Laying Auntie Marienne to rest

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I get up and get ready in one of the guest rooms of Rand Estate. Petros and I sleep in two of the guest rooms and Mother and Father and Elmarie in Halfway House.

We came here yesterday so that we are close to the cemetary where Auntie Marienne will be buried, in the Krugersdorp area.


Father says he suspects Auntie Marienne had suffocated in her sleep or something.

She had been suffering from Steele-Richardson-Olszewski disease, a disease sometimes confused with Parkinson's. With Steele-Richardson-Olszewski, there is no shaking though and it is a disease on its own.

It causes the victim to regularly fall for no apparent reason, from a loss of balance. This causes them to fall into teacups and glasses they are carrying, fall through windows, fall in the street and just about get run over by cars, and break just about everything they come into contact with by falling with it, into it, or through it.

Assembling at the cemetary

It's a cold day at the cemetary. Mother's sister Levenice and her husband Figgy, and Moo, and Figgy Jr. and his wife Carricalida are here.

I'm glad I see Figgy Jnr. and Carricalida here, because some time ago I told them I would like them to play two characters in my movie Timebotics. At the time I haven't started a script yet, but I have by now and can tell them more about it.

A little later Mother and I have a look at the coffin in the hearse. It's a beautiful coffin with beautiful flowers on it.

Husband can't keep emotions in

When the proceedings start, Kees, Auntie Marienne's husband, is in quite a state. He can't keep back his emotions and fortunately his sister is by his side to console him.

Sometimes he can't hold back and has to shout out to the coffin, "Goodbye my love! You will never fall again! You're done with falling forever! You'll never have to suffer again!"

Final goodbyes

We all drop flower petals onto the coffin one last time as we walk past to say our final goodbye. Mother at first did not want to walk by the grave again, because she simply cannot believe her sister is gone and she doesn't want her sister's open grave to be the last thing she remembers about her. But, after a while, she decides to say goodbye anyway and sprinkle some flowers into the grave as a final good bye.

Isn't Grandma going to die all locked into that coffin?

Auntie Marienne's daughter came all the way from New Zealand where they have resided for years, bringing her husband and little boy along.

Her little boy doesn't understand one thing about what's going on here. He keeps asking lots of questions during the burial, like why we are burying Grandma; how is Grandma ever going to get out if we keep her locked up in that case? Will she be allright in there? Why don't we just take her out and see if she's okay?

It's obvious somebody didn't just tell him directly that she's dead now.

Your hair looks silly

We have a service at a church near by, and then some refreshments and tea in the church hall.

Uncle Hazel and his wife are also here. Uncle Hazel criticizes Harrison's hair and asks if Harrison perms his hair, because Harrison has beautiful dark curly hair.

Seriously, what kind of question is that now?

Father, being Uncle Hazels older brother, of course makes fun of Uncle Hazel's hair in return. Uncle Hazel dyes his hair a dark, dark brown. It's a little inappropriate for a fat old man of almost 70 to have such dark dyed hair. The color doesn't suit him even. But, seeing as in his fantasy world in his head he's the biggest celebrity on earth, he thinks he must keep up his last morsels of beauty.

Business deal gone sour

I also get to ask his wife Auntie Shatri whatever happened to the DVD we made of one of Uncle Hazel's previous albums. We put in a lot of work and then without my approval they signed a distribution deal with some schmuck company. Needless to say we never got any money, aside from a ridiculous R400.

She says they'll be speaking to those people again tomorrow and keep me posted. (I hear nothing from her afterwards.)

We both have paranormal flight in common!

Anyway, that then was the sad day we buried Auntie Marienne. I hope she can actually now move around very fast and very deliciously.

A year or three ago thereabouts, her dog (some ugly old thing she loved like a child) got out of her yard and ran around in the street and was just about run over by a car.

Seeing that, Auntie Marienne didn't even think; she just stormed out after her dog.

She of course could barely walk, but was suddenly running, and not just running, she was suddenly flying. It was like she broke through the physical and was suddenly enjoying flying in the street. But when she came to the point of grabbing the dog, she fell and got hurt.

When she had told us this, Father of course immediately said it's because her brain is now deteriorated and now she thinks she can fly. Father always has some stupid judgments whenever people tell him something unusual.

Me personally believed her, because around 2006 I also one day was still running in the fields for exercise, and suddenly found myself ascending up into the sky and actually flying. When I realized it and started wondering if I should be scared or how it can even be possible, within a moment I was right back on earth and just running. I tried doing it again but was unsuccessful so far.

I don't know how to switch that on, but I definitely now believe that somehow us humans can fly if we want, and know how. Hopefully I'll soon discover how to do that whenever I want to, instead of doing it by accident.

Anyway, I hope that Auntie Marienne, now loose from her physical body, can enjoy all the flying she wants, and never have problems getting around again, and NEVER AGAIN FALL and get hurt.

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