Lazy people at work

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working life isn't long to spend it hanging around and doing nothing all day long.

Lazy people at work

A girl I once met told us that she'd been an office employee, but finding this job very boring, she decided to quit it to become a cook working on yatchs. This job provided her enough money to be able to live during the Winter months as well as being able to do the things she liked doing.
I truly admire these people that not being happy with their jobs, because these are dull and boring, they pluck up courage to find another paid activity where they won't be yawning.
I went to the public library. As I went to their toilets, I found that there was no paper in any of them. I told one of the librarians, but she shrugged as if saying ''It's not my job''. The caretaker's response was a similar one. ''The cleaner came this morning''.
Whether the cleaner had already come or not, the two of them could have stood up from their seats to go and to replace the empty roll holders. At that moment, none of them were doing much and they could have just done just that.
Many articles or books are written on stress at work, but what about the lazy ones that have jobs on which they don't have much to do or so they think?
Librarians. In most libraries there're some of them, but not all of them are busy at all times.
Ticket sellers in the underground train system. Some of them are positioned in busy stations while others are in quiet ones and if we take into account the existence of ticket machines, they don't have much to do during their working day.
What do they do during their working hours? Some read a novel or a magazine when no boss is watching them. Some do crosswords and at the very best some of them will use their working times to study or to write a book.
Public employees and office workers are the laziest ones.
Shop assistants will stand by the counter waiting for shoppers, but if one asks them on a certain item, they'll reply that they don't have that, instead of walking to the store room to search for it.
Having a job is important, because all of us need an income to live on, but if there's anyone having one that isn't interesting or busy enough for them, they should pluck up courage and do as the girl who quitted her boring office job to become a cook working on yatchs as life isn't long to spend the days, hanging around, banging and doing nothing all day long.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
17th Nov 2014 (#)

I find the laziest people are the ones who talk most about how much hard work they do!

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
24th Nov 2014 (#)

Interesting post and hail to your one of a kind writing!

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