help! And besides, think about it: no matter how much cash you have now, you will chase these guys all over the world! You will need, at some point, to make loads of money and fast. If you won't hack someone's bank account, you wont be able to make it!


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