Laboratory of the Ego

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While looking for a place a man has to be interviewed by three roommates. Can he pass their interview?

My Unexpected Interview


Last summer, I was in desperate need of housing near the college. I saw a curious advertisement

CHEAP BUT NOT FOR EVERYONE. Three demanding roomates seek a fourth roomie for summer. Will undergo rigorous interview to see if you are the right fit. Inquistition between 2-4 daily at 4 Mara Way.

I was desperate. The semester was almost on us and I sorely needed a room of any kind. There wasn't much that I was carrying or needed.

Just about two saw me in front of 4 Mara Way. It was a Victorian that had looked like it had weathered many storms but nearing its end of use

I rang the doorbell. Almost immediately, the door opened. As I walked inside, I was overwhelmed with rooms filled with gadgets, furniture, and many objects. "Come In" said a reassuring and sensous voice that could be either male or female. Sit down on this chair.

After sitting down, I saw there was a very attractive person in front of me. My name is Desire. I want and want even more. Many of the objects in this room are mine. I buy things but I'm never happy. There is always a thirst, a hunger. I'm always thinking of the next thing. And feeding time is very soon

I looked amazed but was ready for anything but not this. Was this an act or part of the test. Perhaps she was a vampire?

Even though I was uncomfortable, I paused a second and just said the words with nothing more. I too have this hunger but learned it is a voice that always changes and rises and passes. So I'll listen to this voice but choose not to act on it. There is nothing you have that I will want or ever need from you.

Desire smiled. A good answer. I will always be there to tempt you and will be disaapointed if I suceed.

A second person came into the room with an air of revlusion. Hello Roomie. I am aversion. I try to get something but soon as it is mine, then I find myself full of disgust. I hate the sight of you. How will you deal with me.

I smiled and spoke with confidence. Old Friend, I have also felt the need to withdraw when seeing things that myself and others thought were ugly. But I noted the resistance and used it as my teacher.I embraced it and let it swallow my being. And then I saw that it rose and passed and was an attempt to seperate me from others. They were not the ugly one, I was deep inside. I'll listen to your songs and stories but they will not be a part of me.

A third person came into the room and threatened me
I see that you have returned.A ping pong ball alternating between doubt, pride, ignorance of youth true self and 84,000 false doors. I am delusion. I laugh through struggles and do what I can to keep you in the shadows. How will you deal with me?

I spoke from the heart. As each of your friends visit me, they will bring a gift of emotion and confusion. But I will not accept their gifts and the will then lose their strength and the shadows will disappear in the sunlight of presence. This may be hard since illusion can sometimes look very real but in a calm state, I will see you for what you are

The three roomates nodded, you'll do. But dont make us angry.

I smiled back. Thank you. But only you can make yourselves angry but I will try to do nothing to contribute to that misconception.

I moved in that day with these three ghosts. And tried as they could, I unwavered only felt peace in their presence.

This is your moment. We'll be faced with many challenges throughout the sumer in dealing with each of our personalities. Theree will be times that we move forward and others we stay in place. Happiness and Sadness. But if we deal with each day. We'll be fine.


Anger, Buddhism, Delusion, Ego, Greed, Hatred

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
7th Apr 2012 (#)

well done piece...very unusual...thank you

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author avatar Hallett German
8th Apr 2012 (#)

Thanks . Your pieces look very interesting and well crafted as well. More works will come as time allows.

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