Last Shadow of Wood: Laughing in Zen Zion

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I wrote these while engaging with the Zen Zion Coptic Orthodox Church, they are a bit Zen Absurdist Poems that I hope you find funny, weird, and enjoy.

Cereal and Tuna

Cereal and Tuna went for a walk
Simply to talk
About the goats that came by air
On clouds of bras and underwear
What did they conclude?
That your mothers face is extremely rude

Death Cow

Death you old cow
Will you set me free?
Will you take me away from this prison?
Or will you say yes but never do so
Leading me from one cell to another
I will find out soon enough
I will find out soon enough

Enjoy Toke

Laying on the green and yellow patched grass
Gazing up at the night sky
Thin stretched clouds block the sun
Wind passes over my body
The smell of herb surrounds my body
A young thick assed Latina is with me
Her mouth wrapped tightly round my cock
Life is good JAH-JAH
Life is good

Field of Joints

I went walking through a field of joints
Picking and puffing
Feeling the pluff in my lungs filling my brain
Peace never set
In this field of joints

Many people were there in this field
Jingly sounds filled the air
All were toking and walking
Toking and dancing
Huffing and fucking

So now I go everyday through the field of joints
No one cares if you’re a jock or a dork
Whether you’re fat or thing
It’s a real place, which seems out in space
But it’s right here on earth

So come one
Please come all
Take a stroll through the field of joints
Were everything is a 1970’s smiley face

knock at the door

Don’t take anyone’s word for what is real and what is fantasy
Don’t take anyone’s word for what you can and can’t do

Push the limits of your mind
Engage your own soul
Experiment with life
You might just find the impossible possible

Don’t take anyone’s word for who you are and who you’ll be
Don’t take anyone’s word for the path you should travel

Push the limits of your mind
Engage your own soul
Experiment with life
You might just find the impossible possible

Old modes may rule the day
You don’t have to accept them
Old ways will hold you down
Only if you let them

Push the limits of your mind
Engage your own soul
Experiment with life
You might just find the impossible possible

Push the limits of your mind
Engage your own soul
Experiment with life
You might just find the impossible possible

Impossible is always possible
Impassible is always passable

Lunch Crumble

I have been here before
Staring through the blue
Not knowing how I arrived
An obscured point of view

The painting melts
Who are you?
Difficult to speak
Choke out the words to mute

Nothing here is real
Cling to everything
Watch it pass like sand in your hands

Lunch is over
A crowed yells
I’m not closer to who I want to be
Daydream self is all I see

Drowned my soul in orange
It eases the pain but not the dysfunction

Monkey Silk

Silkworm sleeps
Monkey comes and eats the worm
Red monkey swims
At the risk of being eating by a lizard
Teary eyed monkey guard
Watches his friend being eating
Lizard leaves
Dead body covered in flies
They pay respects
Then continue life

Muffin Mouse

One day Zennary was looking for dinner
Eight days passed eight days thinner
He looked high he looked low
He even spied on Helen the old crow
But alas dinner could not be hunted down
So he sat on a log with the fumbled frown
Until he heard the most pious sound
Which seemed to come from under the ground
When he put his eyes to the grass
He saw something as awkward as glass
It was a muffin mouse
No smaller than an elfin house
The mouse saw hungry Zennary and tried to run
Though he could not go far since he was 75% muffin
So Zennary did what Zennary should
He let his morsel say his mould
Then with a snaggidly haste
He swallowed that muffin mouse with eight seconds to waist

Out Foster

No cloud in the sky
Silver car blinds my eyes
Gentle roaring of a motor passing
Trees leaves dying
Winter is approaching
Happiness will soon slumber
Long misery will dance about with pagan smiles and puritan glee
No cloud in the sky
A gentle sun drop blinds my eye


Jobiska ounce tripped over a planet
It was sea green
She picked it up and found a Pobble sitting by the bong-tree
She said hello it said hi back
She gave it a good conversation
What it gave back was a serious lack
Jobiska felt tinkledy all over
But her innermost pink felt wrinkled
She took the Pobble home
Treated it nice
Until she turned out the lights
Then with shurf
She lost her murf
And swallowed the Pobble whole
Now all she has is the planet sea green
In her desk drawer on the left side

Pum-Kin Bong

Under a bong-tree I did sit
High off my ass and popping a zit
When a pumpkin rolled on by
I waved to it as if to say high
Then an idea slammed into my head
A friend of the devil sang the Grateful Dead
So I went and carved that pumpkin
Being as cleaver as a king
I turned it into a mighty bong
Used it as I wrote this song

Pumpkin Bong
Pumpkin Bong
You surely are the best
A dream come tree
So much weed in you
You surely passed the test
My eyes are glazed
My mind all hazed
And its not even Halloween
Pumpkin bong
Pumpkin bong
Don’t rot too quickly

Sad Penguin

Alone on the ice did he sit
A penguin depressed
Looking for love in an icy tundra
No love did he find
So he sat on a small block of ice
Hoping a polar bear would eat him
No polar wanted him
So he floated on and on
Eating nothing
Drinking nothing
Simply sobbing his life away
All the other penguins taunted and laughed at him
But he did not care
Knowing the end was near
And so he did die


I am a universe
With life moving, growing, inside of me
I am a mystery
To those who dwell within
As I look up at the eternal space
So too is something looking up thinking the same
Am I like the microscopic organisms inside me?
Moving, growing, living in someone else’s body
And when this universe dies mine will too
Does the microscopic life think as I do?
Does it understand that it too is a universe inside a universe inside a universe?
I am a universe
Advancing within another verse

Vomit Soup

On a sea of granola I was barked
Only the jelly to guide me
Over the above donuts and under too
A land I found another field far inside the clouds of fortune
Its all for me I exclaimed like a faggot
I was as happy as tea could be
Until a moonbeam took form
It was my domestic lover Kara we had sex
Jewish puppies sprung up and ran around
Muslim kittens leaped from uncertain trees
Hindu rats were there but we could not catch them because they ate no cheese
Fester festered a blithering babble
Unwell moon
Unwell cow

I am an Italian in the jerking

Wheels of Time

Militant generals mumble in heat
Smiling as they excrete
The young lambs they have lead to the slaughter
An ode to the world’s satanic daughter

Blind are the many by childhood propaganda
Simple minded pawns in a secrete agenda
Never questioning simply believing
Selling their souls for a shoe in

Hunting down those who might oppose
With music, drawings or simple prose
Turned into lunatics if they blow the whistle
Bare back on thorn and thistle

Round the wheels go crushing the everyday
Desperately poisoning the Sabbath day
Some stand by and nothing
While others give all until desperation sets in

Awake or sleep its up to you
The world moves on in shades of blue
Beware of those who talk in absolutes
Only in the gray do you find the truth

Zennary Fidd

Ounce there was a man named Zennary Fidd
Who dined on routines of yesterday’s id
But longed to have a loving wife
With a different stranger for a life
So he went over to the sea of Jumblies
To make his wish on wishing fleas
That a wife will magically be

So Zennary Fidd went for a walk
Counting his feet with hands of a clock
Until he came to the Bong-Tree
He smiled as he sat most happily
Pinching its leaves and taking a strike
Inhaling the fumes with his pipe or pike

As he sat in his state of bliss
He heard a song looking for a kiss
With a chanky skip to the wind
He leapt up and what did he find
A woman that became his wife


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author avatar Abdul Batin Bey
I am a free thinking writer with a twist of beatnik and off the cuff dry humor. My writing focuses on a wide range of topics from spirituality, landscapes, emotions, politics and the surreal.

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
28th Jun 2015 (#)

What a treasure of poetry of wit, philosophy and beauty of life! Thanks ofr the share it was a great read.

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author avatar Abdul Batin Bey
2nd Jul 2015 (#)

thank you very much I'm glad you enjoyed it

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author avatar brendamarie
28th Jun 2015 (#)

great group of poems, I liked self-contained, it hit a cord with me.

Reply to this comment

author avatar Abdul Batin Bey
2nd Jul 2015 (#)

Thank you very much I'm glad you connected to that poem it means a lot to me.

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author avatar Legend
28th Jun 2015 (#)

Interesting creations

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author avatar Abdul Batin Bey
2nd Jul 2015 (#)

Thank you very much

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