Lassie is dead

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Eventually everybody you know are suddenly dead. Dead dead dead. What was the point you say? Well there was no other point other than that they lived and then died. It's the way it was designed. Living creature dies at some point. And now, Lassie is dead.

Lassie is dead

Father and Petros are flying to the Rand today to buy a few things and have the airplane worked on.

Mother and I have to drive all the way to bring them back when the airplane will be staying there.

While driving down the road, we see Duggles walking up the road with his cattle. He wants to say something.

The news isn’t good. He says he received a call last night. Lassie has died.

Some years ago while Lassie was still working for us, she got ill and stayed in hospital for a very long time. By the time she came out of hospital, we had first tried to get along without a maid and then got Duggles’ sister to come work for us. So Lassie didn’t have her old job anymore.

Even though Lassie receives a pension every month, she seemed to be getting skinnier all the time . From time to time we would catch her walking along the road, looking worse and worse every time.

When we asked her if her money isn’t enough, she said it’s her children who keep taking her money from her. As a mother she can’t say no to them when they come beg her.

Mother decided she’ll help Lassie and send a load of groceries over every month.

This caused Krassy, our new maid, to get extremely jealous. Why, she asked, does Lassie who doesn’t work get free food but Krassy must work for hers?

Oh right. We had forgotten we’re working with black people here. Black people do not tolerate another black person having something they don’t have.

Mother was quite angry with Krassy for having anything to say about Mother’s helping Lassie. She can help whomever she wants, whenever she wants. What nonsense is this?

Well anyway, it seems being hungry wasn’t the only thing that made Lassie skinnier all the time. She had gone to hospital a few times, and finally stayed there until her death, due to stomache cancer, or so we heard.

Mother and Father decided they would like to help her family with a R1000 contribution to the funeral arrangements. I hope the money actually does go to the funeral arrangements and doesn’t land in one of her children’s spendy pockets.

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