Late Night Campfire Stories, Pact with a touch-me not Leprechaun

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'Where do you come from and, more importantly, just how long have you been in my garden?'
'Firstly, let's do business and ask me whatever you like, or go take a hike.'

Late Night Campfire Stories, Pact with a touch-me not Leprechaun

Julie Fireson diverted her eyes off the flames and threw a dry log into it which crackled. The others sat, gaping and then clapped their hands.
“That was the weirdest story I’ve ever heard. Whooh!” Said Alex and ushered her to spin the bottle. Now there was only him and Mike left and so Julie spun the bottle until it pointed to Mike Preeson.
'Well, after hearing thosethree tales, I'm not feeling that up to it" Said Mike Preeson. But then again, you what they say, that variety is the spice of life, so here goes. I've decided to call my story,Pact with a touch-me not Leprechaun.
One spring afternoon, as David Taylor was watering his plants, he saw something flash across his eyes at such a speed that he lost his footing and fell. The hose-pipe turned in his direction and sprayed all the water over him.
'Be careful with that, you nearly tipped me hat!'
David sprung to his feet, turning off the hose-pipe and brushed his clothes, looking around.
'Alright, I thought it may be a rodent at first, but now I suspect that someone is there.'
'Oh very well, I'll come out, you lout!'
'Hey, who are you calling a lout?' Just then, a tiny leprechaun appeared before him. He was so puny, barely up to David's ankle and he wore a bright orange cap and matching bright yellow clothes and bright blue shoes.
'Do my eyes deceive me? I must be overworking. This cannot be real. Boy, it's finally happened. I think I'm starting to lose it.' David knelt down and stared hard at the leprechaun. He was definitely there. As he reached out to touch him, the leprechaun retreated backwards.
'Touch me and you'll never see me again. Now. I'll make a pact with you or else bid you good day and say my too-da-loo!'
'Where do you come from and, more importantly, just how long have you been in my garden?'
'Firstly, let's do business and ask me whatever you like, or go take a hike.'
David looked around. 'Alright, if this is to be believed, I would like my garden extended to unbelievable proportions of space.'
'A pact then it is, but there's a price you need to pay at the end of it all.'

Late Night Campfire Stories, Pact with a touch-me not Leprechaun

'Yes, that's only natural. I'll pay any price for my dream garden.'
'So be it. You're fate is now sealed.' The leprechaun produced a golden leaf and blew it at him. David felt some fine dust on his face and coughed.
'Work shall begin tomorrow at 10 a.m. prompt and end by 10.p.m prompt.'
'Wow, that quick! And what did you mean by a pact?' But before David got his reply, the leprechaun ran off into a corner of his garden and down an opening by the fence. As David ran to follow the leprechaun, the hosepipe magically turned on, spraying him wet all over again. He turned it off and peered down carefully at the opening, but nothing was there. And so, he retired to his house with mixed feelings, scratching his head and very very confused.
Later that evening, David's best friend, George Batterson, came over.
“George, don’t tell a soul. I talked to a leprecaun in my garden.” George knelt forward from his chair and replied.
“It’s alright, because I just had a conversation with Lenardo Da Vinci.” David sat back, sulking. “I knew it. You think I’m going mad.”
“No I don’t think that.” Replied George. “But I do believe you’ve been working too hard in that garden of yours lately. Give yourself a break my dear fellow.”
“That’s it. Get up and follow me.” David led George to the same spot where the leprecaun had gone under. “He’s inside there, but I can’t get him to come out.” George retained his composure and play-acted.
“Okey, I beleave you, but when will he come out next?” Just then, David had an idea.
“Listen, bring your digital amera tomorrow and hide behind those hedges near the fence. The leprecaun said he’s going to extend my garden tomorrow morning at 10am and will finish by 10pm.”
“Oh, alright, for old friendship sake, I’ll do it if it makes you feel any better.”
Next morning at precisely, George turned up and sat quietly behing the hedge. David saw him from a distance and gave him the thumps up. As George knelt lower behind the hedge, checking the memory stick on his camera,

Late Night Campfire Stories, Pact with a touch-me not Leprechaun

suddenly something whisked past him, snatching the stick from him and blowing some dust over his face. George fell to his side quietly, into deep sleep. David was unaware of this and was 100% confident that everything was being filmed as well as photographed. He waited patiently be the fence at the same point the leprecaun had vanished, but there was no sign of him.
“Are you there, Mr Leprecaun? It’s gone past 10.00 a.m now.”
David waited and waited until he fell asleep. When he awoke, the leprecaun was standing on his stomach as he lay on the grass.
“What time is it?” Asked David.
“The work has been completed.” Said the leprecaun.
David sat up and the leprecaun hopped off his stomach. David looked around.
“Everything is exactly the same. What have you done? I don’t see anything!”
The leprecaun looked up at him in contempt.
“I’ve never seen such a fool as you, David Taylor. First you made a pact with me and then you told your friend all about me. Well, I’ve put him into deep sleep. As for you, because you broke your pact, you will now have to pay a terrible price.”
David looked at him, surprised.
“What price?”
“Follow me.” The leprecaun led David to the same point under the fence and this time he could see a bright light and distant objects in the far distance.
“That’s the extention. It’s a magic pathway that leads to a land of magic; my world. There you will find all the magical forms of life, all mythological such as unicorns and fairies.”
“So, I don’t see anything wrong with that. It’s more than I bargained for.” It was then that the leprecaun changed the tone of his voice to one of menace.
“You still don’t get it do you? Have you not noticed, that I’nm no longer talking to you in rhyme? And that means you’re in deep trouble. “Goodbye, Mr Taylor!” and the leprecaun took out a bottle of potion from his pouch and tossed it at David. It smashed on his body and the dark fluid began to have a strange effect on him. Slowly and steadily he began to change. He fell on the ground and his body began to grow coarse hair and a long tail. From his forehead a horn grew and his legs grew hoofs. Before long, he changed into a unicorn. The leprecaun smiled and climbed onto its back and said,
“Now you and I will remain on the other side, in my world forever until the end of time.”
The End.


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