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I'm gonna be writing about my experiences being a young African man from a ghetto in Nigeria. This page is gonna give you guys an insight into what its like to be an African. Especially a Nigerian.


Growing up, I have always been a very crazy dude. My dad who was a teacher (Now retired) always said I was not his son. I was too notorious to be his son.
We have always have our differences. I mean he hated seeing his kids playing football (soccer) in the streets but I love football. He also hates seeing things he didn't buy for us with us but there were so many toys and games I wanted but he wouldn't buy for me so I bought them myself and there was trouble.

In one of such cases, I got into a lot of trouble and I wished i had listened to him.
My love to phones and related devices has always gotten me into trouble from day one.

I could remember when I was in High school and was preparing for my Junior Exams popularly called Junior Waec here in Nigeria, I ran into a guy at the government owned field where kids go to play football and have fun generally after school hours.
There I met this dude who happens to be someone I know from afar off cuz he frequents that same field too.
He had this wonderful phone with him (Not that it'd be called wonderful now but at least it was wonderful then cuz it was an era when phone could only be found among the elites of the society)

I was so attracted to that device that I laid aside my love for football and kept pressing the phone. And has the devil will have it, he let me have it as long as I wanted.

I knew I probably won't get that chance again so I tried to satisfy myself by checking out every menu items on the Nokia phone.

Just when I thought it was about time to give it back, he popped a question that sent my heart racing a millions times in a second.

'Abi shey you will buy it'

At first I thought it was impossible for me to buy that kind of phone. For one thing, I knew it will be very expensive and I probably can't afford it in 20 years if I save every penny I get for feeding and as gift but somehow the question managed to escape my mouth.

'how much do you want to sell it'

I was expecting him to disappoint me by giving me a very ridiculous price but I was even more disappointed by what he said next.

'Pay 10,000'

What, that phone... 10k!


Although I was only a boy with no savings or any account of having money which I can regard as my own. I knew 10k wasn't that hard to find. Especially when my mom throws a lot of money around and my dad still left all his money inside his pockets.

'I'm selling it tomorrow to that woman at the chemist, shey you go buy abi you no buy?'

'I don't have that kinda money. I like the phone but I can't buy it that fast before tomorrow'

Case closed, at least I overcame that temptation, at that moment.

Then I got home and realized how big the temptation was. I found myself searching the house for money, nothing!
Mainly because Dad was not back from work yet and mom was still at the market.

Fast forward to the next morning, as the devil would have it. My dad gave me my school fees.

I knew it will mean a lot of trouble for me to spend my school fees on the phone but I guess I wasn't really thinking at the time. My brain was totally in a state of transmission disorder. I was not confuse, in fact I was convinced that it was the right thing to do.

So I stopped at the guy's house the next morning on my way to school and gave him the money. I got the phone and school was super flex that day.

All my friends wanted to see it. I became the girls' favorite, even some of the teachers wanted to see the phone and I was loving every bit of attention that magical device was giving me until the third day.

The school bursar came to the class and sent everyone yet to pay school fees packing.
I was lost. I mean I could easily go home since no one would be home at that time but I was scared someone will see me and ask me why I was not in school before I could manage to sneak in. So I decided to hang around the school a little longer and sneak back in at break time.
The trick worked. I got into the classroom and I didn't miss much. Almost half the class was sent out anyway so not much happened while I was away.

But like a bad disease, the same incident repeated itself the next day but this time, I wasn't very lucky.

The principal saw me when I was being sent home and asked me why I haven't paid my school fees. Knowing fully well that I was one of the first few students that pays school as early as the first week of resumption.

"My dad has not given me sir" I stammered

He looked at me long and hard and asked me to go back to the class.

Wow, that was a short and easy one. At least I won't have to hang around the school premises today.

I bounced back to the class and the rest of the day was history.

If only the history can last forever...

As soon as I saw my dad that evening, I knew someone was in big trouble. I wouldn't have been too worried on a good day but it's not been a good week at all.

I greeted him and made to go into the house but he stopped me and asked me to bring my bag.

Oops, my dad never checks my bag. I mean I was in fucking JSS 3!

I was shocked but I gave it to him anyway, he checked through all my notes and asked for everything we did that week. I showed him. He queried my omission of dates in my notes and I apologized.

Then he told me to go inside. If only I was wise enough to stay out.

The flogging was worse that the kind SARS officials often unleash on Yahoo Boys these days. I mean I nearly forgot my offense.

After thorough flogging, I told him I lost my school fees and got another round of flogging for not telling him.

Apparently, the principal called my dad as soon as I left his presence.

Well, I got another school fees the next day and that was the end.

But if only I knew the phone would still land me in a police cell!...

Abeg I don tire!
I go continue next time.


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