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It's time to shut down the heart and turn on the mind! Feelings make you weak, so Anna will cast them out! But for how long can she keep all feelings buried?

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A dreadful month

Due to the fact that last night we stayed up late, laughing, monday morning came by surprise and we only got about four hours of rest.
Durring the morning practice, my moves were a bit sloppy, my body seemed to have some moments of numbness and Karev seemed to have noticed. The bright side was that at least I didn't get my butt kicked as quickly as Alexei.
After lunch, Karev decided to give us a little time off and we went to pick up our stuff from the bus station.
A small feeling of fulfillment took over, but was quicly whiped away by the common sense: we didn't pack everything. we packed the clothes that we liked best and the clothing we would most use. I didn't take Alexei's advice, and I also packed high heels shoes, dresses and skirts. And the moment we got back to the hide-out, I realised that, most likely, I'll never have use of them. Ever, so I kept them in their boxes.
I learned to use my clothes past the first scratch, and so, my training ''equipment'' (a cozy t-shirt and a pair of tights that didn't cover my knees, to ensure flexibility) was replaced only after it became ratty, filled with scratches and cuts from our training exercices. Running and fighting on a daily bases is bound to keep a girl fit!
We soon started the weapon training seriously. At first, there were only isolated moves and short attacks, but now, we were seriously able to create lethal injuries.
Obviously, I was doing much much better than Alexei, but that was because, I assumed, in my heart there was no place for anything other than revenge. I also assumed that, by the looks of things, I believed that, somewhere, past the barrier of things Alexei will ever be able to speak out loud, he still hopes that at some point I will come to the conclusion that we both should put Julian's death behind and move on, together... But that is somewhere, kilometers away, from what will trully happen: I'd rather die fighting those bastards than give up on my revenge.
Weeks went by and we saw nothing but fights and bowie knives.
The saddest part of it was that, at least I lost all needs to go out and have fun. My sole purpose was that of fighting and taking down those losers!
I can't possibly say the same thing about Alexei... I, now, always had to be careful around him...
I always had to think about every single detail of my every move, when he was around. I had to make sure he understood that there was no place for romance in my life whatsoever.

Safe or spied?!

I woke up with tears running down my face and I kept wondering if I screamed or, at leat, spoke in my sleep. I relived every second of that night... The moment Julian got shot... The moment I killed the bastard that took my beloved's life, Julian dying in my arms...
I got up and I saw it was 05:45. I still had fifteen minutes to sleep, but because of the nightmare that now haunts me every time I close my eyes, I decided to just get up and walk around or warm up for practice.
After what seemed like an eternity of getting fried with a light bulb, I started wondering where did Karev actually sleep.
I haven't even finished thinking the sentence, that a door opened. Or something that is supposed to be a door.
I quickly turned around and took him by surprise. As he stood there, I ran towards him and knocked him over. I gazed in wonder at him, as his back met the floor and, when I saw light in front of me, I looked up.
I had a slight hunch that he was a creep, but I had no idea that he spied on us. I mean I should have, but I didn't.

"We are being followed. My cameras caught the same guy following us here after running. And..."
He didn't get to finish his sentence when I jumped in as he stood up:
"What are you talking about? What cameras?"
"Outside! To see whether someone is snooping around! I'm not spying on you!"
"Whatever, perv!"
I was expecting something of a reaction close to scolding, but instead, he turned red, straightened his back, and went on with his monologue:
"As I was saying, I saw him! We have to be more careful!"
I heard my room's door open, sign that all the noise woke Alexei up, so I backed off so that Alexei wouldn't think anything was suspicious. But I still threw Karev a death glare. I seemed that Alexei caught that and woke up from his morning pre-coffee zombie state to his daily alert state and began to raise unspoken questions.
I had no idea as to what to do next so I went to the knives section and picked my favorite one: a clip point knife with a black blade.

"As I was saying, Karev: tell me what the hell is up with all of those cameras everywhere, and you'd better start explaining fast, before I start breaking things... Like you, for example."
He saw there was no talking me out of getting what I want, this time, so, he agreed.
"As I told you before, we were being followed. And because of that I told you to keep quiet in the car from our way here from the airport. They are somehow onto you... I was just trying to keep you safe."
"So the reason you violated our privacy without a whisper of a warning was because of something you had to tell us right from the get go?" I ask, furious.
"Y... Yes... Now that you put it like this, I guess you are right, after all..."
I went to my room before the anger took over and I ended up killing my instructor...

Alexei down for the cause?!

I heard noise from the training room so I got out to see what war wrong.
As I closed in, I heard Alexei screaming out of his mind at Karev. I could see Karev not caring about the show Alexei was putting on, and just as I was about to start yelling at Alexei for screaming around like a nut-job, what he said got to my ears:

"The Hell do you mean that I won't be fighting?"
What did he mean by ''he won't be fighting''?
"The Hell is going on here? I yell at them as they almost started fighting each other. You idiots act like a bunch of five year olds! Would someone explain to me what's all this madness for?"
"Yeah, because I'd like some explanations too! Alexei says. So, start talking! Tell me exactly what do you mean by 'you won't be fighting'? Fighting is what I do! It's what I'm best at!"
"You're not good enough! So, we're changing your specialty! I will turn you into the world's greatest hacker! Because if they don't see her, she doesn't need help, she doesn't need backup! And besides, think about it: no matter how much cash you have now, you will chase these guys all over the world! You will need, at some point, to make loads of money and fast. If you won't hack someone's bank account, you wont be able to make it!''
He had a point... And he was right too... Now the problem was with Alexei accepting and conforming to the situation...

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"It's time for you to pick things up! It's not that hard! Just think about it this way: you manage to learn this and you will have no problem with keeping Anna safe!"
The idiot! I was hoping to make his feelings for me go away but, in fact, Karev was just toying with his emotions to make him obey...
"It's time for you, kids, to take on the big, bad, real world! Your first assignment!''


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