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Dreams change... People change... Objectives and means change... How?

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It’s time to be a big boy!

I managed to get Alexei away from Karev and drag him into our room to shove some sense into his stubborn head.
“Listen to me! He taught Julian everything he knew! Don’t try to fight him… It would be plain pointless… Don’t worry about it… Just like he said: if they don’t see me, I don’t need backup!” I try to cheer him up.
“O, great! So you agree with him? He asks, mad. I should have known! You were, since the beginning, sensei’s best student! You managed to turn his team of rejects into champions and turned us into embarrassments… We seemed to be fools compared to you guys… And now he tries to take this away from me too?”
“I’m sorry you feel this way… It’s not that you can’t fight… It’s simply because I am better at it… You are huge, and that slows you down… When you land a hid, it deals greater damage than I could ever imagine, but I’m lighter… I’m faster, so I have more chances to land hits… You can’t let this get to you! You’re still my backup… You’re still the only person I still trust… We’re in this together!”
“Yeah… While you get the action, I get to…”
“To keep me out of sight, out of mind and out of trouble! I cut him off. I’ll always need you to be there and to look after me! The moment I said that, I saw a glimpse of hope… I knew he would never let go of that… I screwed up… I let my emotions get the better of me… Now he’ll never let go of that… He was just stubborn like that…
I decided not to stick around and make a bigger mess, so I went to the bathroom. I shut the door behind me, locked it and took off my clothes. I was staring at myself in the bathroom mirror… My body was filled with bruises… Big purple spots covered my back, abdomen and legs… I thought I was a tough teacher with the guys, but Karev took the cake. We was brutal! An animal! We’d hit without mercy every time he’d catch an opening… He is right to do so, but still… And the fact that the bruises didn’t hurt must be because I’s so accustomed to pain, that I’ve become immune…

Hacking 101 & getting ready to take on the world!

So, basically, yesterday went on with Karev and Alexei putting on a show. And not for any reason, but just because their stupid male ego… Alexei finally accepted becoming a true master of the hacking art, something I would have died to try on, but, since I did better work on the field, I didn’t get a say.
Today, Karev promised to take me shopping, and before I could imagine dresses, shoes and handbags, he told me that I’d buy only useful stuff… And before I could argue, he said that it was shopping for missions, like boots, pants and t-shirts. I just couldn’t argue with that logic…
I almost felt sorry for Alexei that got to memorize code lines for his job, while I got to roam through stores… But I also felt bad for Karev because, even though I was under his care, he had no idea what’s like to go shopping with me! I was a true hurricane through the stores… Unless I could find something I liked, I wouldn’t stay… He kept staring at one thing, finding attributes to it while I’d finish checking out everything in the entire store. Like I said, a true hurricane!
After two hours of roaming from store to store, I finally found something I liked: a pair of black leather metalhead boots, a pair of high heels leather boots, but the kind that don’t make any noise at all, spent almost 250€, but it was all worth it!!
After another two hours, I had bought about twenty skin tight t-shirts and tank tops, black, dark blue and purple; and short jeans. He was going for practical and I was going for hot on the job!
We paid for everything and as I was leaving the last possible store in the entire mall, a pair of camouflage pants caught my eye… It was the EXACT same pair my mom wore that night… But before I could start asking questions, Karev caught back my attention with his pink ribbon vision of the missions…
From what I understood, all I had to do was infiltrate into the building, steal something and leave the decoding to him and Alexei…
And that was when I realized: things were about to get real! He was preparing me for the big, bad, real world! For what I signed up for…
Before we left, I managed to convince Karev to let me buy a new hair dye, because the roots were showing… A lot.
We got back home and I saw a side of Alexei I have never seen before: he was working hard to succeed at this hacking thing… He was deep into papers, with his eyes straight at the computer screen, trying to type something, but, apparently he didn’t make it… When he saw Karev, something just snapped inside him and he threw the book at Karev’s feet and started cursing.

“Damn this! What good does it do to work hard at something if I just can’t seem to get anything right? I can’t fight because she’s better and I can’t seem to get this God damn hacking thing right!”
“Whoa there, horsy! You didn’t expect to get it all in one day, did you? I say, picking up the book from the floor.
“I just thought it’d be a little easier…”
“Nothing is easy in this damn life! You two should know that by now! You lost a close friend… You left everything behind… This is a war! The two of you are following my legacy of taking down those bastards… It’s like going up against a mountain of American weapons! Do not, and I mean DO NOT take this lightly! He said with a soldier’s tone. Now, let’s see what you didn’t get! He suddenly changed the tone in his voice to a caring father’s tone.
I took the bags and spread the new clothes on my bed. They were so amazing! I rushed to take a shower, because I imagined the boys would go at it for a while… After I took the well-deserved hot shower, I dried my hair and took out my small hair kit from one of the boxes… I packed it up, but, since I had to wear my hair in a ponytail, I didn’t really have much use for it. I dyed my hair, washed it, straightened it, cut off the ends and looked at myself in the mirror… The face was unharmed, the hair was as pretty as it was when I got out of the hair salon, but the body was still bruised…
I dressed up with a change of clothes that I just bought, and came back to the mirror… The bruises were almost fully covered… And I discovered a cut mark… Probably from one of Karev’s insane knife trainings… So I decided to wear black tights… Thank God I packed those too when I shipped my clothes to Moscow.

We’re all humans, we all mess up.

There! I looked like I was ready to take on the world! But then I remembered that I had packet my leather jacket. I looked for it, I put it on, tried on the metalhead boots, and my look was done! Beat up or not, I was still hot.
I got out of the room, looked for Alexei and Karev, and that was when I heard a whistle. It wasn’t a familiar one, so I quickly put my guard up and turned around. Thankfully, it was only Karev… That man almost gave me a heart attack!
“You ready for a fight? He said, putting on a huge perverted smile.
“You nearly gave me a heart attack! I scream.
“And you almost reminded me of the young pleasures of life!”
“Idiot! I say, turning around.
That was when I saw Alexei… He was two meters in front of me, with his jaw dropped, his eyes widened and a really silly and funny sight to see…
We didn’t say a thing… We didn’t have to… I saw Karev leaving and closing the door behind him… That was the signal… We were alone… There was an almost palpable tension between us…
He came closer… I didn’t move an inch… Even though some parts of me wanted me to run and hide, I stayed still…
He got even closer to me and grabbed me by the waist. It was the second time since we got to Russia that I felt helpless around him. So small… So…
I couldn’t follow my chain of thought anymore because his lips crushed mine into an intense kiss. He hugged me and lifted me up so high that I almost couldn’t touch the floor with my toes. That’s when the tension got torn to shreds by Karev, because he opened the door and laughed, saying:

“You two be careful and use protection! And he threw a condom next to us, on the floor.
I started laughing to ease the atmosphere, but Alexei didn’t buy it. He grabbed me by my thighs, forced my legs around his waist, pressed me against the nearest wall and kissed me again. I was hypnotized by the moment and I got lost within my own emotions… After all, I was human… I had my needs… And he was there to fulfill them…
The next morning, I woke up way before the alarm and took a shower. As the water hit my skin, tears fell down my cheeks. I was ashamed for losing control… I lost control and we… I would never hear the end of this…
By the time I got out of the bathroom, with only a towel around me, Alexei was up…
I expected it to be awkward, but not in this way:

“You… This wasn’t the first time for you, was it? He sounded half angry, half disappointed.
“What did you expect? Did you think that I would have lost my head this easily if I was a virgin? Be thankful! If I would have been a virgin indeed, you would still be suffering from T.S.I. (total sexual inactivity, a joke with our friends), I say, turning around and looking for clothes to wear for practice.”
“You take this as a joke? I’ve poured my heart out… I love you! And you still act like this?”
“I guess you should have expected this… That’s what you get from falling in love with a stone cold inhuman creature like me… I say, still not facing him.
“At least have the guts to tell me this to my face! He started yelling.
“Fine! I say, turning around. I am not the type of creature you should be loving! I don’t have feelings. For me, this was nothing more than a biological need. And now that it has been satisfied, there is no reason for anyone to look for affection from me.” My eyes were stone cold. I almost believed what I told him… At least I wished for those words to be true… But no matter what, a part of me still prays that one day I’ll find someone that would give me strength to move on…
Karev opened the door to wake us up and found a scene with an ice cold Anna and a broken, hurt, angry Alexei…
“Oh, well, I guess that it isn’t the best time… Anyway… Training time! So, let’s get busy! Alexei, come!”
They left and Alexei slammed the door close. That’s when tears started falling for some reason, again.

Take on the big, bad world.

It's been three days since Alexei hasn't spoken a word to me. I guess he's still upset... Maybe he's thinking that I lost my virginity with Julian... Too bad it didn't happen like that... But unless he decides to put on his big boy pants and face me about the problem, he diserves no expanation.
Since then, Karev started my training for sneaking around and climbing and such... He said that in about a month, we'll be ready to take on our first mission...
This morning, Karev gave us his early rise and shine, like always, and when I looked aroung the room, Alexei was already gone. When I finally got dresssed and left the room, Alexei was already glued to the computer chair, writing code lines like his life depended on it.
Maybe he was focusing on hacking so that he wouldn't get distracted by my complainings and my training. I almost felt bad for him... But, as I seemed to find myself reminding me every time I had 5 minutes free, I had to become completely objective, feelingless and cold...
And just as I was about to finally beat Karev in training, I heard a ruckus in the room Alexei was practicing his hacking. It was Alexei finally snapping:

"That's it! I've had it! I can't do it! I just can't..."
That was the moment I saw Karev charging for battle like never before, he threw me flying with one swing and went to calm Alexei down. I've never seen him be quite so preoccupied.
"Calm down, he said with his father figure voice, you just need more practice! So, think of it this way: it's time for you to pick things up! It's not that hard! Just think about it this way: you manage to learn this and you will have no problem with keeping Anna safe!"
By now, I managed to pick myself up and off the floor and get to the door. The idiot was trying to manipulate Alexei's feelings for me... To bad that now it was the wrong time... I broke his heart, so that kind of motivation would be pointless... But that's when I heard Alexei sigh...
"Fine... He said with a sorrowful voice. I'll do it..."
So he wasn't an idiot after all, because I found out that Alexei still loves me... But, the idiot! I was hoping to make his feelings for me go away but, in fact, Karev was just toying with his emotions to make him obey... I was mean with a reason... To make him like me: heartless and selfish... Alexei would be better off without me in his life... But I can't die just yet...
After two months of hard training, on a personal-ish side, Alexei said that he wasn't ready yet to talk about that night, so we just dropped the subject for now... Karev said that until Alexei mastered the hacking, I couldn't go on the mission.
And after all this time, Karev finally said the words I've been dreaming about ever since we got here:

"It's time for you, kids, to take on the big, bad, real world! Your first assignment!''

How about a new surprise?! Someone that manages to screw everything up!

This morning, Karev woke us up like usual, but after we got dressed and Alexei glued himself to the computer chair, Karev presented me the blueprints of the building I had to break in, in just a few days... The date was set... And I was feeling a thousand butterflies in my stomach from all the excitement from going on our first mission. Alexei, on the other hand, was not showing the same entusiasm I did, for he seemed to not care at all about our mission...
Three days later, I was just about to jump off a building, with the climbing gear Karev gave me. Stop at the nineth floor, cut the glass, stop it from falling, go in, grab something from an office, get out just as smooth as I went in, the cameras and everything were taken care of by Karev and Alexei, I had a bluetooth earplug conected to a phone, an ongoing call with the boys, and they would guide me. The plan went smooth, given that I didn't have any fears, aside from one: having my connection with the snakes dismandled, absolutely nothing; jumping off a twenty store building would seem like a kid's game.
They guided me every step of the way and I didn't feel like I was going at it alone. But then I entered the final stage: the office. And there I saw HER. A blonde holding my prize. I surprised her, and that was my advantage. I took her out with one swing, took my prize and before I left the office, I stopped to think: if and whenever she woke up, she'd remember me... She'd be able to tell them all about me... They'd know... Our cover would be blown... so I had to take her with me... And so I did... I piggy-bagged her and tied her around me with the rope left I had in my backpack, and instead of climbing back up, I climbed back down, of corse I notified the boys and they had to change the plans, but I managed to get my way.
Luck was on my side and the blonde didn't wake up until long after I got back to our hide-out. I tied her to a chair and I waited patiently until she came too.

"Where... Where am I? She asked, confused."
"Dear princess, you are our brand new toy... MY prisoneer. I say, sarcastic."
"But... I can give you ransome... I can pay for my freedom! Name your price!"
I gave her a superior grin and, before Alexei could agree with her offer, I stepped in:
"We don't want money! We want something far better: intel! We have our own money! But you have something I want, and make no mistake, I will get it!"
She gave me a death glare, but I sent it right back and she caved in first. She was weak. A silly idea popped into my head: I just got my brand new toy.
The only thing I didn't foresee was Alexei's human side... She was attractive: a little blonde with a big, BIIG chest, a great behind, nice legs and a pretty face. I was sure he was in love with me, but I didn't expect him to see this little whimp as a substitute Anna.
This would be my undoing... The moment I started losing bits of my life...

***next chapter***

This little spoiled princess is messing up with my plans... Alexei spends less time perfecting his skills and more time with our "dear" Katarina.
I stared down into her innocent eyes... She was so pure... Just the wrong timing... If we would have met under different circumstances... If only... We closed in on each other, we hugged each other and she raised her face to look into my eyes... I kissed her forehead and...


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