Katie-Lou And Buzzy-Blue

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A rhyming children's story that I am particularly fond of. Hope to work with an illustrator some day and make it into a book. Anyone interested?

Katie-Lou And Buzzy-Blue

A rhyming children's story that I am particularly fond of. Hope to work with an illustrator some day and make it into a book. Anyone interested?

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Katie-Lou And Buzzy-Blue


A little girl named Katie-Lou
Had a cat named Buzzy-Blue
She loved to dress him up every day
Buzzy-Blue didn't like this, but let her anyway
Because Buzzy-Blue liked Katie-Lou, it's true
And Katie-Lou's Buzzy-Blue grew and he grew
He was a cat through and through, so what else could he do?

Buzzy-Blue's Katie-Lou grew and grew, too
And the two became best friends, through and through
She dressed him like a cowboy and dressed him like a clown
She put him in a stroller and pushed him all over town
Buzzy-Blue wasn't sure what he had gotten into
But Buzzy-Blue knew that he loved Katie-Lou
And when you love Katie-Lou, what else can you do?

Every day Katie-Lou and Buzzy-Blue
Had a little party with tea for two
At a little a table with two cups and a pot
Even though Buzzy-Blue didn't like it a lot
He sat up in a chair across from Katie-Lou
And behaved like a gentleman through and through
Since he loved Katie-Lou, what else could he do?

And every bedtime little Katie-Lou
Snuggled real close with her Buzzy-Blue
Under the covers she held him tight
And Buzzy-Blue purred almost every night
He didn't like snuggling that much, it's true
But he still snuggled at night, with Katie-Lou
When you love Katie-Lou, what else can you do?

In the morning, the cat Buzzy-Blue
Would tickle the feet of the girl Katie-Lou
He'd jump at them and pounce, and nibble her toes
And Katie-Lou would giggle aloud as she arose
Her toes were quite ticklish, that much was true
But no one knew that, except Buzzy-Blue
Since he knew what he knew, what else could he do?

Sometimes after breakfast, the cat Buzzy-Blue
Would play a game where he chased Katie-Lou
He'd hide in a corner behind a big chair
And when she came over he would jump in the air
She laughed real hard and squealed some, too
As she ran really fast, away from Buzzy-Blue
But she loved Buzzy-Blue, so what else could she do?

And together the two, Buzzy-Blue and Katie-Lou
Were partners and friends, and good buddies, too
They'd play and they'd laugh and they'd snuggle at night
When they were with one another, everything was all right
Because Katie-Lou loved Buzzy-Blue
And Buzzy-Blue loved Katie-Lou, too
And when you love each other, that's just what you do.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
21st Jun 2013 (#)

Lovely poem - fond of each other despite being different species - siva

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author avatar Retired
21st Jun 2013 (#)

followed please follow back

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