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Saying ‘I can do it’ never measures the ability but actually doing it does. While doing any activity, be it homework, coursework, or even sports, good strategies are built. My learning strategies have also been created over a long time. But they have changed and been improved since my enrolment in the university.

Determining unique learning strategies

Before, especially in preparation for entrance exams, I used many strategies such as writing important words in listening and reading and linking new words to the words I already knew. After I began studying in WIUT, I kept these learning strategies in the same way. But they didn’t serve me well. For example, in the lectures, I wrote down important words and whenever I tried to use them afterwards, it was a meaningless collection of raw data. The same thing happened with reading.

Thanks to tutors, I understood why my strategies weren’t helpful. In EAP tutorials, I learned writing brief statements rather than writing only words. It was not easy at first, but with practice, I have improved my note taking strategy.

I have developed another important strategy that I use these days. I discuss the class materials with my friends. I began using this strategy two months ago when I was very bored in CoB lecture. After the lecture, two of my friends were discussing the topic, business ownership structure, using the real businessmen from Tashkent. I knew some of these businessmen. Therefore, I became very interested in the discussion and even understood the topic much better.

Discussion after the class has been very helpful strategy. If the topic is interesting, I enjoy talking about it and, that way, understand more. If it is boring, I still talk about it because always someone knows an interesting part of the topic. This even improved my communication and group-discussion skills.

There are many other learning strategies, too, but different strategies work for different people. Eagle flies fast and horse runs fast. So I try to learn in the ways that is best to me and bring me the best-desired results.


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author avatar MyShoh
14th Jul 2012 (#)

right, everyone has different learning strategies

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author avatar Souvik
21st Jul 2012 (#)

Very good article,
Souvik Chatterji.

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