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What is it is fundamental you know, why write articles for your blog or site, is an art that you need to master for several reasons, including increasing the conversion rate, and decrease of rejection, improve its position in seekers etc.

Important tips for you to write good articles!

All know how to write quality articles that all a blog revolves around your articles, For the quality articles are the main part and the foundation of your blog, but when tana time of writing has a lot blogger and webmaster who does not know right structure an article, and end up writing very bad texts in some cases, even having knowledge of the subject they wish to address, because writing quality articles is not an easy job as many think.
In this article I will show the best practices that I use to develop well-written articles and structured so easy to read, and has quality enough to, addition to attracting the attention of readers, reflecting the SEO of your blog or site because good articles fidelizam visitors, and provide shares on social networks, links etc.
That said, below I will show you the most important details that must be fulfilled by you to write articles for your blog or other site, to achieve these results I quoted above.
Create an efficient title
Create good titles for your articles is one of the most important things in writing an article for the title when it is effective, is one of the main ways to get people to click on the title link to start reading the article.
Use an effective Introduction
When writing articles, always remember that the introduction is extremely important because it is the second point that has the function to capture visitor's attention, raising their interest to continue reading the rest of the article, so try to create a presentation, showing the main subject like a short summary of the article, an attractive and intuitive for the reader to read the whole article.
When writing articles always use images
Post always at least one image in each article is very important because as the saying goes "A picture is worth a thousand words", they can help readers understand what you mean a faster than writing, for if you use images, they will help illustrate the ideas in the text of your article, and lighten the reading.
Summarize Article
Who likes to read long texts on the web, usually like a brief and objective summary of the article, or some thoughts on it. In addition, a good conclusion in an article can be the difference of their content, as this makes it easier readers reach their own conclusions about what was written in the article, in addition, help make visitors who read the article readers assiduous, and you can also include calls to action in the summary.

Do not forget the logical cohesion

To write really good articles, it is necessary that you approach the subject on which it was written on it all, as a quality article is one that in all paragraphs along the introduction, development and conclusion, presents the ideas carefully, without deviations or contradiction between them.
Thus establishing a rational framework, which is essential to keep the visitor's focus, in the text that is broadcasting it, the ideas you wrote on it, thus keeping the reading the reader stuck to the end.

Avoid Mistakes

Write spelling errors without articles, or grammar is one of his duties as editor of a blog / site, as these errors can disrupt and blur the player, and damage your image, and interfere in its indexing by search engines, for avoid typos at least the grossest, always use a spell checker to check texts.

Size suitable for article

Determine the ideal size for a quality article is something that depends on a few factors, so we have to evaluate the depth of the subject we are addressing, more in any situation the text of an article must contain at least 300 words, This is important because the deeper you go in, article subject, the more you will be able to use those more specific keywords, but also relevant to the subject, among other benefits.

Note the language

You must use a simple language that facilitates reading, according to your target audience, so do not abuse terms difficult to understand or abbreviations, as it can mess up and blur the reader, the good is seek out what more appropriate language to your audience when writing articles or pages to publish your blog or elsewhere.

In addition, it is important that everything we say is direct, more clearly and without a very long article, and in a way that betrays the interest of your readers already in the opening paragraphs, so that people do not give up reading your article ,

Type in an organized way

It is important that you write articles to organize content by dividing it into paragraphs, and topics with subtitles, and use minimum 2 captions in the article, the main word, or use long tail keywords, but remember the main thing is it sound natural, never impair the quality of text to put subtitles with keywords.

Review the articles to correct errors

Do not forget to read two times or more the articles to correct, syntax errors, delete unnecessary words etc. about that my recommendation is that you read many times the text at least three times before publishing.

Since its first rereading after writing articles, pages, or those emails that you will send to your list should be made only after three days of written text, and the next readings must be made with minimum interval in two days one another.


The development is part where you must expose the subject of the article, using topics with subtitles, because it is where you will win people read the article, so the development you should avoid superficial texts and to perfect it!

For writing articles where you should focus on the central theme of it, and show extensive knowledge about it, and report, explain, reveal your opinion or questions on the subject, which is essential because readers do not want to read a text where you just wrote more says almost nothing about it, otherwise it is likely that the reader never come back to your blog.



I hope my tips are helpful, because my goal in this article is to show you, as the basic structure of a good text for an article or to a page of your blog, and explains the main features of this text should have .


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