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You mention Infinite spirals of creation, so our soul never end, that's why the incarnation is so significant to us!

I Am Awakening!

From divine change mak… to Celestyne
Sent Jan 18 2011

Dearest Celestyne,

I am thinking of our connection all the time and i find it very hard to concentrate on my daily matters! i feel like i am alive again, in addition i starting to feel i am different from people around me. in fact i'm still fascinated by all these!! this is my great pleasure to be friend with you and thank you for allowing me to exchange queries with you. actually, i have also been consider your safety, so don't worry about my side of not knowing all the answers.

About Ashtar is clear the chemtrails. I find this line "Also, any resultant rainfall helps the sprayers by getting their soup in our water tables. They need this aluminum in our drinking water, for reasons involving ionization." ionization is also use for ascension? it seem paradox any comment on this.

I am amazing to know that your explanation of divine being, you have so much love and light! From now on i have to aware this, i am divine too!!

i have read that in ancient the people called GOD(the infinite creators) The Elohim. i am still seeking what/who is GOD(the infinite creators) and recently i have found some evidence that i might know what/who is GOD(the infinite creators) but i can't leak out this. also i realize in the galactic universe has never mention exactly what/who is GOD(the infinite creators) up to now still no organism/living things know, nearly all believe GOD is there and all that is. Am i right?

Is Sanat Kumara the leader of Orion and Ascending Master of human on earth?

You mention Infinite spirals of creation, so our soul never end, that's why the incarnation is so significant to us!

Is Michaels Army mean the protection force of the Archangel Michael here on earth Gaia? Galactic Council - is it the Galactic Federation of Light Council you work for?

Is DRAGON the darkfyres' leader, do you know where he is now, i have a feeling he is in China or North Korea. He is the most powerful, he is devil, he can control the nature, he could master the wind, fire and water, he could control human mind, super dangerous, he hate love cos love is his real enemy. so now i understand why LOVE is the key and the solution to all these evils.

Why Michael know i m not too late for the 5D?

I have already accept all the changes but i am not sure i have release all that hurts and demans my very being. shall i clean off my old stuffs or might be just leave everything behind and left, goto new places oversea to find my love!

Below are the links that follow your info, no time to go through but briefly, still very interesting.

Do you know Oberon Zell? he has his grey school wizards

Our mother earth call gaea (also spell gaia) (is this true)

may all the force be with you, joy love light *J* DCM

Dear divine change maker,

Im not suprised you are thinking about the connection all the time, because you are facinated and extremely releived to find someone who can understand what you are talking about.

You are awakening to your true self even now, this is why you are experiencing this, and more people will come into your life the more aware that you become.

Light attracts light, love begets love, all is oneness. And we all recognise that, no matter the distance or form of contact.

With regards to the chem trails, it is a form of poisioning, and mind control for the human population, but enough of that. It does not matter what they try to do. Because if we love the water it will love us, there is no sickness or disease only what we create in our minds and the control mechanisms to stop our ascension.

In order to fully ascend we have to release it all and merely just be, allowing our light body and physical body to merge completely.

As for knowing what is at the top of the spiral of creation, know one knows yet that i am aware of.

Sanat Kumara is all that is.

Yes Michael has alot of his army here for protection of the planet and teaching about love and unconditional love at that. And yes the Galactic federation of Light, is whom I work for all Under Master Sananda.

I will not reveal the dark ones postions, either. The Galactic council are aware and the plans are being nicely implemented, so i will not comment at this stage.

But yes you are correct Love is the key, because Love dispells all negativity, all darkness. The light outshines the darkest darkness.

As to why Michael Knows you are not too late for 5D, this is because you are awakening. He can see you.

He is saying yes release everything, then you will understand more, all the hurts, wash them away, leave everything that no longer serves your highest good and allow it to be transmuted into love and light by the power of grace. With regards to moving overseas, only you can feel your next step to make. I wish you every blessing for whatever it may be.

We are here for a reason and the universe places us where we are needed most.

I do not research my information from other sources, I get myne direct from the galactic beings and from Michael.

Much love to you syster

Celestyne <3

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author avatar Cnwriter
3rd May 2012 (#)

this is absolutely marvellous deep, so profound, so up me bleedin alley!
thank you so very much

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author avatar Fire Diamond Light
16th May 2012 (#)

I welcoming you with love & light <3 ;p

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