Kevin reads a good book while working as a shepherd all day long

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Now that there's some underground organization stealing people's livestock, Kevin has to guard his father's sheep all day long. It's very tiresome and most exhausting, but at least he has a good book he enjoys reading to make the time go faster.

Kevin reads a good book while working as a shepherd all day long

Kevin is walking behind a herd of sheep. It is around five o' clock in the afternoon, and it is time for the sheep to be taken out of the veld, where they have been grazing the meadows, and be chased all the way back to the kraal where they will be locked up for the night for safety. Kevin will also sleep in a small room adjoining the kraal.

It was a rather hot day in the hot sun all day, and Kevin is feeling quite tired by now. He's glad the day is over.

When the sheep come to the gates of the meadows, ready to go out, Kevin first dips his head inside the water crib. That feels good. All cool and fresh.

Then he opens one of the gates just enough so that one sheep can pass through at a time. He does this so that he can count the sheep, making sure that each and every one is still with the herd and that the herd in its entirety is being taken home for the night.

Well, the day was very long, but at least Kevin wasn't all that bored. He had brought along a good book: "Snuf Blaffelaar visits Electopia". It's a good book he can carry right in the large side pocket of his jacket.

He remembers the piece he read today. It was from the first chapter:

Jakstein is the narrator. He's still sleeping early in the morning, knowing that his typewriter is waiting for him on the table. Jakstein and his typewriter practise the art of writing together. Jakstein would really like to be a writer.

As he says morning to his furry fluffy friend sleeping with him on the bed, he tells this furry friend, Snuf Blaffelaar, about a lecturer at the university where Jakstein studies, that will be giving his last class today. It was such a brilliant guy, lecturing in the subjects of science and physics. It's rather sad that he'll be leaving the university. Jakstein liked him.

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