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Knowledge: is shared with intelligent folks.If you are one who has an open mind then read this If you continue to blah blah vamoousse....

Knowledge: is shared with intelligent folks

Knowledge: is shared with intelligent folks

Like Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Reiki is also another ancient field of knowledge of energy transformation from Solar to Human. If you don't sit in the sun your body makes no Vit D
Hence one gets pains in bones. If you don't go for a walk, you don't exercise your body, you don't digest food properly so you burp out all wind. If you don't eat good vegetables and fruits you don't develop enough roughage in your tummy, hence difficult expulsion of what you have eaten, as waste, your stomach makes you belch. If you don’t have enough sex, you stand in queue for prostate and may be cervical cancers.
So add on the knowledge of human anatomy and proceed scientifically. Those who know heart pumps blood and blood is magnetic, also now know how the docs also have, and along with scientists produced MRI. All is knowledge we have developed by experience over ages. Even dogs eat mud did you ever notice? All is natural knowledge but it takes time to hasten and keep pace with life as of today we all run after medical science and also docs make wrong judgements and mistakes their knowledge is not at stake but your life's is, hence you go to Churches, Temples Mosques and Monasteries and so on, for comfort and solace, you are most welcome and thus Spirituality becomes a soulful song. But just remember the certainty of death, for those who are born... even mountains are molten when lava comes along. Likewise life is a volcano, take your mind into the realities of existence and live today as if die tomorrow you may but learn knowledge every day, as die perhaps never you may .Some live 90 plus years, some die ere they are born...Why ask yourself why?

In the Western world now life is long, more comfort and medication, lesser poverty much lesser population. Just compare your fortune to countries in the East, where population explosion is also gift Divine ,rampant ... So continue to live your life, why whine? Read this my vision, as poetry or prose, I will till stay that Rose...Internets own...all is okay by me as long as knowledge imparted here has been absorbed and relished by thee...

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
6th Sep 2015 (#)

Sort of philosophical and practical too.

We extend our lives though some find no quality in it, but would like to plod on till their number is called. Yes, we are all in the queue; in fact, we join it before we are born! siva

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author avatar LOVERME
9th Sep 2015 (#)

u r really great MI LORD

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author avatar Retired
6th Sep 2015 (#)

Great piece! Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar LOVERME
7th Sep 2015 (#)

and thanks for reading

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author avatar LOVERME
21st Oct 2016 (#)

Life ebbs away,some make a hulla ballo about it ,some calmly pass away.This poem speaks of silence, ere the finalle of life, the end albeit silently.
the silent clouds speak for me
the silent clouds speak for me

These words are in response

to a departing soul.

So it must be an essential requirement

to maintain silence,

as one reads it.

Lovely Words

Beautiful words

Well taken

And the embodiment

In a body so serene

All words silently spoken

Speak of that's eternal

Of all mortal beings

Silently the departure

Leaves a soulful thought

Of the one who was?

And is

As will be

Well remembered

I thought too...

This small silent poem

speaks for itself .

The inevitable

but calm


quiet exit

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