Kidnapping The One Who Controls Time

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As she looked them all over, there was a sudden loud clap of thunder that echoed throughout the halls, making her jump a good foot in the air.

Kidnapping The One Who Controls Time

Umai Yomite walked through her private and personal library, holding some beloved light novels tightly between her arms. She was currently clad in her usual outfit of a black tank top that revealed her belly, a matching skirt and arm covers with a dark blue cape and black boots that clacked loudly on the old stone floor. She was a very special female, thanks to a dear friend she drank special water one point of her life a very, very, very long time ago making her no longer affected by time.

"Hmmm, oh here is the spot." She said finding where she had taken the light novels and put them safely back into place and began to scan the bottom shelf. "I could go for one of my favorites." She said looking for something cheerful.

As she looked them all over, there was a sudden loud clap of thunder that echoed throughout the halls, making her jump a good foot in the air.

"Gaahhh!" She cried out huddling forward as she covered her ears and started to shake as the thunder sounds continued to ring out. "Mahōra! Please stop!" Umai begged and pleaded loudly till the sound ended, growing mad that her friend was going so far with the prank. Not long after it ended, in her defenseless state, Umai gasp loudly as a soaked cloth was clamp over her mouth from behind.

"Mfpmfmf!" She cried out shocked, not expecting it and breathed in a large amount of a sickly sweet scent that didn't make her feel good and made her very sleepy. "Mfpmmm." She moan, her mind still recovering from the thunder made her unable to invoke her powers. All she could think about was remembering scenes like this in her light novels, helpless females chloroformed by bad guys to be used as hostages or to be kidnapped. "Hhhhmmmm." She moan one last time, pleading for help before she passed out into her unknown attacker's hold.

Once going limp in the dark shadow's hold, she was quickly carried away before she could snap out of her chloroformed state.


"Now then, let’s see what’s on the tv today." Came a aged voice, as a wrinkled woman with fading orange hair, pulled back into a bun style who wore a dark overcoat with black stockings and high heels said as she pointed a remote at a tv screen.

This tv screen was connected to a series of highly advance and complicated machinery and connected to this machinery was a wooden chair, and connected to this chair was a sleeping Umai. She was strapped into it with leather belts as a white cloth gagged her OTM style as well as a blindfold of the same material.

As soon as the old woman hit the power button, a jolt raced through Umai's body making her twitch for a moment before slumping again in the chair as the tv flickered to life. It soon showed Umai kneeling down, brown rope bound her wrists as more wrapped around her chest area ensnaring her arms with more wrapping around her thighs, above and below her knees and ankles.

"Uuhhhn." She groan looking around confused. "Where, where am I?" She asked, as from her side of sight, she was trapped in a large wide empty white void and much like the woman's view, she had a tv sized image before her showing her kidnapper. "Who are, you?" She asked a bit afraid.

"Me? Oh just the woman who went through a great deal trouble of kidnapping you." She said laughing lightly.

"Kidnap?!" Umai said shocked and looked scared. "Why did you kidnap me? Please let me go! I don’t want to cause any trouble."

"Oh." The woman chuckled. "I know what you can do, have done and will do for me."

"Who are you?" Umai wanted to know, tugging at the ropes which she thought was real.

"You can call me Quinn and there is only one thing I seek from you my dear, the location of the Fountain of Eternal Youth! The fountain that spews crystal clear water, clearer than the blue sky! That will leave time in my clutches! Time that I will undo and rid this body of mine of its age. You will tell me its location." She said in a demanding tone.

"I don't know nothing about it." Umai said looking away.

"Tell me where it is, I know you do and I have all day to find out." Quinn sneered.

"あなたは本当にこの行を翻訳" Umai spoke in Japanese, irritating Quinn.

"Come again?" She asked in a sneer.

"Deje de traducir y leer el resto de la historia" Umai spoke once more, now in Spanish which made a vein throb on Quinn's forehead.

"Listen here you little timeless bitch, tell me what I want to know or so help me I'll go after everyone you know and hurt them till you tell me what I want to know!" She threaten with a dark glare.

"If that's the case than you leave me no choice!" Umai said closing her eyes and imagined all of time stopping around her, everything perfectly frozen in place, but instead of that happening, Quinn just laughed loudly.

"You really think I would approach someone who can stop all of time carelessly?" She said laughing again making Umai flustered.

"What have you done? Where am I anyways?" She wanted to know finally looking around her location.

"You are in the void of your own mind, the machine I hooked you up to has separated your conscious from your body, you can no longer control it." Quinn said showing Umai her own body tied up in the real world making her gasp loudly. "It took a lot of time and money, a greater deal of time finding information that I could use to distract you so I could chloroform you. In the end, you will tell me the fountain’s location and I will become young again!"

"I swear I don't know nothing about it!" Umai said once more.

"I see talking to you is useless, perhaps one of these thousands of books holds the secret?" She said looking at them with lust.

"Stay away from my books! At least the light novels!" Umai begged.

"The light novels eh? Thanks for the tip." Quinn said hitting a button on the remote, making Umai now gagged in the white void with a black OTM cloth gag.

"Mfpfmf? Nrnrnrnpmfmf!" She grunted through the gag struggling madly.

"The secret must be here somewhere, or maybe, the fountain itself is here!" Quinn said heading over to the book shelves and began to rip them apart, throwing the books, manga and light novels all over the place, some of them being ripped from the force used.

"Mrmrmrmrmrhr!" Umai cried out with tears in her eyes, hating to see her beloved collection handled so carelessly. The sight of the books landing in the dirt, pages being torn and the evil woman even stepping on them made Umai thrash around in the void and she cried out loudly into her gag which Quinn ignored. She struggled and pulled at the ropes, she quickly learned that any amount of struggle wouldn’t free her from the tight ropes.

"Where is it? Where is the fountain!" Quinn said as she began to now rip whatever she found out of frustration.

"Mprmr?" Umai looked on horrified with widen eyes before she grew incredibly angry and screamed a loud muffled yell into her gag. This made the machine light up before exploding lightly and shortening it out, thus breaking it.

"Huh?" Quinn spun around to see the machine broken and Umai's real body starting to move. "Shit!" She cursed reaching into her coat pocket and produced a chloroform cloth and rushed forward to clamp it on Umai's face, inches before reaching her face though, Quinn could feel everything around her going hazy for a moment and when her senses returned she found herself on the ground, placed into a tight restricting hogtie with a very thick white cloth gagging her.

"Ngngn? Mrprmrmmr!" She grunted up as she looked up to see Umai along with another woman who also had black long hair, who was wearing a witch outfit and the witch glared at Quinn. "Mrpmrrmmr!" She cried out, confused what happened.


"You won't harm my collection any further!" Umai screamed out in her mind, as she froze time perfectly into place and could feel the evil woman inches from her, no doubt trying to chloroform her again. Letting out a sigh of relief into her gag, Umai waited till help would arrive which she hope would be soon.

Umai was uncertain how much time had passed, due to her current state lifestyle, time was a pointless thing to her and soon she heard Mahōra's voice.

"Umai!" Mahora the witch cried out as she was allowed to keep moving. “I came as quickly as I could once I felt the time distortion.”

"Mrpmr!" Umai cried out as she soon felt Mahōra untying her and removing her blindfold and gag. "Oh Mahōra!" Umai cried out hugging and holding her as she cried a little.

"Its alright, I'm here now." Mahōra told her, stroking Umai's backside.

"That evil woman, she broke in, tied me up in some strange device and ruined my light novels!" Umai said through her tears.

"That so?" Mahōra said glaring at the frozen in place Quinn as she raised her staff to cast a black magic strong binding bondage spell, which the rope wouldn't break till she wanted it to break.


"Mrprmrm!" Quinn struggled in the rope, the rope very tight and restricting to the point it hurt and had no knots in it, which only Mahōra or something very sharp could only free her.

"What are you going to do with her?" Umai asked as she began to clean up her books, hoping to repair them somehow.

"I've been itching to do some alchemy for a while now, I think I found the perfect guinea pig ." Mahōra said grinning at Quinn who whimpered loudly into her gag. "You going to be alright?" She asked Umai who was still wiping her red puffy eyes.

"Ye-yeah, I'm just going to freeze the doors to this place for a good while though." She said very shyly.

"Ok, I'll be right back once I deal with her and we'll read some light novels together." She said, which brought a smile to Umai's face who nodded.

"Mrpmrrmrm!" Quinn cried out not wanting to go anywhere without the fountain water.

"Come, we have a lot of fun waiting for us and I badly want to hear how you know so much." Mahōra said dragging Quinn off who screamed and pleaded into her gag.

"This is going to take me ages to fix." Umai said tired, as she looked at her books and began to clean up, having all the time in the world to do so.

The end.


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Ending is good

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Nice story

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