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Oh, my God, I can get off this thing, it is my struggle with the English Language. It is my fifth language and I learnt it at school. Because it is the language spoken and used world wide in commmerce and trade, I had to learn it and use it. This article is about the struggles of people whose English is not their mother tongue.

English, I wish it was my mother tongue

I have the desire to write and express my thoughts and feelings properly so people can read and be entertained from my writings. I want my writings to also be a form of education where I would want readers to read about my beautiful country and its cultures. Unfortunatley, I had to write in English and many times, the words and sentence structures I think of them in my mind to really express my ideas do not come out at all in my actual writing. I struggle to look for words, I think of ways to express them nicely so people would love reading them, and yet these expression harly come out. This is a real sturggle for a person like me who speak five languages and English is one of them.

Writing in English is learnt art

In my culture, there are no written tradtions until the influence of the western societies. We have more than 800 languages in my country. In my own local area, we speak about 7 different languages so these languages are product of my culture. We were born into these cultures and brought up with these languages. Out of the seven, I learned to speak only only four. Then comes the English Language, the superior one which opens the door to civilizations and development. I have to learn it only at school taught by teachers from my area. The teachers themselves are also speak English as third or fourth or even fifth language. English is taught with the aim to get paid jobs offered by government and industries.

Learning how to read and write English well can help to write for expression and Information

English Language is a beautiful language because it has features for expression. It can be used to educate, entertain and make human life meaningful. In my own language I do not have many words because my culture and environment do have many things and where societies where English is spoken have. For instance, I do not have word for mobile phone, truck, bread, coke and so forth. We make version for those imported words. That is why, I struggle to think in my own mindset shaped by my culture, its language(s) and then try to put into English which is a lot of work. What happens is, these struggles hinders me from expressing things nicely, informatively to my readers. What a struggle!


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A teacher from Papua New Guinea, English is my sixth language and love to write articles using my sixth language.

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
11th Sep 2015 (#)

The English language is a beautiful thing, I have lived with it all my life, but my wife (who speaks 5 languages) did not know English before going to school, yet today people see her as being born in England. She learnt and grew her understanding of the language by reading. The best advice for someone wishing to improve their comprehension is by reading.

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author avatar jak2010
17th Sep 2015 (#)

Thanks. I appreciate it.

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