Learn to Appreciate Even the Smallest things God has given Us

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A simple appreciation of the best of life has to offer.

Have You Ever Wondered How Beautiful Life Is?

Try to imagine yourself lying down in an open field with green grass full of grown green trees and blossomed flowers. Think of some of the beautiful things that our life has to offer. Arm yourself with inspirations so that you’ll see yourself in that situation.

For instance, why do some people love to be kissed by their dogs? Can you imagine all the rubbish the dog tongues goes through? Small dogs, wild dogs, and big dogs or any type of dog might it be, we can see in any parts of the globe people who love to be kissed by their dogs. So what, they might think, that’s how they show their love for their pet dogs.

Another is, during celebrations such as New Year’s Eve. The nice thing about it is that the sky is lit up so magnificently. We never thought of the pollution, whether it is air or noise pollution. All that matters is we our entertained by the flash of colorful lightnings by different firecrackers.

Moreover, be inspired by your own self. The purpose why did God created a superb creature like you. You are not perfect. We are not all perfect. All of us may have those characteristics that other people may not have. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling that you are confident enough because you are created uniquely without even having a duplicate?

Furthermore, have you ever observed of the fine-looking stones in the oceans or in the beaches? You can hardly notice it unless you look very closely and see the differences they have. Try to pick up some small stones and laid them on the table. Notice how they are distinctively created and there shapes are designed different from each other. Different stones, different shades, and different colors, all created by our God.

And also, observe the animals around us. They learn to live and learn to survive in different types of surroundings. Whether they are that small or that big, tough or strong enough, they still fight to exist and stay alive. Facing different types of challenges in life such as territory, food, and survival.

As well as collection of pictures, a picture doesn’t just preserve action, play or face. It frames moments never to be forgotten and in it is the mood, the thoughts that went on as it was taken, the time of day or night, the emotions involved, the very memory itself. Pictures can bring immeasurable joy and deep pain as well, for memories no more. Pictures of greatest importance in history, in life, and for always. Treasuring memories beyond any measure.

Even remembering childhood memories can bring back enjoinment ones in your life like bathing in the rain. There’s just something wonderful about being hit by the raindrops. Never mind the chills, the jawbones that seemed to outrace each other as you are hit by the wind after getting wet. Think of the children’s party you had attended and what pleasures it brings when you are celebrating with friends.

Besides that, listening to simple music will help you imagine how beautiful and wonderful life is. The kind of sound it play, is so distinct and pure, so simple and never complex. Make it a point to listen to music. It will bring you to a state of beautiful simplicity.

Well then, have you ever watched the magical moment when after a strong rain? The dark clouds start to part slowly and the sunlight tries to inch its way carefully into the sky. There’s a warm air that joins the cool mist. And sometimes, it is during these times that the rainbows appear.

There is so much to appreciate in our lives. Things that we might not notice every day, because of our busy lives. So we must learn to pause for a moment. Think twice. Breathe in and breathe out. Learn to appreciate the wonders of life that God has created for all of us.


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8th May 2014 (#)

Life is beautiful!

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