Less Technology Please

Abdul Batin Bey By Abdul Batin Bey, 24th Jun 2015 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Taking a hard look at Technology seeing it not as something that brings us together but as something that is being used as tool of division. Like the Luddites before me I am skeptical about the over abundance of tech use.

Less Technology Please

Ever since the industrialization of the world humans especially those who support Capitalism have become obsessed with technology. No matter the cost people have come up with more and more intricate ways to isolate themselves from radios to cell phones. Now I’m not saying all technology is bad but where are we heading as a society, as a people. With higher unemployment rates because what use to take a few people to do now takes a push of the button and eyes clued to glowing phone screens with the internet at there finger tips. Of course most of those glowing eyes are looking at either girlie pictures or something as equally ridiculous. It appears our age of finger tip information is not bringing us closer together as it was originally intended but instead separate use into little bubbles at ever increasing rates. The new family structure is not father knows best but its television and Internet knows best.
Now I am not saying we should destroy all modern technology and go back to the stone age but what I am saying is lets look at the big picture before we go ahead and introduce it to the escape reality masses. Lets scale back and maybe have the Internet only available through computers instead of cell phones and whatever else you can access the Internet. Maybe we should get rid of technology that has taking so many jobs away from people in order to create more jobs. Of course both suggestions will be laughed at by the ignorant and the Capitalistic masters because the ignorant actually believe in the myth of progress and the masters want less people to work so they can pocket more profit. Even though the Masters know that what they are doing is wrong.
Technology as I see it in this time does not bring people together instead it is a tool used to divide and conquer. Only a handful of people use technology as the tool as it is they are the ones that still have a life outside of the digital mess. Most people because they are unhappy stay clued to either a television, computer, or cell phones playing games, looking up porn, or the latest Youtube video caring little for any real contact. A world of pure virtual escapism is turning our minds from a muscle to a flabby sandwich of crap.
We need to take back our lives, start to live again before we end up being just a brain in a box.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
25th Jun 2015 (#)

Thought provoking and frank views, thanks Abdul.

The young grow with technology and it is tough to wean them away from it.

I know the value of face to face interaction and am hardly into social net working. We need to conserve what we lack increasingly - time for each other to preserve the essence of humanity - siva

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author avatar LivelyAurora
25th Jun 2015 (#)

Haha, just allowing only access to the Internet on the computer would make the situation worse. Since some of the people are on social media for LOTS of hours, imagine a woman sitting on her computer, chatting with her friends when they are only a house away.

Technology, however still worked. When there were people a state or two away, we would now be able to communicate with them. But still, we need to communicate with the ones that are around us, too. I believe there should be two days in the week were technology should be cut off in the family, and they all chat with each other.

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