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A poem that looks at discrimination through the eyes of person who has been labelled and discriminated against.

Labelling my face is like labelling my heart

Around every corner I see their roving eyes,
So much so that it is no longer a surprise.
Normally I wouldn't mind eyes being on me,
But not when I am the centre of a gossip spree.
For the last time I am neither ugly nor pretty,
I am just hardworking and gritty.

Some say my nose is too big,
They have no life so they love having a dig.
Others say I'm too chubby,
If that's so then I wouldn't have become a hubby.
They notice even the smallest pimple,
To stop all the abuse isn't going to be simple.

Dealing with public opinion is like taking a fly-swatter to a large wasp hive,
If only I could ignore them I would feel much more alive,
On the inside the scars are growing wider,
Like getting stung by a scorpion or at least a large spider.
My heart resembles a world war two battlefield,
Neither me nor my enemies would dare to yield.

They don't care for others' scars,
It's worse than spending life behind bars.
I will not change for them no matter how big they are,
Not even the president can make me go far.
They can label me but they cannot make me break,
It matters not what I look like when I jump in the beautiful lake.

I sit here daily thinking about the times I wasted in hiding,
Now I smile and enjoy my horse riding.
I have learnt that I can't please one and all,
So I just please myself while setting out my stall.
The next I am seen in public I shall not notice the weird glances,
Life is short so I will take my chances.
What really matter is what I feel,
No body can force me to kneel.

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