Kenyan president petitioned over brutish school head's assault on student

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Cruel school head Shadrack Ngetich accused by parents of beating up helpless student with iron bar and allegedly bragging that he is untouchable, owing to his closeness with Deputy President William Ruto

Prosecution of school boss demanded

Angry Kenyan residents and parents of students of Leseru Secondary school, located in Uasin Gishu district in this East African country, have petitioned President Uhuru Kenyatta to have the school's principal Shadrack Ngetich arrested and prosecuted, for allegedly beating up a student mercilessly with an iron bar until he slumped into unconsciousness recently.

Irate parents told the media that Ngetich was bragging that nothing could happen to him as he was close to the Deputy President William Ruto.

Sources said Ngetich who hails from Ziwa in Ruto's Eldoret North constituency, is a close protege of Ruto and even visits the Deputy President in his office occasionally, in Nairobi.

Exasperated parents appealed to President Kenyatta to personally intercede, and have action taken against Ngetich as he had become very arrogant due to his powerful connections.

Errant school head

"Ngetich is a bully, proud, arrogant and spoilt school head, and is one of those few administrators besmirching the image of education in this country. He cannot escape justice just because he is close to Ruto. Why should he take advantage of his closeness with the Deputy President to terrorize others? There should be no sacred cows!. There is evidence that the student was beaten up thoroughly and was hospitalized in Eldoret town for several days", bitter parents charged.

"Ngetich's beastly act is in itself primitive and belongs to the dark ages. How can he beat up a young student in a brutal way equal to a mob setting upon a robber in the streets?" local residents and parents asked.

They said they would send a delegation to President Kenyatta to appeal to him to remove Ngetich from the school and have him prosecuted since Ruto cannot act against the errant school head as they are very close friends.

"We expect the President to give us a hearing and we believe he will not let us down in this issue. He should save us from this dangerous school head who thinks that being close to the Deputy President is a ticket to violating rights of other people with impunity. No one is above the law apart from the President", said the irate parents.

Ngetich could repeat crime............

They expressed fear that should Ngetich go scot-free he is bound to repeat the same act and "beat up other students like dogs since they are not his sons".

A deterrent action, they maintained, is necessary.

Investigations established that Ngetich was still firmly on the saddle, and was still serving as the schools principal by the time of going to the press.

The form four student was beaten unconscious allegedly by Ngetich, after some students fed the school head with wrong information that the victim was part of a group of rebellious schoolboys planning to set the institution on fire.

The student is said to have been thoroughly beaten up with an iron bar on his head, legs, hands and body by the cruel principal, who later handed the boy to his teachers for further thrashing in the staffroom, until the boy got unconscious.

Ngetich's alleged co-accused

Teachers at the Leseru Secondary school said to have beaten up the students senseless on orders of the principal were identified as Biwott Jackson, Kibaba Harrison, Nickson Koech and John Kosgey.

Ngetich, who wanted to vie for the Deputy Gubernatorial position in the expansive Uasin Gishu county in Kenya's last general elections, later called the students mother Monica Suge from a strange cellphone number unknown to the parent, to inform her that her son had been set upon by a mob, and was seriously injured.

Suge was lost for words on receiving the information and failed to understand what catastrophe had befallen her son, when she had earlier settled all his school fees for the whole year.

Sources confided to the press that the principal held the victim and his colleague in the schools quarters overnight whereupon he mercilessly beat them up with an iron bar before handing them over to the staff teachers for the second phase of molestation.

The helpless duo were both injured on their bodies, but Suge's son was in a worse condition and even vomited blood which testified to the grim enormity of the ugly incident.

'I was informed that morning that my son fainted, and was helped by an officer who picked him and his colleague from the school and boarded both of them into a police vehicle", Suge told the press, her face contorted by an expression of pain, anger and disbelief.


Authorities at the Leseru Secondary school are said to have ganged up with the police over the student's beating and in covering-up the matter.

Police carted off the two students to the local Baharini Police station in their own vehicle on accusations of attempted arson instead of taking them to hospital first for treatment, despite the fact that the students were badly injured.

A heated exchange ensued between Suge and the policemen over why they decided to lock up her son in the cells instead of taking him to hospital.

The harsh exchange of bitter words between Suge and the policemen raged for a very long time until the men of the blue finally budged, and agreed to take the injured student to hospital.

"I fear that my son can die in the cells if he is not taken to hospital right now. Just look at how they have beaten him up? Just have a look at all this blood! Is this human in any way?" Suge asked the tongue-tied police officers.

The student finally recovered after he was admitted to a Kenyan hospital for days on end and was later discharged.

Attempted arson charges

However, Suge was utterly shocked after she was later informed by the police that the principal had decided to discontinue charges of attempted arson facing her son.

"I really wanted the case against my son to proceed so that the truth can come out, and, more so, for the public to establish whether he actually committed arson, or was merely framed up", Suge stated.

"Why does the School principal suddenly change and decide that the case against my son should not continue! Doesn't this only serve in raising a lot of eyebrows over the issue?", posed a bitter Suge, fuming.

She does not want her son's name revealed to the public as he could be traumatized forever.


Suge told reporters that she is pondering her next course of action.

"Truth will out someday", a pensive Suge averred.


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