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Afictional story of a drug addict who loses everything because of his addiction. i perform this and the follow up "prison" on youtube, the idea being to scare children away from even trying drugs.

drug abuse

The Heroin seduced me
and now i am it's slave
nothing else now matters
except the next fix that i crave.

I've sold off all my assets
starved my three wee wains
all for the white powder
flushing through my veins.

It started on a Saturday
just a casual smoke
but now i'm almost out of veins
that i can bind and poke.

It started as euphoria
Jesus, what a buzz
it's killed off all normality
and put an end to us.

I'm living on my own now
in a run down scabby flat
i do not own a single thing
the "H" made sure of that.

I've tried so hard to stop it
but there's vomit and there's cramps
running with my junkie pals
squatting here like tramps.

I'm saying they're my junkie pals
but that isn't strictly true
for if they cannot get their fix
they'd rip the face off you.

My mother will not speak to me
my misses nor my wains
i don't suppose i blame them
as i'm always out my brains.

I've stole off all my family
my brother, and my son
got to feed this habit
at my head there is a gun.

I've even robbed old ladies
pulled con-tricks by the score
but Lady H she comforts me
and i know that i'll pull more.

My morals vanished long ago
my conscience, and my pride,
so many misdmeanours
on this rollercoaster ride.

Her powers are hypnotic
she puts you in a trance
plays you like a fiddle
as she leads you on a dance.

There's windows that i've broken
trying to get inside
i've took your prized possessions
but i can't turn back the tide.

Not that i'm really bothered
i'm allright Jack i'm doing fine
got my illicit poppy seed
to fill these veins of mine.

I cannot turn away from her
her grip is much too strong
she takes me to another place
though people say that's wrong.

You walk past or stand and stare at me
look!!! another junkie mug
but do not act so innocent
as you've got your favourite drug.

Nicotine or caffeine
alcohol or speed
or folk who say they don't touch drugs
i only smoke a little weed.

You walk about like angels
but please don't get me started
as me and my wee mistress
we never shall be parted.

Analyse these words i've written
inside i'm bound and tied
but there's been far too many needles
and now my brain is fried.


Drugs, Drugs Abuse, Heroin, Heroin Addict, Heroin Addiction

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author avatar Glenn Merrilees
I'm a 48 year old scotsman and a mental health awareness activist. I'm also a multi- award winning multi- published (NOT self published) poet. i have read my work at conferences all over Scotland,

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
12th Nov 2013 (#)

Excellent poem!

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