Key-hunting in the dark of night

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Tired as I am of all the exercise, walking and having a leg that needs rest, I'm afraid there's no other choice but to go and look for the key to my chambers in Canyon Manoir that I lost somewhere out there, at this time of night.

The mission's beginning

I go around the house to my window, and climb in through the window to go get my headlamp.

With my headlamp showing me the way, I make my way back to where I had been that afternoon. I'm thirsty now. Perhaps I should have had a drink of water before I embarked on this new journey. But, as I leave the feint lights of the house behind me, I decide it's too late now and push on.

The dust in the gravel road is so fine by now, walking in it creates these puffy explosions under your shoes with dust flying everywhere. Cool.

Then, I have to leave the road to try and find the way I came again. The key can of course be anywhere along the way I came, though I suspect it fell out when I took the toilet roll out of the same pocket the key had been in.

It's pitch black dark, and I have only the small little area in front of me rather feintly lit with the headlamp. I suspect its batteries need replacing, because it's not really providing adequite light.

The moon won't be up for a while. We've been watching it as it had been full moon a couple of nights ago. Now the moon rises later and later every evening.

For some time it feels like I'm in complete darkness with only pitch black around me, with only a small spot of earth lit at my feet, where the stones and rocks and a few small shrubs all look about the same. And of course I'm paranoid that there could be small or big snakes that look just like the soil, that I won't see in time in this low light.

But I'm impressed; even in this complete darkness I found the place where a fencepole is broken and I can climb over the lower part.

I walk on. Still dark. Up above there are stars, but no moon. The ground around me is pitch black.

In the small spot of light in front of me, lit by the headlamp, I can see the ground suddenly going up to a roughish edge, and then there's only blackness beyond. What on earth is going on here?

Almost walked to my death into the abyss!

I walk closer to see why nothing is lit beyond this line. As I stand on the lit edge, I suddenly realise: This is the edge of the mountain!! One more step and I'll fall to my death over the ledges and land on the rocky riverbed far below.

Wow, okay, it's strange to see just this black wall but of course what's in the blackness is too far away down for my headlamp to illuminate. Far below is the river and the beach.

Whoooookey, I got to keep my head on here. I didn't know where I was, but I do recognize it now. It's one of the places I thought would make a nice shooting location for scenes of Timebotics, where one of the robots can be right on the edge with the world in the background far below.

At least now I know where I am. So, to my left somewhere should be a part going steeply downhill to another "terrace" in the mountain. At the edge of that should be where I exercised.

To my left I find another line beyond which the headlamp would not illuminate. I walk right up to it, and see that the ground goes down steeply. I walk down it.

I just wish I had a stronger light. It's hard to find my way when all I see is this little spot of ground before my feet, and the rest all around me is pitch black. All I can make out is where up is, because of the stars in the sky.

Still not finding it

I finally find the rocky floor where I had done my exercises. I search around but do not find any key. I'll have to retrace my steps of this afternoon when I went to the "restroom" and where I was pinned between two rocks.

I find the place where the rather nightmarish thing took place early evening. The key isn't anywhere around there, unless it's lying somewhere underneath that rock that entrapped me, in which case I will never find it again.

Now I have to find my way down the mountain next to where I had my little accident of this afternoon. I didn't think it would have affected me so much, but climbing down between these huge rocks is now a very scary experience for me. It's the reality I learned this afternoon that these huge rocks that seem to be too heavy to move out of place, actually can do so unexpectedly and cause a serious problem. And now, it's dark too and I can't see properly which ones are supported well. It's just a daring action just to simply climb down inamong them.

Now where is that place where I had made my restroom this afternoon? I search around a while in the dark. Then unexpectedly, the headlamp illuminates the used toilet paper. There!

I inspect it from where I stand. There's no key I can see. I work out where my pocket must have been. There's no key visible there either. I'll have to go down and search properly. There are quite a bit of bushes and grass around that spot that might be hiding my key.

I make my way down there. I take off the rock that I had put on my business, to see if the key is somewhere underneath it. Not a pleasant smell.

Nope, no key so far. Please don't tell me it's underneath my pile of dung.

I check to the side. There's a small bush and grass. I start pulling them out to see if there's a key in or under them.

Then, I have to check around the area again. Not that it helps with my rather weak light; I can't really see very far. But, Vic, the guy who rents Nackby from Father, did tell Father that about a year ago, a leopard was spotted in the area and hasn't been found since, except for its fresh tracks being visible regularly in many spots. In fact, I think we spotted it too around the area, if what we saw were leopard footprints.

So, this leopard being in the area is also working slightly on my nerves, as I am crouched down in the dark, paying attention to finding a key on the ground instead of being vigilant of my surroundings, far too vulnerable. What am I doing here?? Haven't I had enough problems for one day?

I don't seem to find the key in the shrubbery, and I'm still scared that one of these rocks are going to slide down any moment. I guess that will be like a syndrome I'll be suffering from from now on.

Found it! Success! The key to success is in my grasp!

And then, there it is! Right next to a patch of grass I was pulling out, there it is under a bit of dried vegetation. Thank goodness! It really is something to find a small little key of this size, here in the middle of the wilderness.

I climb back up the mountain again, then stand and look at the starry night sky. It's absolutely beautiful. The stars are rather clear out here, and seem a lot more plentiful than we see it in other parts of the world. Just this beautiful sight makes this uneasy journey worth all the while.

Now I have to start on the trip back home. It took 20 minutes in the light, but in the dark it does take somewhat longer. I have to be extremely alert for snakes, and watch every step before I take it.

From the general direction of the house, far away there seems to be a car coming. Is it Mother and Father returning from town? They weren't home yet when I was at home before this. They went to town, and I'm so sorry that they didn't tell me they were going, because I need new cucumbers and vegetables for my diet. But, it won't help now because the chips have already fallen.

Much later, I notice that those aren't a car's headlights after all. It seems to be somebody with a headlamp.

Finally it turns out it's Waldorfski. When he heard that I was looking for my lost key in the dark, he came to help. Jolly good fella that one.

Open sesame!

There, my room door opens. Such a small key, yet it provides access that we usually take for granted, until we lose it. Life is full of hidden blessings.

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