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How do you motivate yourself to write? Is there a particular way you produce material? I’ll share a few of my techniques and ideas.

Thoughts on Scribbling

I’ve been on Wikinut for nearly a month now, and i’ve begun to realise that if you wish to succeed to in the writing game, you need to be more than a casual scribbler. Here are a few things I’ve noticed we should probably be doing.

Be Disciplined.

There is no substitute for having a little bit of discipline. Unfortunately, not many of us can get away with being Dr Hunter S. Thompson and sporadically produce copy months after a deadline in true Gonzo style. We’d be unemployed and in court for failure to write what you have been paid for.

So how can we be disciplined in a freelance, advertising based internet content?

Set yourself a target for everyday/week/month. If you have a target to attain, you will feel motivated. From personal experience, the one article a day target has not been entirely successful for myself. But this article is partly a personal promise to try to write more content. I should be more disciplined.

Check your Article

Blaring spulling mistaks are really annuying. It’s one of the snobbish bugbears of any writer, but it does have a greater affect. I know this article sounds like a chastising teacher, but when we see poorly written English it implies the person does not know what they’re writing about. Thus we are less likely to complete or take in the article’s points. Three minutes checking the spelling and re-reading the article will make you a more successful writing.

Research your Article.

If you are going to write a Non-Fiction article on a particular subject, make sure you have the facts. Along with poor grammar and spelling, poorly researched articles are unlikely to keep a reader interested. Facts are the condiments to make your meal of work more tasty. (Sorry for the laboured metaphor.) Make it interesting, make it true!

Fresh and Modern, or a Slow Burner?

It depends on your attitude to internet publishing. Do you want an article that will be very popular for a few weeks/days or something that will have a lower popularity but more consistent views for months to come. For myself, I’m playing the long game, trying to write articles that may have a longer life expectancy. However, some of my most popular articles will be out of date very soon. I think I’m going to have to get writing some more content to retain my views.

It’s all food for thought, and I will now have listen to my own advice and get scribbling.

I wish you all the best with your writing. Good luck!


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