Last Halloween

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Sometimes catfishing online can have deadly consequences.

Last Halloween

It was October the 31 and, eleven year old Mark Wall had just gotten home from school and changed into his Halloween costume. It was a rather gory number which featured an incredibly life like mask of some three eyed terror with rotting flesh. Mark was looking himself over in the mirror when his phone began to ring. He was delighted when he saw his online girlfriend Valerie's number. "Hi, baby," Mark said in a voice several notes deeper than his real one.
"Hay, Marky," Valerie squealed. "how are you,"
"I'm doing good," Mark replied. “I'm getting ready to go get some candy."
"Wow," Valerie said in an excited tone. "can I come,"
"If you were here you could," Mark replied.
"I'm right outside," Valerie quickly told him.
"What!" said Mark who was caught off guard by Vanessa's reply.
"Don't you live at 2143 Pine street," Valerie asked.
Mark's heart skipped a beat because he would never give an online girlfriend his real address. "Yeah I do," Mark replied. "How do you know that,"
"I have an app called together forever that shows me the location of anyone who's on my contact list."
"And you came all the way from Seattle to Florida to see me," Mark asked in sheer disbelief.
"My dad came to town on business, and I decided to come with him so I can see you."
Mark swallowed the huge lump in his throat before he spoke. "So where are you now,"
"I'm about ten minutes away according to the app," Valerie quickly replied. "Don't you want to see me."
"Uh, of course I do," Mark said as he tried to think of an excuse not to see the girl. Her pictures on her Facebook page were absolutely gorgeous. There was no way she could ever like him if she saw his real face.
"Okay," Valerie said with a giggle, "I'll see you in ten."
Valerie hung up before Mark could reply and he felt an anxiety attack sneaking up on him. How had she found his address? Mark quickly pulled out his smartphone and searched for an app called together forever. Sure enough, it was real, an app that allowed the user to see the position of anyone in their contact list on a very detailed map. Mark quickly downloaded the app and opened it, accepting the terms and conditions. He selected Valerie's name and a little blue arrow showed up on his map. His heart skipped a beat when he saw she was just a few blocks away and moving ever closer.
"Awh man," Mark said to himself. He then did an online search of 'Vanessa Sawyer Seattle' and the results it brought back scared him to the very core of his soul.
There was an awful story of a young girl who died in a terrible fire the previous Halloween. She was apparently trying to light candles to put into a Jack-o-Lantern when she set her Seattle home on fire. All the pictures from the online newspaper clippings were identical to the pictures on Vanessa's Facebook page. Mark's heart skipped a beat as he read the story of the eleven year old girl that had burned to death in her home exactly one year prior. His mother was at a Halloween party and his father lived in Georgia so there was no one who could help him. He was home all alone with a ghost coming to visit. He was about to run for the front door when he glanced down at his phone screen and saw that Vanessa was right outside his house. Mark screamed and scrambled under the bed as quickly as he could. His heart was racing in his chest, he was sweating profusely and the hot, full body costume he was wearing didn't help. Suddenly, the doorbell rang, and Mark held his breath. The doorbell rang again and again but he dared not answer it. According to the map on his phone, Valerie was right outside the front door. Mark was about to start crying when the phone began to ring. Mark was sure it was Valerie but he checked the caller ID anyway. He felt a sense of relief when he saw it was his mother calling from the house phone. She must have come home from the Halloween party early.
"Mom, please help me," Mark frantically yelled into the phone but the voice on the other end wasn't that of his mother.
"I've come a long way to see you, Mark," Valerie said in a very angry tone.
"NOOOOO!" Mark yelled as he realized Vanessa was inside the house. He quickly ended the phone call and tried to call 911 but when he put the phone up to his ear all he heard was deep labored breathing on the other end. Mark dropped the phone and began to cry.
Suddenly, his room door swung open and someone walked in. Mark held his breath as the person's footsteps clacked on the hardwood floor. The terrified boy was trying to think of an exit strategy when he heard Valerie's voice.
"Come out from under the bed Mark," She demanded in an angry tone.
Mark licked his dry lips and slowly crawled from underneath the bed. He halfway expected to see a demonic fire beast but instead, he saw a young woman donning a female robot costume. The young woman stood just a few feet away and Mark was unsure what to do.
"Aren't you glad to see me," Valerie asked.
“No,” Mark candidly admitted.
In a voice just below a yell, Vanessa replied “What! You agreed to be with me, together forever.”
"Look, Valerie," Mark began to explain in hopes that the girl would just leave when he told her the truth. "I'm not who you think I am." Mark then pulled off his robot mask revealing his less than attractive face. "see."
"So you lied to me," Valerie asked from behind her robot mask,
"Yes," Mark candidly admitted. "I'm so sorry,"
"I have a confession too," Valery said in a cold tone that chilled Mark to his very soul. "Do you remember when I said I'm a human,"
Mark's heart sank into his feet as Valery began to remove her robot mask. The young boy had to fight the overwhelming urge to vomit when he saw Valerie's face. Her skin was twisted and warped, covered in a disturbing array of fourth and fifth degree burns. It was obvious she had been in an intense fire because there was no hair on her anywhere. One of her eye lids was completely melted shut and her remaining eye gleemed bright red.
"OH, GOD!" Mark said as he stared at the ghoul.
Valerie took a step towards Mark and he instinctively threw his smartphone at her hitting her in the forehead. The phone ricocheted off of Valerie’s head and Mark ran past her through the room door. As he barreled down the stairs, he heard the sound of footsteps chasing after him. His heart was pounding in his chest as he gasped for air but he dared not stop running. He could almost feel the girl behind him, reaching out and grabbing him but he dared not turn around to see. As he reached the bottom of the stairs, he nearly lost his footing but he quickly regained his balance and continued to run. As he approached the front door, he was glad to see that Valerie had left it wide open when she entered. Mark could hear the voices of the other children in the neighborhood though he couldn’t see them. He was nearly to the front door when he saw it slam shut by some unseen force. The door locked itself as Mark approached it.
Then, without warning, Mark’s entire body seized up and he was frozen in place unable to move or even scream. He was still in mid-stride with one foot off the ground but he couldn’t move a muscle. His body then began to move on its own. Placing both feet firmly on the ground and doing an about face on his heels. Mark tried to stop his body from walking back towards the stairs but he was powerless to do so.
“NOOOO!” the frightened boy yelled as his body very awkwardly walked back towards the stairs. Mark let out a high pitched screech as he saw Valerie come from around the corner wearing a very angry scowl on her mutilated face.
“Why are you doing this?” Mark asked with tears streaming down his face. “Why can’t I move?”
“You promised to be with me,” Valerie informed him as she slowly approached. “Together forever,”
“No,” Mark insisted. “I never made that promise.”
Valerie stopped in her tracks and sighed deeply as Mark’s body continued to awkwardly walk towards her despite his wanting to go in the other direction. “You really have to read the terms and conditions on those apps before you accept them, Mark” Valerie informed the boy as she reached out and embraced him. Her flesh was as hot as smoldering charcoal and Mark could hear the sizzling of his own flesh as Valerie pulled him close to her and squeezed. As Mark stood in the deadly grasp of the demonic girl he realized that he had accepted the terms and conditions of the Together Forever app without reading them and by doing so, he had sealed his fate.
Before long, the entire house was a blazing inferno sending black clouds of thick smoke billowing into the air. When the fire department finally got the fire put out, it was way too late to save Mark. His charred skeleton was the only proof that he had ever existed and it was reasoned that he started the fire by trying to light candles for Jack-o-Lanterns


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