Knabbit dies

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One rainy morning very early, almost still dark, Marzeus is on his computer when he hears a funny bird outside. It's such an odd sound.

Knabbit dies

Finally he decides he's going out in the rain to investigate. Takes a very long time to find the bird that's making that odd bird sound.

But then he finds it. It's not a bird at all, and it's no wonder he couldn't find it for a long time - it's Knabbit lying very still in a pool of mud, wet and cold with rain pouring on him. He's making such a odd howlish sound that sounds like a jungle bird or something.

Other than making the sound, he's not moving. His eyes are a pale color. Marzeus wonders if he's hurt or bitten by a snake, but he can't see any blood or wounds or anything.

Finally he picks Knabbit up, getting very dirty from the muddy dog, and puts him in the bathtub in his bathroom. Very messy affair, but it seems it did Knabbit good to be washed in warm water.

After a very messy and muddy wash, Marzeus takes Knabbit and puts him in his doghouse where he can be dry. Perhaps later today he'll take him to the vet.

Much later in the day, the servants come to call Marzeus and tell him that Knabbit is ill. Marzeus goes out and finds that somehow Knabbit, who wouldn't move before, has moved out of the dog house in the garage and went to lie in the rain. Maybe he's got fever and likes the cold water to soothe his burning fever.

Duggles also says that he saw Knabbit playing with a snake the day before. That must be what happened - Knabbit was bitten again.

Anyway, Knabbit survived this time and recovered.

But some time later, Father sees him again with a snake. But it's different than before, Father would later tell. He used to know Knabbit as a very effective snake hunter that would kill the snakes without getting bitten, but he thinks Knabbit is trying to commit suicide now because he would grab a snake and let it bite him many times over.

Long story short, one time when Knabbit was ill again, most likely from yet another snake bite, and Waldorf had taken him to the vet, the next day Waldorf says that he's been notified that Knabbit is dead.

Mom was very sad to hear that when she came home from a trip she and Father had been on.

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