Lack of Patriotism in Youth

Aditya Agarwal By Aditya Agarwal, 8th Mar 2014 | Follow this author | RSS Feed | Short URL
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Patriotism is a feeling that should be present in every native of every country but talking about India, Patriotism lacks vastly here and should not be so.But what are the reasons that led to such circumstances in our country.

Lack of Patriotism in Youth

It wasn’t long time ago when people here, loved to die for their country. The evident reasons were patriotism and love in their souls for their motherland. But I am afraid the situation is not so now.

Nowadays, if you ask people to die for their country, believe it or not, they either will slap you or laugh out loud at you, thinking it as a silly prank, you are trying to pull at them.

So what ensued in the past years that the views of our ancestors utterly differ from the present youth? The answers are right in front of us i.e. Evolution of Education, or we can say Modern Education.

In the past, People were less educated, and all they did every day, other than working, was to listen patriotic songs and stories about freedom fighters and saw patriotic plays and movies. Also the situation of our country at that time was such people took their life and country for granted and learned to fight for themselves and for the dignity and self-possession of their country. But as time and poverty passed, society became modernized and the views of the following generation were reformed.

Modern education is a major influence for such a situation because the subsequent generation was never taught of patriotic acts and sacrifices of people for their country which resulted in lack of inspiration and moral education also wasn’t encouraged as it should have been. People were taught to be self-independent and to only ponder on their well-being. Movies and songs also stopped showing patriotism and partisanship and started making people believe in fantasies, driving them apart from veracity. These are the few reasons why the present generation is devoid of patriotism.

I am not proving anyone wrong or right here, but just presenting all the specifics and outlooks in front of you. So eventually it’s you who has to decide and choose between the views of the present generation and the past as far as patriotism is considered.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
10th Mar 2014 (#)

NIce post!

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author avatar Aditya Agarwal
26th Apr 2014 (#)

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author avatar Lola Khunt
12th Oct 2014 (#)

That was the crappiest attempt at an essay I've seen. Do you write this badly in Hindi as well? Are Indians really as unintelligent as you make them seem? It's no surprise India is an overflowing toilet with stuff like this passing for commentary.

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author avatar Shankar
7th Nov 2016 (#)

Didn't understand the intent of this article. You have to first define what patriotism is (not the usual, "love for the nation" cliche).

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