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After witnessing the murder of her loved one, Kea decides to cut all ties with her former way of life, beginning her quest for revenge.

Cold blood - A new grudge has formed

There are some things going on in the world that kids shouldn't be aware of...
I wasn't one of those lucky ones that got to live most of their lives in the illusion that wars, murders and gun shots are just a distant sound, a nightmare in the middle of the night. For me, everything became very real the day before I turned 18.

*** six years ago***
My mom and I started having a lot of arguments that would end in one of us lashing out, and one day she said:
"This is what I get for trying to raise you to become a good daughter. I might as well put you out for adoption."
What she didn't know about me was that a few months back, I became the best friend of a guy that just moved in our neighborhood, and among rather weird conversation, we used to talk about how awesome our lives would be if we would be related. And the moment my mom said that, I remembered that he gave me, in particular, as a birthday gift: the adoption papers, almost legal, and all I had to do now was to get my mom to sign them... Easy enough.
Two weeks later, after barely speaking top her, I asked her to sign some papers, and she did, in hopes that I would talk to her again. And I did. I told her what she signed and that by the end of the week, I'd be out of that house.

She almost fainted and stormed out of the house, and I started packing.
I told her the truth: by the end of the week, Julian, my best friend, already came to pick up my stuff. His mom was more than happy to have a helping hand around the house, specially with her daughter, Sophie, Soph, for short. She was only 9, but she already started her rebellion against adults. She was cute, but apparently, her mom didn't think so.
After a few weeks, she started to get used to me being around her and she started to open up to me, and we became as close as real sisters can get.

*** seven hours ago ***
It was midnight and Soph and I were about to change into our pajamas, when we heard a noise downstairs. I told Soph to stay put as I went to check where the noise was coming from. Barely breathing, or making any sounds, I descended the stairs, just to see Julian leaving the house. Without any second thoughts, I followed him out the driveway, to the left and in a shifty looking alley. From the other end, came a tall man with dark hair, wearing a long, dark coat, with a suitcase in his left hand and a gun in his right. He handed the suitcase to Julian, as he broke the ice:
''We are scheduled to leave in two days.Tell The Griffin that everything is going according to plan.''
''Perfect. He will be pleased to hear that. And one more thing" he says as he points the gun toward Julian's head "Mission canceled! I won't help you anymore!''
Julian managed to leap but I heard the gunshot and saw him fall on the ground, barely breathing. The other guy turned around and left as I ran out of hiding I noticed the gun hanging on Julian's belt, I grabbed it, aimed and shot, without a second thought. From the looks of it and by how he was holding his left side of the neck, I reached the conclusion that I shot him in the neck.He was going to die from a considerable amount of pain, so I turned around to the sight of Julian struggling for his life.
''My room... Under the pillow... Notebook... Take care!... I love yo..."
And he stopped breathing. He died in my arms. I tucked the gun in the back of my jeans, hiding it with my sweater and wandered around all night until I finally noticed an open store, went in, bought the strongest beer they had, paid and then went out again. Passing by some store mirrors, I stared at myself: I was like a zombie...
*** back to the present ***
I can't remember the past few hours... All I know is that after buying the beer, I started walking and then, blackout, and before I realized it, I was on the other side of town, on the bench, by the lake shore.
"Hey, kid!" I heard a familiar voice. It was Stephan, Julian's best friend. "Thought I might find you here... You always come here when you want to be alone, or if something happened. So, what's up?" He asks, kindly, as he sits next to me.
I couldn't answer. I felt my tongue tied up in a knot, so, instead, I began to cry. He wrapped his arms around me and I leaned on his shoulder, still crying.

"He... They killed... He's dead!"I manage to say between sobs.
"Who's dead? What are you talking about? Who killed who?" He asks, turning pale.
"Julian! Someone killed Julian, and I shot him, and ran. I took the gun with me, because I don't want to go to prison! But it's tearing me apart!" I say, and then I lean back on his shoulder.
He didn't say anything. He left me be, crying, and I was thankful for it, but something wasn't right: usually, when you find out that your best friend's dead and the guy who killed him is dead too, because your best friend's sister shot him down, you at least flicker, or ask questions, or start to wander, or get away. But he was fine, too fine. He didn't say anything and I began to wander if he knew something about it... And then I remembered: he and Julian had a fight and didn't speak to or about each other for almost three months. But one night, Stephan needed Julian's help and since then, they became best friends again, but something was off about them. Ever since, they had weird conversations, with weird code names, and stuff like that. He knew something about this!
"You... You know something about this, don't you?" I ask furiously, jumping off the bench.
"Of course I do! He's my best friend! ... He was... He was my best friend..." He says, looking away.
"Then you'd better start to spill, or else!" I say, reaching for my gun.
''Let's go to my place and we'll talk more there! We're not safe in the open!
We went over to his house and up into his room. He closed the door behind him, locked it and began explaining what was going on.
"Julian was a part of an organisation called The Blue-Eyes Mercenaries. They deal with everything, starting form laundering money, drugs and guns, to prostitution and contracted killings. Before he moved in town, Julian got into a fight with some dangerous people and the organisation helped him out. Ever since then, he was practically one of them. They gave him a new identity and money to move to another district under their surveillance, they trained him and that's how he and his family moved to Lausanne. He told me that he was getting good and he thought of becoming a phantom, working for them 24/7, travelling full time. But then he met you... Even if you were so young, he fell in love with you, and that's why he changed his mind about going away... And last year, they sent him on this suicide mission... In Moscow... Where he took you to spend three weeks during summer holiday... Your perfect Russian holiday was a cover for his mission... All of your fantastic holidays were cover-ups! And he wanted you to have a great time, so he brought you along! Did you search the briefcase? What was in it?" He asks, curiously
"No!" I reply. "I killed a man, I watched Julian die in my arms and I ran away." I say, sobbing. "But we could go and see if it's still there."
Luckily, no one came yet, so we managed to get the suitcase, get in the car and drive back, before anyone would see us. We searched the suitcase, but all we could find between the styrofoam were two stacks of a thousand swiss francs each, two plane tickets on two russian names and some new identities, for me and Stephan, which was weird.
"He must have known that they wanted to kill him, so he got us these. Did he say anything to you before he died?" Stephan asked me, curious.
"Something about his room and under the pillows. Take me home... I'll look and I'll call you if something shows up." I say, tired.
After I got home, I silently went to Julian's room, and searched it from top to bottom. Nothing came up... I searched every inch of his bed, but apparently, I misunderstood his final words... And then it hit me! Every time he mentioned Stephan's house, especially Stephan's room, he refered to it as his room. So that's where his notebook must be!
"Stephen, hi! Could you look under the pillows on your bed, please?" I called him, just to check, so I wouldn't go over without a reason.
"Hey, are you still there?" He asked after a moment of silence.
"Yeah, did you find anything?" I ask, curious.
"It's here. I found it! I'll come to pick you up and we'll go somewhere and talk! Deal?"
He came by twenty minutes later, he apologized for being late, because he took a shower, but he had the suitcase and the notebook with him. It was definitely Julian's bad handwriting. And since Stephan couldn't read it, I did the honors.
"I leave this piece of information behind, so that no matter what happens to me, someone will know why. This is addressed solely to my best friend, Stephan, and to the love of my life, Kea! By now, Kea, Stephan has already told you who I am, but neither of you know the whole truth! After joining them, I took a year off from school and went to study fighting and discipline with Karev, the best teacher alive and able to train, so I could protect the ones I care about. If you are reading his, I'm most certainly dead, either because my last mission, The Suicide, didn't go as planned, either because The Handout, after the mission, didn't go as planned. Either way, in the suitcase, which I hope you picked up, are four thousand francs and two fake identities for you, guys, also, there are two plane tickets in there, I've arranged so that Karev would take you in and take care of you until you're able to take care of yourselves better. And I don't want any of you going alone! It's too dangerous and I don't want to meet you guys on this side, for a very long time! From now on, Kea Briel and Stephan Amreil seize to exist! I suggest that before you board on the plane, you guys get different haircuts and also, maybe contact lenses! I hope I'll be able to watch over you, but if not, I just want you to know that I wish you the best of luck! See you on the other side!"
"These guys killed him! We have to get even with them!" He says.
"Agreed! But for now, let's just follow instructions and learn how to take care of ourselves! So... From now on, we're Alexei Romanoff and Anna Belikoff. It says here, on the boarding ticket that we're supposed to depart in a week. We have to get ready and to say goodbye... Soph is going to hate me for this... And I can't exactly tell her about this, either!" I say, upset.
"Well, we can't exactly do nothing after what they've done! If they think that we'll stay put after this, they have another thing coming!" He says, excited.
"Yeah! We're taking them down, one by one! They won't know what hit them!" I say, fueling his flames.


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Gripping story - well narrated - siva

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