Kings of Israel and Judah

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After the excellent example of leadership by king David, other noble rulers took counsel together and try to defeat one another in battle strategies.

Example of king David

Recently, I started reading the book of Chronicles, there are some compelling stories about the kings of Israel and Judah, some ruled over the Southern Kingdom of Judah while the others over the Northern kingdom of Israel.
One thing we can all agree upon is that some of their behavior leave us feeling a little disappointed, especially after receiving such a superb start by King David, who made Israel a military power.
God told them to do the right thing and they would find favor
Looking back now, we can see the danger that many of them were facing, and we lament over their distresses. But most of them could have done a lot better than they did, many of the kings of Israel and Judah perverted their way with foolish decisions, which became costly not only to themselves but to their subjects.
One person in particular that catches my attention for our subject matter is king Rehoboam.

Who was given the opportunity to win over the people to himself, and come out with a new vision from behind the trappings of his father’s shadow? However, because of his thirst for power we see him falling at the very first hurdle, having failed to heed good advice.
I would like us to look at an ineffective decision that he made early on in his career, which resulted in severe consequences, to see if we can learn anything from his mistake. Ten of the twelve tribes of Israel rebelled against him, leaving only two tribes for him to govern. Judah and Benjamin.
Rehoboam made unwise decision
Rehoboam was the son of King Solomon and Naamah the Ammonites. After making such an unpopular decision about the governance of the people, the older men had counsel Rehoboam to speak to the people with kind words, but for reasons of his own, he declined the offer.

And the new inexperienced king, chose to listen to his younger colleagues whom he had grown up with, and they convince him to chastise the people more with heavier burdens, along with an ostentatious display of unnecessary rude and ill time comments.
King Rehoboam forsook the counsel which the old men gave him and took counsel with the young men that he grew up with him. 2 Chronicles 10:8

Rehoboam was blind to spiritual ambition and it prove fatal for him, in seeking advice he consulted with those who did not know the word of God, nor did they care for spiritual matters. If God has chosen you to do a task for him, your first port of call is to get his approval through the sacrifice of personal prayer, also through humility not by wearing pride, but through respect for others. however, poor or rich they may be. We are servants and not Lord over Gods heritage.

Effective decision making takes on the feelings of other people in consideration
My advice to anyone who has found themselves in a high and noble office is that where there is no vision the people who you are leading will perish. People will look for other leaders that they can identify with and can contribute their time and resources.
The purpose of this paragraph is to admonish leaders to make an effective decision and not to take everything into their own hands.

Let others share your vision and in your success. Don’t be a one man band. Decisions that are made without prayer will impact the people negatively, sometimes we have to think on our feet and hit the deck running, but we must be conscious of all the other alternatives.
In the multitude of counsellors, there is safety. Proverbs 11:4
The purpose of this scripture is to admonish leaders not to take everything into their own hands, let others share your vision. The way of a foolish appears to be right in their own eyes and they do not listen with any good intent to wise counsel.
Rehoboam did evil because he prepared not his heart to seek the LORD.
2 Chronicles 12:14

Have you ever felt that when your blessing was in, you were on the outside looking somewhere else? After the people left Rehoboam while he was fleeing for his life on a wild mule, maybe this was the way he felt, having neglected a great opportunity to unite the people.


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