Krassy, the political opportunist

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When Krassy came to work for Mother, Krassy was so nice. She was shyish and quiet and did her work fast without any problems. She only worked about two or three days a week and got paid per day in money and teabags, a loaf of bread and a can of fish.

Not long after, she expressed her dissatisfaction. She demands that the food part of her renumeration always varies.

Krassy, the political opportunist

Mother with her kind, softheartedness, obliged. She would make sure that the bread is sometimes samp or mash or something, and the fish a different kind of meat.

Then Krassy wanted a contract. She wants to be officially employed.

Again Mother and Father obliged. Krassy was now officially employed.

But, oh dear, Krassy was a pain in the butt. She kept wanting to borrow ridiculous amounts of money from Mother and Father. She would then still be paying off on previous debt she made with them, but then demand more loans from them in ridiculous amounts in the region of two thousand rands.

And when Father sternly talked her into being reasonable, Krassy would act very, very, very upset and unhappy.

Then came the final straw. Krassy demanded to be paid more, for "the work is a lot" she says. Asif.

Father said he gives his employees raises in August of each year, not now, and she already gets paid a lot more per day than Mr. Specter, who's been with us for 30 years. How can she, who hasn't even been officially employed for a year yet, demand to get paid more than him?

Mother then asked Krassy if she would like to continue working for the same money, or if she'd like to go?

Krassy then said she was going. Mother for some reason then said she'll give Krassy five hundred rand as a farewell present for the good services she did do.

Mother then typed out a letter that said Krassy is hereby giving notice effective immediately that she'd like to terminate the employement relationship.

But then, Krassy refused to sign it.

Krassy actually has the audacity to lie and say it is Mother who asked her to go. Of course, this is just because Krassy knows that if an employer wants to terminate employment, they have to pay three months' wages and Krassy wants to get as much out of this as possible.

But, in this case it is Krassy who said she'd like to go because she's not happy with the remuneration. She simply had to sign.

She refused and said she's taking this home and will think about it and then send the letter back after signing it. Mother and Father then said they'll give her the five hundred rand parting gift when she does bring back the letter.

Of course, the next day the CCMA phones. That is the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration, a dispute resolution body established in terms of the Labour Relations Act, 66 of 1995.

Krassy of course went there thinking they will decide the "dispute" in her favor, and she would get a nice wad of cash out of the whole thing.

The CCMA woman talks to Mother and Father very friendlylike and professional and hear their version of what happened in terms of Krassy's leaving her job.

So in the end, they understand and arrange that Krassy will bring the letter back signed and get her R500 and that will be that.

So, at least Krassy, the repugnant political opportunist, didn't get her way.

I can see that unfortunately the thing really took an emotional toll on Mother though. Mother takes these things very personally; what is so bad about working for Mother when she really tries to please everybody who works for her?

Mother is always far too kind and gives far too much in my opinion. She really should put her foot down and let people know where they stand and draw a clear line, but of course she's just far too soft-hearted and she feels too much empathy for everybody. To a fault.

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