Last day for the city

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a poem about a city once known for it faithfulness, moral and right way of living turns bad suddenly nothing will last longer than it should on the last day secret will be made known

last day for the city

Last day for the city

On the path to the faithful city
The city has become an harlot
For thieves, wicked men and women, injustice, immorality, and war
Harlotry act lodged in the city onces known for its faithfulness and righteousness

City r evolute into iniquity zone
Holy people metamorphose into corrupter's
Oh, city hear....
Oh people give attention
Destruction lie in desperation to assemble with thee in the last day

Faithful city, alas sinful nation
People laden with hatred
Selfishness and jealousy burning with passion in the garden of the peoples heart
Wickedness stumbles on goodness
Oppressors live in luxury of condemnation
Righteousness eating up by the fire of iniquity
Evil doer established tent of corruption
Abomination licensed into the norm
Drunkenness in blue kiosk
Foolishness hovering the day and night of the city
Liquor as water
Water mix with liquor
Vengeance from the lord of the city watching earnestly as it wait for the last day

Evil conversion overthrown the weak
Righteousness scolded in cold fear
Midday hunting of righteousness into extinction
Broken tears as melody of sad music
Justice lie fatherless at the mercy of injustice
Family ties
Community insecurity
Tribal instability
Judge rebel over widows plight
Fatherless confined to the defenseless fear of the soul
Lust in action
Profanity stench cover sweet smell of the city vineyards
House of righteousness live in the cocoon offaint cold fear
Last day approaching as the breaking dawn

No time
Pride bruised the heel of humility
No change in city
General evil maintained
Sweet judgment still to come when the last trumpet sound

Broken heart stammers prayer in tears
New birth, old depart
Refined evil, ugly good
Evil may grow fairer
Good may be disposed in dark sphere
Fat evil, slim good all in one city onces known for good domination
Fathers didn't last
They passed to become ancestors
Present fade to become past
Evil or good
After wretched errors have been done
Without consent the last day will return to rebuke all content of human act haven under the sun


Accountability, Judgment, Last Day

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author avatar GenkiWorld
2nd Feb 2015 (#)

so many cities are seeing similar chanes happening to them every day.

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author avatar Solomon Sunday
2nd Feb 2015 (#)

yeah Genkiworld but in all there is a last day for all such cities when they shall rise to meet the maker of all
it also applies to those also living in the city

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