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Grand teachings, by Leroy Walker , that you will have to see for your self.
This article is mainly about what Mr. Leroy Walker calls the Dowel Pulse, of All living Human Beings; That if recognized by an individual, separated, as well as re-organized, with the self discipline, of such a determination; One could rebuild the self, and see the changes before Acts of any kind..
You must read, to believe.


(The Owl)
All that is good shall fail. For these, (suppose to be) soldiers, have weakness, somewhat like a weakened Star. Which could possibly be their own vowels of Evil. Married to evil full time, or to be mid-wives/husbands of Evil. All of this is based on their initiations. Right El’Dondle?
(Mr. Walker)
Right!, you are absolutely right Mr. Wizard!, and while we’re on the subject of stars, once again. Every Star will loose a 3rd of their powers. For this 3rd, is to be unorganized, which is also the harbor of personalities, patterns, and choices, of that particular star and it’s culture, which is of you humans, that is later revealed as predicted. So it’s like this. Some of you humans (Majority), will not be strong enough to handle certain situations, the way you really should see fit, which is the right way. Most of you humans will be very vunerable to accepting evil in, as a part of your main framed focus, but yet the mind will be fooled, to overpower guilt! So at a certain point, on time, here on Earth, everybody will be of Evil natures, but only some will strengthen, where they have dulled, and some will not loose their good natures, expecially that very nature that really matters. The very good nature which is a good benifit, for the soul, to be saved. All of this will effect each human based on their timing, of birth (placed to become “The”) One and sometimes “The” Only! So I’m a say this, “Only the strong will survive!” What you loose mentally, and physically, you must try to gain another way, and maintain your patience, good morals, and most of all, your sanity for the keeping! Now if you had initiated yourself, with the Planetary Demon of Mars, to harm another human, (which I know you did). It will come back on you. Expecially once I send my Knights of St. Micheal out to the world of Rightiousness, to conquer all _______________!
What do you mean?, the narrator replied in great fear.
(Mr. Walker)
I mean this Mr. Narrator, Demons and Devils are like animals, you shall not feed at the Zoo! because if things don’t go their way, then they’ll come back, to the initiative (which is you), to do harm. And Note that this is not only by their will, but by nature, or as you humans say, “Instinct.” Which vowels, the phrase “What goes around comes around.” And it will always find its way back around, guarded by the Promises of Nature, which is prohibited by the Elders, the rightious ones, of this propper balance.
Devils have plotted to break out of Hell forever, and many have done so. Way before the 911 massacre. They are over many homes, streets, organizations, as well as a culture, called Terrorist. This creed wants to get back at Heaven (or go to heaven) so bad that their plans was to worship rightous, by Chaldean rights, hoping and having enough faith that they would die and receive glory. Between you and me, their going by it the wrong way, leaving them terrorizing perfectly. The only thing, that they have recieved is to be introduced, or brought back to the abyssive part of hell, and not with Lucifer’s self valued Devils, Demons, and Menions that awaits, behind those gates of the Dark Kingdom. There will be thousands, and thousands more to complete the same act, not knowing what the next fate, really awaits for them! Like a creed of walrouses falling off a cliff, landing in death (thinking they are going home to the water.) But killing themselves instantly. The very ones that come behind the “others,” doesn’t know of the true fate that lies before them, but they only see glory, all because the ones before them, had done so. Yep, “The blind leading the blind.” Which also works in human’s Nature (the same way). They think this is the way to go, to get glory, and freedom away from Hell, earlier than the last seven years of Earth’s existances, of life forms! But, yet, these are the ones that really have turned against Lucifer behind his back (while he’s on Earth getting his cultures to perform rituals, preparing for victory over his enemies that is here and will soon come “Forces of the ELDERS.”) He Knew that they would try and go with their beliefs of doing the right thing. So Lucifer fixed it, deceivingly where they wouldn’t know of the fate, that they all shall meet. And he had made a promise to himself, that they would burn, (after fate), as those humans, lost souls, Athiest, Devil worshippers, and his cultures of Hell on Earth (that doesn’t really know better), shall also suffer, if he looses the final battle. Humans be careful how you initiate yourself “For real!!!,” The Creed you call Terrorists (that was here on Earth and those to come before the final war,) will not rest, for the final battle, because Minister Rofocale fears that they will not be of his Ancient Gods, and Ancient Ones of the Netherworld, He knows that they are followers of his Operation, but he still figures that they will try that objective again, the right way. The bad part, about all of this, is that, this is involving souls, that thinks Terrorism is the way, to their God. So those Demons took those souls with them. Yep, Lost Souls. Just another case of the blind leading the blind . . .


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author avatar D in The Darling
23rd May 2011 (#)

All I can say is, "Magnificent!"
I'm looking forward to reading more.

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