Kangaroo Court

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A ancient court system that followed extreme measure of punishment to those that did not uphold rules.

Kangaroo Court

There is alway the thought on how ancient people ruled the world.Going back centuries,the world population was much smaller but the justice system was very extreme .As per some historians the kangaroo court was invented in America but we all know these systems where in place across the world but running under different names.

In most countries,the colonies had a few folks elected to lay rules and also actioned judgement.Punishment was gruesome.
This type of court was there to uphold law in society but we need to understand as humans as to where to draw a line between what is right and what is wrong when it comes to punishment.The kangaroo court system was so harsh and in most cases included painful torture.The past holds many extreme events and today in some villages the kangaroo court system still exists.Historians have accounted for many such acts and even forbidden lovers faced the wrath of such court.Running away, secret marriages where some of the escape routes.Very little options remain and this put alot of burden on lovers.

One will have think as to why human thinking remain so strict and punishment so gruesome.In my opinion violence was tolerated due to people living under warfare and invasion.History clearly shows us how common it was for humans to resolve matter the violent way.The act of violence and survival was instill in humans due to their to surrounding environment.Humans did not only face the wrath of their own kind but also wild animals.Man made the rules and women had no say.In society man could not show weakness and reflected his macho ways violently.

In conclusion the kangaroo court ideology make us realise how barbaric humans can be and fortunately in contemporary times most of these systems have been ironed out.


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