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Yes many couples are getting married tend to shut that romance out

Keep it Alive

The is no feeling like that one of being so romantic
That state tends to induce a sense of a state so ecstatic
It is amazing how ones emotions and focus of the mind
Will be thinking of and acting out many scenarios most of the time

Those carefully selected flowers and variety of those aromatic roses
Being sent to the special one wherever in the world she reposes
Also to there is that re-enforcement by the art and rhyme of poetry
Feeling this will go a long way to convince to make that loving entry

Those many dinners all in the presence of glowing candle light
Finding the right words to say knowing the timing is very right
Cuddling and doing that slow dance so rhythmically to the favorite tune
And whispering sweet words in each other’s ears under the light of the moon

Walking along the beach feeling the water tickling those toes
Seeing the reflection of the moonlight seeing the way it glows
Moving so slowly across the sand and hands so tightly clasp
There was no doubt in my mind I want this moment to last

How on the night I enjoyed the smell of that salty air in my nose
Watching those lovely eyes sparkling and so my desire just grows
Feeling such a great joy, happiness and also that need certainly arose
That on my bended knees out came those words to propose

There was no greater feeling than being on that honeymoon
Those many glasses of champagne often have the feeling in a swoon
That dance you did so gracefully, sexily with that silhouette so teasingly
Causing me in me that lost of control and I rushed over uncontrollably

How time has flown by and the days into months and then years
And then there is that notice of how that great moment disappears
More familiar there is not seeing anymore the sparkle in those eyes
Or notice that smile that formerly makes that romantic feeling get sensitizes

Therefore awake and get out of that state of complacency
You have worked hard initially to make her e you wife and honey
Continue the romances buy roses; have dinners and those aromatic flowers have a laugh
Don’t wait to buy them to put on that headstone or around that epitaph


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